how to make flower crowns, with faun john

ok yall so no ones sending me asks. my only option left is to show yall how to make flower chains!! luckily i get a lot of practice here in the forest, with the semi mandatory cultural plant hat laws and such.

so first you wanna go and collect yourself some flowers. i use dandelions becuase theyre easy to pick and have large stems

so, now what you wanna do is to cut a little slit in the stem with your fingernai

and then thread another dandelion through the hole, like so

annnnd keep doing that till you have a chain big enough to go around your head!

finishing it off can be a bit tricky, but find a way that works for you i guess!

enjoy!!!! :B


Sherlock saw John the very first time

Little faun and the hunter  1 2 3

based on my prompt: Sherlock was a little faun who lived alone in the forest. One day he found John the hunter sleeping under the tree. John later was waken by the noise Sherlock made, and found out Sherlock was stalking him. These two became friends, and Sherlock would show John all his favorite places in the forest. But then Sherlock knew John was a hunter, the same kind of those people who killed animals in his forest. Would John convinced Sherlock to come home with him or not defend on the writer.

curiositythecatisatimelord wrote a fanfic here

Feel free to write if this cutie fawnlock friendship if it strikes your little writer heart <3


just got back home from my VERY FIRST ANIME EXPO! which was a blast!! it was so nice meeting so many new people and i got a lot of good shots of my costumes.

it was a bit overwhelming because SO BIG but it was fun and the people i hung out with were chill as always

here’s my first shot back from it of my original faun costume

photo by john leman jr

I got the first part of my faun!John cosplay.  I’m going to put these into a headband with moss and little mushrooms.  I’m hoping I’ll get the ears for my birthday and then this summer I’ll work on the body suit.

I am hoping to have it all ready for Sherlock Seattle