l-tc  asked:

Geez, it's been too long. And your drawings have improved SO much. Hahaha, I guess all those vocaloid drawings did something to your skills. I think the eyes in the picture you sent me are the best part (I have so much trouble doing those). I can't wait to see more!

Matter of fact those where some new eyes ive been testing out. there only half open. my problem is hips and sutch. Two things: I do have more. and the other. I won’t be playing runescape no more. ALl rp on there is war and sex. and since I allready know ever single object on there and how to obtain it. I think im good.

totally ment to be private.

I need help.

Earlier I posted a picture of me in a crop top. A porn blog called @tumblingbeauties69 reblogged it. I messaged them and tried to get them to take it down, my message said “Can you please delete the picture you reblogged from me” but I realized I messaged from the wrong blog so tried to say “It’s from my other blog @oversenstiveseabeast” But they blocked me, so I messaged them from this blog and said “Delete my post” They blocked me as I tried to say “it’s making me uncomfortable and anxious I don’t want to be on your porn blog I am underage.” They deleted the reblog but they saved the picture of me and reposted it and changed their bio to say “if it’s on tumblr I’m reblogging it don’t bother messaging me” I’m on the verge of crying and having a panic attack. People keep liking my post with urls like “ifuckobese” and “rapeherass” and “fattylovers” and I really need help guys. Please report his blog. I’m really really uncomfortable and anxious. A random stranger, who runs a porn blog, has a picture of me, an underage person, that has my face and my stomach in it and please just report his blog @staff delete their blog.