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DONT ask Vetblrs for emergency and time sensitive veterinary advice

I mean it, seriously DONT. I don’t care what your reason is, if you need emergency or urgent veterinary advice then you pick up the phone and CALL someone.

You are potentially endangering your pets life by delaying treatment.

Veterinarians are only licensed and registered to provide veterinary advice in the state or country they practice in. On the internet you don’t know where someone lives, you don’t know where we live, and so we’re not legally covered if we give you specific veterinary medical advice.

We also might not be online. If you’ve got a situation where your animal needs emergency treatment within the hour and we’re not online, who’s fault is that if your pet suffers or dies? Yours, realistically, because you thought messaging someone you don’t know online is a substitute for calling a clinic. But morally, we will feel partially responsible for not being online at the right time to stop you being a bloody idiot.

And we can’t do anything for you. We can’t write you a prescription to have medication delivered by drone. We physically can’t do anything to help your pet.

CALL A CLINIC. I don’t care if you think ‘vets are expensive’, a phone call is not.

CALL A CLINIC. I don’t care if you think they’re closed, more and more clinics are open late and most clinics either divert the practice phone to a vet’s mobile overnight, or give you the contact number of clinics that are still open.

CALL A CLINIC. I don’t care if you’re shy. It’s always fine to call a clinic, especially if you think your pet is at any risk at all.

Don’t think Google is a substitute either. Googling wastes precious time, and there’s a plethora of false information out there. You can’t be certain of anyone’s qualifications online. CALL A CLINIC.

Don’t shift responsibility off yourself by thinking messaging a Vetblr here is adequate care. We have enough mental health rubbish to deal with without the guilt of knowing that your animal might die because you chose to message us.


Call a vet clinic.


>Literally Literal: The Literation

I fucking lost it at Trigun for some reason.

Someone needs to physically ban me from entering Libraries

I know exactly what I need and plan to make a quick trip after my exam

Two books on the Cold War

I know their EXACT titles 

I know EXACTLY where they are in the huge library

This should be a 5 minute trip max

Head in 

Come out 15 minutes later with my 2 books PLUS 3 books on Ancient Near East

…. why do I do this 

anonymous asked:

Talking about wives, what do you think about alleged Uru's wife being stalked? I mean if she really posted everything on internet then it is her fault. But I personally thing THAT KIND OF STALKING and being proud of that is mental.

Oh boy. I guess I couldn’t stay out of this topic for long. Get ready for a very long response. NOTE that my response is towards everyone and the Uruha rumors in general. If anyone wants to personally get offended by it then by all means, I don’t care. But I’ll be saying some harsh but truthful stuff. Sorry anon, but you’re asking me about a rumor that gets me heated and I’m not going to come off so nice lol let’s go.

First of all, this rumor has been around literally for YEARS, so I pray it dies already and everyone gives it a rest. For fucks sake drop it already. Please. Secondly, it isn’t her fault. That’s how I feel. >>Stalking is never okay<< By saying it’s her fault for posting everything online, it’s like saying she should have never been allowed to post anything in the first place just by being rumored to be the wife of a bandmen. She’s sharing photos of her dogs, her life, and whatever else she wants to on HER blog and from what I have seen, she crosses out the faces of anyone in it to keep the privacy. She isn’t full on saying who she is with. Don’t say it’s her fault. >>It’s the people who can’t mind their own business fault.<< And I don’t like hearing about the BLACK MORAL merch as evidence, that’s honestly one of the worst excuses cause there are male fans too. And don’t even start on the moles.

We have to stop blaming people for why they’re getting stalked, it’s ridiculous. That type of blaming happens with so many situations too. And no one should be proud of stalking another person. Then bringing more people into the issue? Leave Aya alone. Get a damn life. Reality check to fans: you aren’t going to marry a GazettE member and whether or not they’re married isn’t your issue. Just pray for their happiness.

***Uruha’s personal private life has NOTHING to do with me, you, and all fans. It is not our place to invade his PRIVATE life. Yes, being seen as single makes him more appealing and more marketable in the industry but his life isn’t OURS. It’s only a concern if he quits his job and stops giving us music. It’s totally okay to wonder about it, but not in a creepy, insane way. Rather, a caring “i hope he’s doing well’ way.***

He’s in a band. He’s a guitarist. We should focus on the music. All I want for him is to be happy. If that lady really is his wife then I really hope that he’s happy at the moment and they’re living a good life. These guys are getting fucking old. They need marriages with a loving and trusting person.

