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growing up, some kids did drugs. other’s smoked. some drank too much. i did fandoms and i swear i was higher than any of them could ever be.

Good morning all! We’ve got pretty gloomy weather today, so I thought it would be apt to post a sea of blue books! I own too many blue books tbh. 😂💙💙💙 #seaofbooks tag tagged by @albumsbooksandfilm and #thebluechallenge tag tagged by @paperfury, thanks lovelies! 😊💙📚

When, O Burr, do you mean to cease abusing our patience?”

three types of people at a wedding proposal 

Been having me a think about what would happen if Present Odinson and Classic Thor ever met up

I mean, 616 Odinson and Marvel Adventures or Thor: The Mighty Avenger-flavor Thor

And discussed their Lokis. Like

Odinson: “I hate my brother. So much. So fucking much.”

Classic Thor: “Aye, truly the God of Evil is a vexing sibling. What ills has yours thrust upon you, Odinson? Just last week mine turned me into a frog, dropped the Avengers Tower into a black hole, and set fire to the state of Utah.”

Odinson: “Mine killed a child.”

Classic Thor: “Hel. What child was that?”

Odinson: “Himself.”

Classic Thor: “…pardon?”

Odinson: “Well not–not him him. His better self.”

Classic Thor: ?

Odinson: “I made him.”

Classic Thor: ??

Odinson: “The first one died trying to stop Asgard from dying. It was his own fault though.”

Classic Thor: “Verily?”

Odinson: “Very verily. But I missed him so I, you know, brought him back. But smaller and better. But it turns out that that Loki was killed and usurped by a copy of the other Loki–”

Classic Thor: “The one you were trying to bring back?”

Odinson: “Not precisely, no, but as good as. Body-snatching bastard.”

Classic Thor: “Quite loathsome. And what foul works did he use this scheme for?”

Odinson: “…he worked for our mother. And then reunited us with our sister. And freed our father from a pocket dimension prison.”

Classic Thor: “Oh. To what end?”

Odinson: “To trick us all!”

Classic Thor: “Indeed. But surely if this is the same God of Evil there must have been some more profane result.”

Odinson: “There probably was. But he was caught out and revealed.”

Classic Thor: “Ah. Then he sought revenge, aye?”

Odinson: “He stabbed our mother.”

Classic Thor: “He killed her!?”

Odinson: “Not yet, but near enough. She is poisoned.”

Classic Thor: “Poison.”

Odinson: “Yes.”

Classic Thor: “Loki used poison.”

Odinson: “I just said–”

Classic Thor: “And did not kill her.”

Odinson: “I don’t see what–”

Classic Thor: “Loki, God of Evil, used a poisoned blade upon a goddess and did not use enough poison for a killing blow.”

Odinson: “Not liking your tone, Thor.”

Classic Thor: “Forgive me, Odinson, I am unfamiliar in this dimension. Pray, where is the villain now?”

Odinson: “There.”

-smash cut to Loki in an apartment, wearing only horns, slippers, and sweatpants, ironing Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation, watching Animal Planet with a mortal girl who has -10 qualms about being alone in the room with him-

Classic Thor: ???

Odinson: “…It’s an off day for him.”

Classic Thor: “Of course. Well, Odinson, I see you are truly vexed and in need of relief from that vile menace.”

-smash cut to Loki scrolling through their phone, liking Snapchat shots of Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, America and Kate, an engagement photo of Billy and Teddy-

Classic Thor: “So I shall endeavor to ease your burden.”

Odinson: “My thanks to you, Thor, but I mean to wring that snake’s neck myselwhattheHelisthis.”

Classic Thor: “A trade. My Loki for your Loki. Here hold this.”

-Classic Loki is hot-potatoed to Odinson-

Classic Thor: “You are wise to the ways of this god, Odinson, and, being that I still have my hammer, I shall surely have no trouble with whatever Loki yours is. The one partaking of the frozen caffeinated drink outside yonder cafe. I have that taken care of now.”

Odinson: “Wait, that isn’t–”

Classic Thor, with the God of Stories under one arm: “I bid thee farewell”

Odinson: “The Hel are you–”

Classic Thor, punting the God of Stories through the Rift in Dimensions: “Can’t hear you”

Odinson: “Get back here you fucking–”

Classic Thor, from inside the Rift: “No refunds good luck Odin bless you goodbye”

-smash cut to Classic Loki beating Odinson over the head with the latter’s own metal arm-

when your section doesn’t follow your lead

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“Dammit. They started the war without us. I had an invitation, too.”

