Tumblr Magazine Issue #34 * May 2014 * Photo Issue * ON THE COVER: Hannah Chu, Lawrence Tapalla & Raniel Hernandez

Photographed by Raniel Hernandez

Lawrence Tapalla have always been vocal about his interest on taking photographs for Tumblr Mag. At the back of my mind, ‘just wait, coz I’ve got plans for you, sir.’ Passion for something that you really want to do was never an issue for Lawrence. He is the master of his own will and wit. Right from where he is at this point of his life, this guy knows where his path is directed, and that is what i admire the most about him. I just feel honored to have this 25-year old BSIT graduate from the University of Sto. Tomas with a post grad diploma in Management from De La Salle University featured on our annual Photo Issue. 


Take us to when you first used a camera and fell in love with photography. How old were you then?

I held my first camera, a Sony point and shoot way back in college, I was 17. I really didn’t know anything about Photography but tried to take photos that are good enough to not be blurred or just be kind of appealing to me. I also had a Nokia 6300 with a 2 megapixel camera which I used to just take snaps of anything. After college,I got the chance to borrow a DLSR camera (Nikon D40) and that’s the time I really liked Photography. I took time to research and study photography online. I read tutorials and joined DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines Forum Site) to learn more. By 2010, I had enough funds to buy my own DSLR camera and bought a Nikon D5000 which I still use today.

What is it with photography that you found very interesting?

I found Photography interesting as it became a way to express my artistic side. I have always been a frustrated artist and found Photography as a way to recreate what I am thinking and to reflect them into a photo.

What kind of photographer are you on set? What type of photographer are you?

I’m a chatty photographer especially on Engagement sessions. I am a Portrait and Wedding Photographer. A violent one who shoot people. HAHA!

You run a food blog/ photo blog on tumblr with your girlfriend. Tell us something about it.

We decided to put up fattydiacids.tumblr.com as a way for us to share our photos, may it be food or portraits. It was really her who was more into food photography and I was into taking more portraits. We love to go to new restaurants that we haven’t tried and try to take photos of food and give a simple review about our experience. The name was fattydiacids was really a random thought and agreed it was a cool name.

You are into wedding photography now. What nailed your interest to wedding photography among other subject?

I started to like Wedding photography when I had a chance to be a back-up photographer for a wedding. I had no idea what to do but just took photos of people at the wedding. It felt good that the couple and their friends liked the photos that we took and that’s how I got to like Wedding Photography. It’s really fulfilling to create memories for other people through photos.

For starters, how do you pick the right camera?

It really depends on what photography you want to pursue. But if your in it for the long run, you can invest on either a DSLR (Nikon and Canon) or a Mirrorless Cameras (Fujifilm). You can aim for the not so latest models (a year past) yet they must have the specs that you need and make sure it has a Manual Mode (M) so you can really control your camera. And if your a little bit constrained with the budget try to look for second hand cameras with low shutter actuations. (Go to Facebook pages or sulit/OLX)

If you are not taking photos, you’d be…

Dancing or Taking Videos hahaha (wedding din)

Most memorable shoot you’ve had.

It was a Garden Wedding in Batangas. It rained so hard before and after the ceremony. All the guests and suppliers had to take cover below a big tree. We were honestly in low spirits until we saw the couple still smiling and just encouraging all of us to just transfer to an available hall and just eat and party! We ate buffet and even danced and drunk with the guests while shooting. It was really a cool and fun wedding even though there were some unfortunate events (damn rain!)

Tips and pieces of advice for brewing/starting photographers.

Shoot! Shoot every chance you have. This is how you will know if you really love Photography and what kind of Photography you will pursue. In tagalog.. “ Shoot lang ng shoot!”

OK, this one’s tough. That one photograph you took, that you love the most, and why?

It’s a photo I took way back 2010. Its a portrait of my cousin who had chicken pox at that time. I love it because it reminds me on how I started to really get into Photography. I remember calling him to be my model after I had read tutorials about taking portraits and interacting with your subject. It was the first time I directed someone on what to do and what to pose (even though at times he doesn’t really get it haha) It brings me back on how I got to love taking Portraits.

Aside from photography, what are your other interests?

