Yummy goodies one of my pharmacist brought back from her trip to Japan, Green tea hard candy (I haven’t tried yet), Green tea kit kat (Weird at first but tastes pretty good) and Green tea parfait (My favorite it has like mochi in the middle). The packaging is too cute any who, too good not to share #greenteacandy #greenteakitkat #fattyishappy #japan

Good workout week !

Im feeling pretty damn good about myself, my accomplishments this week and getting my work done. Even though I failed my master cleanse Im starting up again soon. Tonight I burned 800 something on the elliptical machine in 60 min and did the tone it up love your booty workout with some wall sits and 30 sumo squats which means… Bubble bath, moscato, r&b and lingerie for myself tonight. Good evening !

Fell off the wagon for a few weeks. All that EDC partying. My food hasn’t been horrible but boy I have only been to the gym like 5 times since the week before edc. TODAY I’m back on track. Total lost 60+ pounds gotta stay motivated ! My besti @penanator got me back on track, let’s go ! Salad with cheese, almonds, cilantro and lime juice #yogajourney #fattyishappy #cleaneats #fattyfitness #60morepounds

This kid gets it @MrOneDeag I hear people all the time make fun of us, oh they’re still talking about EDC, what’s so great about it blah blah but here it is. It’s out escape from reality a place to feel love and celebrate each other like a homecoming seeing your friends from all over the world, embracing what makes us different and spreading love and light so yes I made a big deal about it every year but this is my therapy. So excited to see all my lovies and celebrate under the electric sky. Lets do thisssssss ! 🎉😊🎶🙌 💖✨🌈✌😋 #edc #whywerave #dropthebeatz #insomniac @pasqualerotella #rave #plur #electricdaisycarnival #edclv @edc_lasvegas #vegas #fattyishappy #electricsky