Good evening everyone! I’ve just finished The Iron Daughter and I’m really happy that it was much better than the first! I finally got the action I wanted and toward the end I actually couldn’t stop reading. I’m still rating it 4⭐️, mostly because Meghan’s still much too whiny for my taste, but really this was a fun read! The world’s awesome, and I’m glad I got to see more of the Winter Court as I wished. I of course loved Puck and Grimalkin, and Ash is starting to look like book-boyfriend material to me! Also, IRONHORSE!!! 😂😭😂😭😂😭 Omg I swear he’s 99% the cause of both my laughs and tears over this book. Definitely picking up The Iron Queen soon! 😊💙📚👍🏻😍📖👏🏻

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Can we see some headcanons for Law, Ace, and Shanks falling for like a fellow crew member?? Thanks!

I am in love with this concept


•He of course ignores it in the beginning. He’s convinced that it’s just a fluke. That he’s only staring at them for unusually copious amounts of time because he’s trying to figure them out. That he’s only extraordinarily concerned about their well-being because he thinks they’re prone to danger

•At some point though, he’ll have to come to grips with his feelings. Law may be stubborn, but he’s not so hardheaded that he won’t recognize love when he’s feeling it. It’s just not easy to accept. Pretty much every person he’s ever loved is dead, and he still feels somewhere deep down that it’s his fault. It’s a classic case of not wanting to get involved with the crewmate he loves out of fear that they’ll share the same fate somehow

•And that to him, just isn’t fair. Why should someone else suffer because of his love? So he tries hard to ignore his feelings and get rid of them, for both their sakes

•Doesn’t work out too well though. Since he’s captain, it’s only natural he’d be running into the crewmate often. It’s even worse if they’re pretty close (and they probably are, since the Heart Pirates are a close-knit group) because then his feelings only keep growing. There’s a reason he loves them in the first place. So being around them, being reminded of those reasons day after day, hour after hour—it does nothing to alleviate his anxiety

•Law is someone I don’t see ever completely confessing his feelings for someone he loves. They’re just going to know when the time comes. He makes it fairly obvious through actions alone, not always words

•Maybe they’re sick or injured, and he’s by their side literally 24/7 treating them, losing sleep worrying about them, making sure they get their meals for he does. It’s only after they’re healed and they learn that Law did so much for them that they might start suspecting the captain’s feelings

•He doesn’t outright deny his feelings if the crewmate ever confronts him. He knows there’s no denying it if they’ve already caught on. It doesn’t mean he’s going to confess though, not completely. He’d just be very passive about it

They could ask him a simple, “Why?”—Why did he spend so much time caring for them? Why is he so good to them?

And he’ll respond with a simple, “You know why.” And he’d leave it at that


•He’s probably the type who doesn’t realize he’s falling for them until it’s too late. He just considered them his close crewmate, someone he really enjoyed spending time with. Someone he really really cherished, nothing else really

•As cliche as it sounds, one way Ace might come to realize how much he likes the crewmate is through jealousy. It could be something as simple as noticing that they’re hanging around another crew more often, rather than him

•This feeling festers inside of Ace for a while. What did he do? Why aren’t they talking to him anymore? And this is when he starts realizing just how much he likes them. When it’s difficult for him to fall asleep at night without thinking about them, when he sulks on the other side of the ship and watches them interact with the rest of the crew, too conflicted to do anything about it

•Ace is of course rather hotheaded, so any little thing can set him off, especially if he’s convinced they really have been avoiding him for some reason. Which is probably not true at all. Ace is just overreacting because he feels so strongly about them

•But an argument between them might turn into some sort of confession. It probably ends in Ace just angrily kissing them, then storming off

•Conversely, if we’re not going with the whole dramatic confession route, Ace just starts dropping hint after hint that he likes the crewmate until they have to realize it. He’s ridiculously flirty, very touchy, always in their personal space, teasing them, trying to make them blush—literally anything. It’s grossly obvious

•If the crewmate happens to be a woman, Ace becomes a little protective of her? Ace trusts his crew, but not other pirates. So he doesn’t like her going ashore alone for supplies, especially when she goes to stock up on alcohol from bars. Ace always goes with her, warding off lewd glares, beating the shit out of anyone who makes obscene comments. Protective Ace. I live for it


•His feelings for the crewmate grow over a span of years. It probably won’t be a sudden thing. Which only makes him fall harder as time goes on

•Shanks is friendly with everyone on his crew, so it would be a little difficult to tell that he was falling for one of them, but not impossible. Of course, someone like Benn would be the first to notice his captain’s love, but he never says anything about it. It’s kind of like a game for the crew members who are aware of Shanks’ feelings: how long can captain wait before he does something stupid and spills the beans?