I also do Wedding Videography and my other passion is Dancing. specifically House and its music (I’m thinking of taking DJ classes once I have the money for that. haha)

Your dream model (celebrity or anyone you know in the industry)

HAHA this is kinda embarrassing. I dream of taking portraits of Bea Benedicto. (Wishing for this to happen ^_^)

Words you live by.

Get Up and Seize every moment. (Get up and Work your ass of Law! Go out and Shoot!) hahaha

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

I had the chance to join some foodies to go to a Ramen Restaurant. I was really excited cause I wanted to try authentic noodles and IKKORYU FUKUOKA RAMEN is the right place to be in.

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen specializes in Tonkotsu ramen originating from the Kysuhu region in Japan. Their tonkotsu base is made by boiling pork bones with seasonings for several hours for that creamy and rich flavor, added with their ramen which is thin and al dente.

Complementary Iced Tea are given once you take a seat. 

We were graciously given some GYOZA (P150) while waiting for the noodles.

The interiors of the restaurant which were mostly decorated by wooden planks had calligraphy which was about an old Japanese love story. 

You can also feel a light and warm feeling when eating in this restaurant because of the whole design and hospitality of the employees who’ll greet you as soon as you step in.

For our first noodle we tried out AJITAMA TONKOTSU (P380)

Ajitama in Japanese is “boiled egg” which is marinated with a special blended soy sauce base.

Here are some Ikkoryu Teriyaki Chicken Wings(P180) to go with the noodles.

For my taste, its raw and a good noodle if your a fan of pork broth.

For our second noodle we ate YUZU-TAMA TONKONTSU (P380) It is a noodle flavored with yuzukosho, a japanese seasoning made from a Japanese citrus fruit called Yuzu. This was my personal favorite for it had a strong flavor which is kind of spicy but still delicious.

We also had BLACK GARLIC TONKOTSU (P380) which is tonkotsu soup mixed with special roast garlic oil. 

For the last part of the meal, DESSERTS! 

Japanese sweet soy sauce with mochi.

For me, their serving size is just right along with their competitive pricing of authentic Japanese noodles. You can also enjoy other variety of food such as Kobachi, Itamemono and Rice meals.

We really enjoyed eating big bowl noodles and would really come back to try other meals in their menu,

If you want to taste and enjoy good noodles then go to 

2/F SM Aura Premier , McKinley Parkway
McKinley Hill, Taguig

- fattydiacids


Carmen’s Best Artisanal Ice Cream and Gelato

All I can say is “ It is the  best local Ice Cream we ever tasted”. At first I thought it was just a hype, as orders and cravings for this ice cream spread online and word of mouth. But when I got my first spoonful it all made sense. Its creamy and soft texture will easily excite your taste buds. You can easily devour a whole pint as its genuine taste is from fresh milk from their own dairy farm, Real Fresh Dairy  Farms.

Best selling flavors: Butter Pecan, Malted Milk, Salted Caramel, and Brazilian Coffee. 

They have a flavor of the month and can make custom ice creams. They can also substitute pure cane sugar with coco sugar for those with health or weight issues.

Custom order flavors:

- Spanish Turron

- Butter Pecan

- Rocky Road

- Dark Chocolate

- Milk Chocolate

- Vanilla

- Cheese

- Pear Picorino

- Green Tea

- Avocado

- Strawberry

- Cookie Dough

- Buttermilk

- Butterscotch Pecan

- Cookies & Cream

- Coconut

- Honey

- Brazilian Coffee Almond

- Maple Walnut


There are several pick up points around the metro for ice cream orders. (Check their FB page)


Contact Info

8092042 or 09166235956




Photos by B


Little Tokyo - Oishinbo

One of the places we really wanted to visit and try the food is in Little Tokyo, located in Makati. It’s really near my place but I wanted to go with B to explore this Japanese food haven.

We went to Oishinbo. We tried Shouyu Ramen (P280) or Soy Sauce Ramen with Pork broth, egg and naruto. Its serving also includes rice and 2 pieces of Gyoza. 

We also ordered their Chicken Wings (P190) which was very delicious. There was a distinct spice with the chicken wings that we really liked. Its not part of our top 5 Chicken Wings (blog post soon)

We promise to go back and also try the other restaurants in Little Tokyo!

