Turquoise Water and tilted sedimentary layers, Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece


I’m betting most of my followers like the view of this pool in the Cyclades islands, off Greece, but I’m gawking at the wall behind it. Look at all the sheared out and faulted layers!

I have heard from a lot of survivors who are, understandably, confused about how responsible their parents are for the abuse because they were also abused by their parents. So let me clarify…

They are 100% responsible. Abuse is 100% wrong and it is 100% their responsibility that they are doing it. Just as it will be 100% wrong and your responsibility if you do it to your children.

It is the abusive parent’s duty to deal with their emotional wounds so that they do not abuse you. Repeatedly saying, “sorry, I was abused too,” is not good enough. They need to change their behavior and not abuse you anymore. That is the only thing that means anything. Bringing up past abuse instead of being accountable and changing their behavior is just another way of manipulating you into accepting the abuse. Maybe you are underage and cannot yet stop them from abusing you, but you can at least know in your mind that it is not acceptable behavior, that they are at fault and responsible for their abuse of you.

y'all… where is ksoo…… how is he doing…… is he eating well?? is he sleeping well?? is he getting enough love and affection?? is he lazing around in soft comfy sweaters watching a movie in his ipad?? or is he in a restaurant just eating his favourite food?? i miss he……………