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In no way possible will Kanye West ever be Steve Jobs. Remember when Justin Bieber called himself the next Michael Jackson? It's almost the same thing. A person with a huge fucking ego FOR NO REASON steps out of bounds and compares themselves to legends. He needs a reality check ASAP. Hopefully his new child (foolishly named North West *actually feeling sorry for this child*) will take the spotlight away from him and people can snap back into reality and get their heads out of their asses.

Literally so true.THANK YOU SO MUCH. I never said Kanye West a “bad” artist, but how he couldn’t compare himself/ or be Steve Jobs. 

I really don’t understand what makes him think that he could even compare.

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I think Pokémon X & Y already broke a record. If I'm not mistaken, they have the most pre-ordered game #1 spot, with over a million (that's just pre-order though) I went to Canada and am the proud owner of X & Y (I live in New York, so my fan mode broke out hahaha) The graphics are A++ That's all I'll say :)