In the words of Yorogi:

In time for the 10th anniversary of the ZBCCG’s ENG release, Faudo has been revived!
I didn’t release those seal breaker spells for nothing!

Cards were scanlated by the one and only Yorogi.

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Faudo and what it has

Faudo organs

Faudo’s brain Faudo’s control room Faudo’s Small Intestine Faudo’s Heart Faudo’s Stomach Faudo’s Liver

Organ Guardians

There is a guardian of every organ in Faudo’s body and hundereds of white blood cells.

Esophagus: Unko Tin Tin

Small Intestine: Small Intestine Drill

Heart: The Heart Warrior

Bloodstream: Internal Mamodos (including Degosumia)

Brain: Unko Tin Tin II

List of Weapons

Main Gun: Faudo shoots a huge blast of energy from its mouth. Ten-Finger Gun : Lasers are fired from Faudo’s fingertips. Hole Gun: Blasts of energy are discharged from the holes in Faudo’s armor. Angle Sword: A massive sword that Faudo uses as a weapon. High-Speed Mode: Faudo can propel itself at a high rate of speed by firing energy out of eight exhaust pipes. Teleportation: It can move instantaneously utilizing this technique, this is also the technique that moved it from the Mamodo World to the human world.

Faudo Liquid: Concentrated mystic fluids extracted from Faudo’s very blood stream, found in its liver. Book owners, by injection or ingestion (drinking it) even in small intakes could fully restore physical health and heart energy.

[I still get goosebumps from this]