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For anon, about Kristen's hair, There's many ways you can get the look. When your hair's damp, do a dutch or french braid from the top of your head all the way back. and sleep with it in. You can also go to sleep with a bun instead of a braid. Drying your hair with one of those round claw diffusers work too. (Putting a section of hair on the diffuser and holding it against your head) Salt spray too, I believe Kristen uses Bumble and Bumble's surf spray. I have more tips but little space to type.

here you go anon, thanks :)

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For this anon /post/41026991783/, she has used totes a few times. Her Lauren Moshi camel one that she used in London a while back and during the filming of BD (I think it was BD?), and she used a white tote at the airport either leaving Cannes or going to Cannes.

oh i thought the anon meant like these tiny totes that you can only carry with your hand and not around your shoulder, like this bag, lol. that’s why i said she never uses them, because she doesn’t ;) thanks anyway