- L


KATSU for 200 @ Glorietta

We were two of the 200+ lucky diners at Yabu last January 9 for the opening. Badeth was customer number 103 while I was 104. Guest with the number/stabs are given complimentary katsu set with unlimited rice, cabbage, and lemonade.

We ordered HIRE Miso Katsu and MENCHI (A delicious mix of minced premium beef and pork covered in crunchy panko filled with oozing creamy cheese.) 

I love how interactive it was eating at Yabu. The server would ask if we already know how to prepare our sauce. We enjoyed crushing the sesame seeds and adding there aunthentic Tonkatsu sauce.

I devoured the cabbage with Goma Sesame Dressing along with the prok which was soft and tasty. I only had an extra half rice but felt really full after tasting our orders. 

Its really a good place to go to if you want a great katsu and a fine dining experience. Price range is around 400-500 per person but its all worth it.


Relish - Tomas Morato

At last we had a chance to go out again. We have been busy with work and studies but we took the chance to take a break and just treat ourselves. Tomas Morato Area has been a good choice for us for its the nearest area with a lot of food and coffee shops.

We tried RELISH and it did not disappoint. We first had some Salad. 

Relish Chef’s Salad [P285]

I loved how it’s veggies are still fresh while the dressing was sweet and just had the right taste.

Chorizo with Tomato Cream Sauce [P375]

The pasta was tasty along with its subtle creaminess and sweetness.

Relish Roasted Chicken [P390]

The Roasted Chicken was enticing to the eyes and even to our mouths. As we sliced through the chicken it gave in quickly showing the tenderness of the chicken. Nomnom!

its a 4/5 for me! - L

74 Scout Limbaga St. Bryg. Laging Handa Tomas Morato, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines


Mad for Pizza at Il Tirazzo

Before B’s board exam we decided to go to Tomas Morato area and treat ourselves some Pizza! 

You are really gonna get mad, mad in a positive way because for only P280 you can make your own pizza with a wide array of toppings to choose from. (You can actually put all the toppings that are available if you want, but what would it taste like? hmm haha)

They also have pastas and salads like their House Salad (P158). We also tried their Salted Caramel MilkShake (P95) but B said it’s a a bit to sweet.

If you want to try to make your own Pizza and you are in QC area you might want to visit Mad for Pizza. :)

 2nd Floor Il Terrazzo, South Triangle, Quezon City

10 AM to 11 PM (Mon-Sat), 10 AM to 12 Midnight (Sun)

NORITER // Cofee and Dream

As we asked to ourselves yet again “Where to?” then it hit me that B still hasn’t visited a coffee shop which I know she will like because of its feel and laid back ambiance. Noriter means “playground” which you can really see the touch of creativity and playfulness plus its korean theme.

We had a 2 piece waffle topped with ice-cream, whipped cream and drizzled with caramel. (P200)

Then as caramel addicts we had a hot and  a cold caramel macchiato for our drinks

The interiors and furniture were a blend of personal artworks and simple graffiti. We love the whole idea of randomness and art/photography being mashed together in one place.

It is a very good place to relax or study. 

There are also elevated spaces with  wooden floors where you can just sit down and eat and chat with your friends.

We can say that Cafe Noriter would be one of the top coffee shops in our list. They also offer different pastries and sandwiches that you could munch on while drawing your doodles. We highly recommend this place to all those who would like to have a quick trip to artsy fancy +vintage place where you could just be in sync with your imagination while sipping a cup of coffee.

Cafe Noriter,

located at 2nd flr. Reyes bldg., Estrada st. cor. Taft Ave., Manila

(Contact #: 489-5223)


Hi everyone. Its me, Law! and my partner in crime, Badeth should be sound asleep as of the moment. I just wanted to share some things about us and how Fatty/Di-Acids came to be.

We LOVE to take photographs.

We LOVE to eat good FOOD!

And that is why this blog was created. We wanted to have an avenue (aside from instagram) for our love of Photography and Food. These are the two things we always agree on. But this blog won’t be limited on just those two. We would also talk about Geeky Science, A little bit of Fashion, Dance, Travel and our soon to be adventures.

(Mercato adventure last December 2012)

We hope you would enjoy your dose of saturation from us. 

More adventures to come (…. island adventure… ohh the beach… we’ll be there soon…)