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friends au aesthetics 11/11
↳ miller & monty

“In the time he considered having been in love with Monty, the smiles had been the most dangerous. Monty was a happy person, and there was only so much Miller could take. When a smile was directed at him, he’d already lost.”

Safe and Sound (62 Minutes Pt. 9)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Best Friend!Reader

Characters: Dean, Sam, Ruby, Reader

Word count: 4k

Summary: Deans time is running out, but despite this, he and the reader can’t seem to admit their feelings for each other, even with virtually no time left. Will one of them give in and give up the charade, or will their love be something they take to the grave?

Warnings: cursing, minor sexual assault, drinking, mentions of alcoholism, mentions of depression, mentions of PTSD, major character death, gore, canon type violence

A/N: (most of) this roughly corresponds to the song Safe and Sound from the Hunger Games soundtrack. I don’t know if you noticed but I’m pretty shit at titles, so using songs help a lot, plus if I can find a song that fits the theme and/or the vibe of something I’m writing, that’s pretty A1. Hope you enjoy ;))))))))

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friends au aesthetics 9/11
↳ raven & bellamy

“This time, Raven didn’t bother resisting the smile tugging at the side of her mouth. There were butterflies in her stomach and she felt so much like her teenage self again that it was almost embarrassing. The fact that Bellamy was grinning back at her, though, made her think he was in the same position.
“So, same page then?”
Bellamy nodded once, firmly.”

friends au aesthetics 1/?
↳ the group

They walked in silence to the subway. They were all looking at her worriedly, but it wasn’t until they stopped that she burst into tears. To her surprise, it was Miller who wrapped his arms around her first, followed by Octavia and the rest.
When they pulled away, she was hiccuping through giggles. “You know now you’re stuck with me forever, right?”
Bellamy kissed the top of her head, his arm still around her. “I think we can handle it.”