Makuta the Dark
This guy is so big, yet he stays up quite nice. The only part I didn’t like was his faulds get in the way of posing his legs. But given how the pieces are limited, I understand quite well. His staff spins via gears in the drill, he has arm spiny gears that work strangely well, and he has his Predator arm claw.


you honestly wouldn’t believe how happy i was when i found out i can have both the cape and the jotaro cap

Anyways this is my hammer set specifically tailored to like any hammer with natural purple sharpness like the Qadar Sedition so no sharpness +1 unfortunately. However it has a lot of great skills while looking great itself so i’m happy

  • Esurient Helm Z O–
  • Garuga Mail X OO-
  • Esurient Vambraces Z O–
  • Esuient Faulds Z —
  • Excello Greaves Z OO-
  • Creator Talisman Fast Charge +6/Expert +7 OOO
  • Earplug Jewel 1 x2
  • Razor Jewel 1 x1
  • Attack Jewel 1 x1
  • Attack Jewel 2 x1
  • Attack Jewel 3 x1

With all of these I was able to get:

  • Attack Up (XL)
  • HG Earplugs
  • Critical Eye +1
  • Razor Sharp

and with the Qadar Sedition honed for Power i feel like the fucking strong


Warden cosplay progress pt. 5

Magfest and Katsucon IM ALMOST READY

I aged the armor a little more than in game (Okay in Inquisition they are literally beacons of light that have never seen battle or damage in their creation dont judge me, it was my preference.)

I gotta velcro everything to hell and back, but this was the first fitting!! Im excited, as everything (but the gloves and faulds) are really comfortable.
Onto the weapons!