•It starts out with Shanks asking the crew member he has feelings for to drink with him, more so than he does any of the others. And you know the Red Hair Pirates are always drinking. Drinking parties every night. You already know he throws an arm around them and brings them in close in his drunken enthusiasm. He’d probably even pull them into his lap at one point. He might not see how intimate that is until after he does it, but he’s too drunk (and giddy) to care

•He’s alwaysss joking with them. The highlight of his day is getting to see them laugh or smile, maybe even blush at his humor

•Stays up extra late/wakes up extra early to make sure he catches them while they’re on deck duty. It’s so unhealthy of him to skip out on so much sleep, but it’s worth it to him to be able to see them. He may have those hella dark under eyes, but he’s got a giddy grin on his face the rest of the day

•I headcanon that the Red Hair Pirates take birthdays VERY seriously. Even if someone tries to hide their birthday, or just never mentions it, Shanks finds out. Every Red Hair pirate gets a birthday celebration. No exceptions. The crewmate that Shanks likes is getting a huge celebration

•And it’s at this celebration I can see a drunken Shanks making his first move. On accident, of course. He just can’t think when he’s drunk. He’s a happy drunk. He probably has a private moment with the crewmate and wishes them a happy birthday, then just randomly goes in for a big sloppy kiss

•However, sober Shanks could also confess his feelings during an intimate moment. Maybe the crewmate got hurt? Maybe Shanks feels responsible as captain? Something along those lines. He’s overly worried about them, almost to the point it may seem smothering. Maybe they want an explanation, or maybe he can tell it’s visibly off-putting them. In which case he just has to explain: it’s because he has feelings for them. Feelings beyond that of a captain for a crewmate. Shanks is not a man who’s afraid of saying the words “I love you”, but he needs to gather a little courage first before he does

F1 drivers in suits

First off we have Valtteri Bottas mixing his patterns in the best and most pleasing way and proving to the fashion world once and for all that hard-boiled eggs do look good in suits (even if the suit could stand to be tailored a little more…). Also, that patterned grey won’t show cat hair making him a egg man who thinks about where his cat is going to sleep when he buys his clothes.   1000000/10 Humpty Dumpty would be proud.

Next up Romain Grosjean wearing his customary expression of existential dread (mortalterror.jpg). He did not tie that tie himself but rather opted for a very obvious clip-on and I am going to shame him for it forever. Love the choice of collar though. He may be a drama bitch but the man knows his classic fashion (of course he does he’s french). 10/10 calm your tits. 

Thirdly, Antonio Giovinazzi looking for some reason like he is in the pits of hell but that’s the fault of the photographer, not his outfit. Classic shawl collar navy and black satin- no fault with the classics.  He looks like an elven prince who was unceremoniously stolen from the middle of his fairy ball and is confused by where he ended up.  infinity/10 stop sleeping on this suave and talented boy. 

Marcus Ericsson.  Why does he look like he wants to eat me? also if you are going to wear a notched collar like that without a breast pocket for a pocket square you need a boutonniere or at the very least a lapel pin gawd.  176/10 because he would devour my brain if I rated him any lower.

Next we have Daniil Kvyat who does have the top breast pocket but with no pocket square in it (the horror!!!!). The tie is great though I love the tie. He is trying to prove that even basement gremlins can dress up and have fun once in a while. I support him. 9000/10 support your local basement gremlin.

Last but not least we have Stoffel Vandoorne who is gazing longingly at a cheeto someone has dropped on the floor. There is no fault to be found with charcoal and blue, ever. It is one of the truly perfect color combinations in fashion. There is, however, fault to be found with these specific shades of charcoal and blue on him particularly, as well as with the cut of this suit. Please help this chld, his sleeves are too long and the colors make him look orange. Please send him a tailor and a proper stylist asap.  200/10 a soft orange waffle is still a soft waffle.  

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And now we see the Gatewatch - a mostly white team - go up against an entire plane of POC framed as evil. Terrific job, Wizards.

Okay, so a few things. I don’t disagree that the Gatewatch is ‘mostly white’, disappointingly so since Chandra was later revealed to be biracial and Liliana is (maybe) Middle Eastern. Wizards has historically had problems, but I try not to harp on that because they recognize it and are working to improve it. I think there’s something a bit problematic about any group showing up on a plane that isn’t their’s and upending things. But that’s also the classic fault of planeswalkers throughout Magic’s history.

Referring to Amonkhet as a plane of POC is fairly problematic. It makes assumptions about Egypt that aren’t true (especially if you’re defining Gideon, ostensibly Greek, as white). It’s also a very modern view of race that I don’t think is all that applicable to a culture that traded with a diverse array of neighbors for millennia. Plus, you can see pinker skin tones in some of the humans, anyway. There are already white people there.

I don’t think they’ll be doing a single-ethnicity plane again, like Kamigawa. If you’ve noticed, even worlds themed toward specific cultures these days still have a diverse range of humans on them. It’s also not an evil plane. I don’t know where you’re getting that, but it seems to me to be a pretty big oversimplification of the situation. The Gatewatch is expecting a plane of people to liberate, and they’re going to find that it’s not the case at all. The people on Amonkhet are just people, good and bad.