i just thought i’d remind everyone that these pictures exist


goD my heart is doing stuff because of these pics he’s actually so beautiful it hurts

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((bad)) anon roast: you're needy and full of spite which is dangerous because since ur so small it's all highly concentrated. except since you're small i could actually step on you. also your tags on your instagram photography are all funny but also long, difficult to read, and unnecessary. (i love u pls don't be sad. guess whom)

OMG my tags. you’re definitely talking about the squirrel ajshdgdhdhdh milky is that you??

guys i just made a spotify playlist with all the songs astro have recommended to us and i’m so happy

@sanhasbinu THANK you for the updates you’re an angel and i love you




@the hair stylists…………….

wtf why wont you let me live i JUST got back to civilization and this happens i’m ready to KERMIT i’m yelling rn like i saw minhyuk’s blonde hair and i LITERALLY THREW MY PHONE AT MY BED and YELLED “NO YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT TO YOUR HAIR SHITTTTTT” omg guys and JINWOO and his dark hair and i’m living because just jinwoo and he has DARK HAIR and it’s down and looks so soft i just wanna touch it and gOD what is Astro DOING to mE can’t i have ONe day tO RELAX.

okay i’m not done ranting but if i dont stop i’m nEVER gonna stop because like………….


you know what i’m trying to say i hope

mini hiatus

hey guys i/m going on a camping trip with my school so i’m gonna be offline for the next 6 days taht’s SO LONG pls don’t unfollow me if i’m inactive, i’m jut gonna be dying in the woods

all of you are invited to my funeral btw.

ALSO please spam my inbox is astro does aNYTHING bc i don’t wanna be too behind when i come back AND bc i know they keep talking about theur comeback and it’s STRESSING ME OUT that i might miss something important while i’m gone so please keep me updates. spam my inbox i would love to come back to that tbh

anyway wish me luck. in my tombstone write “Death by Bugs”, and i love all of you

get to know me tag~!!

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name: fatuma

nickname: i had ONE in middle school. it was fadoomdoom… pls don’t judge me lmao

zodiac sign: picses

height: i think i’m 5′7 or 5′8. i know i’m one of the two, but idk which lmao

orientation: straight

ethnicity: somali

favorite fruit: MANGOS and WATERMELONS

favorite season: fall and spring

favorite book series: i don’t know if i can thing of any rn, but a series i used to read over and over again as a middle schooler was the Eragon series

favorite flower: i love blue bells but id k why really

favorite scent: i love my mom’s cooking and fresh out of the dryer clothes

favorite color: i like pastel colors and just soft colors in genereal

favorite animal: can i say mice PURELY for the sake of jinwoo being our mouse leader?? can i?? please?? imma say that when in reality i’m terrified of mice lmao

coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea thru and thru

average sleep hours: 4-8 depending how much school work or how much i wanna write because i OBVIOUSLY have my priorities straight

cat or dog person: kitties are the way i swing, but i love both

favorite fictional characters: uhh… omg my heart just broke but i LOVE Dobby from the Harry Potter series…. excuse me as i go cry i’m emo now

number of blankets you sleep with: 1 normally

dream trip: just like…. a round trip to all the places i wanna visit

blog created: i think it was December 6 2016 but i could be wrong

number of followers: 108 i’m sTILL screaming about the fact that I have over a hundred… i love you guys :”) 💜💜💜

oKAY idk of i have 20 people to tag, but imma try tagging as many as I can. i’m sorry if you’ve already been tagged in one~! you don’t have to do this of you don’t want to. 

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"Call me now. It's urgent."


I finished writing it last night as like 2 am and JUST had a friend read it over, making sure that it wasn’t totally crappy it probably is she’s too nice to tell me if it was crap BUT i am done with it now and i hope you like it.

this is a bit a lot longer than the other ones that i’ve written, but i hope you like it anyway~!! i am terrified oh my gOD i hope you like it 

It was 3 am when your phone went off for the third time that night. You had worked an extra shift the day before and had decided that the first two times your phone rang, it wasn’t important enough for you to answer. Now, it was just annoying, and you were done with being woken up.

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Women and Power: Fatuma Abdullahi, Somali journalist and activist

Fatuma Abdulahi is a Somali journalist who has chosen to return to Somalia after 25 years. Abdullahi’s family fled their homeland in the early 90s because of the chaos and instability that followed the collapse of the government of Siad Barre.