Please everyone, calm the heck down.

And that is how I feel about the stalking and the rumors. Stop stalking. And don’t be proud of staking.


The only people surprised that the majority of misogynistic abuse spewed online is from women are feminists.

Literally everyone else who has interacted with groups of women and observed group dynamics thought about it for a second and said “oh…yeah I can see that.”

The feminists meanwhile have gone into rationalization overdrive trying to figure out how this can somehow still be men’s fault.

Hello tumblr, I again want more people to follow (not that any of the blogs I follow aren’t good enough I just literally don’t follow that many). So if you post anything from my list, like the post or reblog it (or both if you’re feeling crazy) and I will check out your blog and follow you! 

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That last post I wrote was fuelled by anger so I’ll just say this: once you post your coping mechanism online to be viewed by the masses then you have willingly submitted yourself to the public scrutiny that comes with it. It being a coping mechanism is not an excuse to expose people to harmful content.

You can keep the art you draw and the writing you make private if it helps you and share it only with people you trust. There is no need for anyone else to see it. Especially when there are predators out there who are likely to use your art for purposes you didn’t intend.

Lisinon (as a couple) headcanons :

• Sinon loves to wear Lis clothes because it smells like her

• Lis loves to kiss Sinon in the neck

• Asuna was the first Lisinon shipper

• Everytime someone try to make fun of them because they’re gays, Lis kicks their asses and then kisses Sinon

• Everytime they do sleepover and stay up until 4 am to talk they are in the same position : Lis is sitting on the bed, her back against the wall and Sinon is laying down, her head on Lis’ lap

• Lis once offered Sinon a scarf, and now she wears it all the time. To thanks her, Sinon offered her a necklace, and Lis wears it all the time

• Whenever they hang out in town together, they hold hands

• Sinon is actually the one who made the first step. One day, when Lis was not feeling well, she kissed her. She then looked away while blushing. Lis was first surprised but then she laughed a little and kissed Sinon again.

• Everytime they have a serious discussion because Lis is not feeling well, it ends up with Sinon taking Lis in her arms and caressing her hair

• Everytime they have a serious discussion because Sinon is not feeling well, it ends up with Lis kissing her and telling her she is there for her

  • me : -gets one shot-
  • duder : oh great a trap I don't even wanna hear your shit excuses you're a waste of space
  • duder : -gets one shot-
  • duder : oh I died because of the sun alignment with the planet Jupiter, air is too humid, I didn't get much sleep last night, my gf is on her period, I'm kinda drunk, my dogs are barking at the ghosts, oh look my ping is high


CS ff: “In the Form of a Question” (ficlet)

Rating: J for Jeopardy. You’ve all been warned.

About: In which a 300 year-old fairy tale character pirate knows all the answers.

A/N: Just a snippet because I made a joke and Carley encouraged me to write the thing, and it ended up in a very fluffy place I wasn’t expecting. What can I say, I have a lot of feelings after this weekend and needed to get them out so I can return to the fic I’m currently writing. I’m tired and I did this pretty fast so there’s a good chance there are errors. I apologize for those, if they are there.

The first time he does it, she thinks it’s luck. After all, it’s a question about Peter Pan and if anyone, Captain Hook (despite all the inconsistencies in the stories) should be able to get a question about that right.

“When in the Darlings’ nursery, Peter Pan attempts to use this to re-attach his shadow,” Alex Trebek says on the television.

“Soap,” Hook responds immediately. Emma raises an eyebrow at him, even as she hears the echoed answer in the form of a question on the television behind her.

They’re scrubbing dishes after dinner while David and Mary Margaret occupy themselves with Neal and Henry.

“You have to answer in the form of a question,” Emma replies with a smirk.

“Well, that’s bloody stupid,” is his only response. They finish washing the dishes as the episode draws to a close and she forgets about it for a while.

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A new “Episode” is out now, in the form of three shorter videos. Illustraded by @siins, @fault-classic and @cmllustration
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