Modern Techniques Required to Detect Faults Ahead of Time: Isro

Modern Techniques Required to Detect Faults Ahead of Time: Isro

“We need modern techniques to detect fault before a system failure happens,” said M.C. Dathan, director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

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3Novices:Modern techniques required to detect faults: ISRO

3Novices:Modern techniques required to detect faults: ISRO

Thiruvananthapuram, May 22 (IANS) Modern techniques are required to detect faults before a system failure happens, a top Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) official said here on Friday. M.C. Dathan, director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, a major space research centre of the ISRO, said that both in aircraft and rocket flights, a fault is often detected when a failure happens and the…

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Retop DIP P10 outdoor LED display in Manila

In September, 2014, Retop finished the great project in Manila, the Philippines. This project adopted Retop’s outdoor DIP P10 series, and displayed as two pieces of screens with total size of 45sqm.

Designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and to astound audiences and make them enjoy flickering-free live videos in sharp and brilliant images. Retop Outdoor LED display solutions present the exceptional performance in crowded outdoor settings where are clearly visible, even the most complex advertising images and logos are precisely rendered, making it the display technology of choice for all brands.

Product Features:
■ Superb brightness, color uniformity and reproduction. Brightness variances within +/- 2.5%;
■ Extremely weather-proof, adapt to different kinds of environment;
■ Support automatic fault detection;
■ Refresh rate up to 4,200Hz, completely flickering-free for live videos;
■ Proprietary image processing produces sharp, brilliant  images – unmatched by industry competition;
■ 6000 : 1 contrast ratio tempers screen brightness into sharp, focused images whether up close or far away;
■ 6000 nits guarantees the screen stays brighter longer, providing 100,000 hours of continuous use.

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Reason Why Custom Inground Swimming Pools Telford PA Are Very Popular http://ift.tt/1FjRG3P
By Tammie Caldwell

People in the cities love living luxurious lives. Whenever one have enough funds he or she can be able to easily look for entertainment facilities. Custom inground swimming pools Telford PA city are very popular and people all over flock in areas where these facilities are found. The following are some of the reasons why these facilities are very popular.

Cleanliness will be maintained since the facility is mostly used by the family members. There is frequent check up of the facility and therefore chance of becoming dirty is lowered. Water regulation is also under self management. The person is able to easily manage how the water flows in the pool. The circulation is also easily catered for.

You are supposed to consider the experience of a person in any given field. A person with experience is more exposed to different techniques in any form of construction. The person is able to detect where faults are likely to occur and therefore being very keen in the work. Such a person will produce high quality work which is very pleasing and attracting.

When designing pools in Telford PA 18969 City experts are hired as per the track records of their performance. Since pools are in high demand people who makes them take a lot of care when making the constructions. Due to this high demand they tend to hire people who have good records of performance. This ensures that they are able to make even the designs that may seem complicated.

These kinds of pools are very popular in the Telford PA 18969 City. This is because people in this town earn highly. The high incomes enable them to enjoy the luxurious services. Places where they are located usually are flocked with people who are there in need of these services. This increases the amount of money gained by the people running the pools.

It helps one to reduce stress as well. One can enjoy the ripples in the pool as you float on the water. This makes the mind relax as well. One can do this either using a floater or resting at the end of the pool. Whenever bored you can as well get in a pool and enjoy yourself. This facility helps to gain back the moods.

Consider the time taken to make a quality pool. This will ensure that it is constructed well. The project should not be constructed hurriedly to reduce the chances of collapsing. Quality should be maintained since water can easily destroy it up. To prevent this enough supervision of the workers must be done.

In conclusion, pools are better places where people can easily enjoy themselves. The benefits associated with these facilities are many. Personal pools in homes are important since chances of getting illnesses associated with skins are lowered. It also enables the family members to enjoy themselves together at home area.

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Seiko Instruments Releases Selectable Mode Watchdog Timer with Reset Function for Automotive Applications

Business Wire India

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) announced the release of the new S-19400/19401 series watchdog timer with reset function featuring selectable window or timeout modes; industry leading low current consumption of 3.8µA; and high temperature operation up to 125°C.

Modern automobiles incorporate from 50 to 100 microcontrollers including many that have to be continuously monitored for vehicle safety or performance reasons.
The new SII watchdog timers are optimized for use in automotive microcontroller monitoring and automotive ECUs that require precise fault detection. They monitor periodic signals from microcontrollers and signal any abnormal operation.

Pin-selectable for window or timeout modes
The S-19400 provides enhanced design flexibility since it can be pin selected to operate in either window or timeout modes. In “timeout mode” the timer signals a fault condition when the microcontroller inputs are too slow or ‘timeout’. In “window mode” the timer signals a fault condition when the microcontroller inputs are either too slow or too fast, improving overall reliability and safety. The S-19401 supports the window mode only, and has a reset output pin for detecting a low voltage.

The industry leading low current consumption
The S-19400/19401 series delivers industry leading low current consumption of only 3.8µA contributing to lower current consumption in microcontroller monitoring systems that require always-on operation.

Automotive quality
The S-19400/19401 series can be used in the demanding automotive environment due to its wide operating temperature range of -40 to +125°C as well as screening performed with a triple-temperature test (low, normal, high temperatures). AEC-Q100(Automotive Electronics Council reliability stress test) is currently in process.

The detection voltage is selectable from 2.0V to 5.0V in 0.1V steps which has accuracy of ±2.0% and hysteresis width of 5% typ. The input voltage range is 0.9V to 6.0V. The package is the lead-free and halogen-free TMSOP-8.

Detailed information:

Please visit:
English: http://www.sii-ic.com/en/

About Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII)
Major subsidiary of Seiko Holdings Corporation (TOKYO:8050). Develops, manufactures and sells watches, semiconductors, crystal oscillators, micro batteries, inkjet printheads, hard disk components, thermal printers, factory automation systems, color printers, musical instrument accessories, etc.


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