Haiti Noir 2 edited by Edwidge Danticat
Akashic | 2013 | ISBN: 1617751936 | 320 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

The original best-selling Haiti Noir comprised all-new stories by today’s best Haitian authors. This new volume collects the true classics of Haitian literature—both short stories and excerpts from longer works—and will be an integral piece of understanding how Haitian culture has evolved over the past fifty years. Editor Edwidge Danticat, one of the most respected Haitian writers, has a well-deserved sterling reputation, and here she follows on the success of the original first volume.


Ida Salomon Faubert (1882-1969) was a Haitian poet in the first half of the 20th century. Faubert enjoyed a comfortable existence as the only child of former Haitian president Lysius Salomon. After her father’s overthrow from power, Faubert was sent to France where she was raised by her mother’s relatives. While she eventually came back to Haiti for numerous visits, Faubert belonged to Paris’ bon vivant scenery. Her time in Paris, nevertheless, did not manage to erase her Haitian origins. Haiti was indeed a central theme in her work and she surrounded herself with other Haitians émigrés.

Though the name Ida Faubert is mostly remembered by Haitian literature enthusiasts, her importance for Haiti’s literary culture is undeniable. Part of the La Ronde literary generation, Faubert was amongst the first women to seriously publish in Haiti and to be both read and respected amongst her peers. Some of her more famous works include Cœur des Îles (1939) and Histoires d'Haïti et d'ailleurs (1959).

Vedo che soffri, prevedo che ti farò soffrire. Vorrei non averti mai conosciuta, per te, poi anche per me e tuttavia il pensiero di te mi attira senza sosta. Vi trovo una squisita dolcezza.
—  Gustave Faubert, da una lettera a Louise Colet (Croisset, 6 o 7 agosto 1846)