fatty shit



I looked around the room we were escorted to when we arrived at the doctor’s office and shook my head. I couldn’t believe this was supposed to be a place someone came to get treatment.

We weren’t even in a real waiting room it was like more like a small office.

“What’s up with all the security?” I questioned

She rolled her eyes “I don’t know, talk to my dad about it. I don’t know why he’s being like this” she huffed

I shook my head. I knew the man was a senator but this was a bit too much, or maybe he didn’t want people to know that his twenty-year-old daughter was pregnant.

If that’s the case, he was lame as fuck. I didn’t even bother to bringing the idea up to Cyn because I wasn’t sure how her emotions were today and I didn’t want this to be something that would ruin her mood.

“You know…” she began “You didn’t have to take off of work just so you could come with me, you know” Cyn said

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Okay so Zahra and Kashaw are a given.

Lyra and Thorbir would be awesome (also Wheaton curse in the same room as Taliesin might balance out the universe and give him his nat 20′s back)

But you know who we really need?

Besides our lord and saviour Larkin?

We need fuckin Gern.

Dziennik pokładowy statku “Ponad 1500 kcal”. 23:58, 9 września, Anno Domini 2017. Drugi dzień rejsu. Odnotowuję uczucie przejedzenia, ogólną niechęć do wszystkiego, paniczny strach przed stanięciem na wagę, wzdęcia w podbrzuszu, wrażenie obolałych jelit, wzrost pogardy do siebie, nienawiści do swojego ciała i wstętu do jakiekolwiek jedzenia. Objawy są zbyt bolesne bym mogła je znieść. Nazajutrz wpływamy do portu Głodówka.

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Meanspo to help me carry on my diet and why I should do it.


you are doing great by now fattie, but don’t think this is a one day thing! you want to look like those models? work for it! you want to be the skinnyest in every place you go? WORK FOR IT! don’t eat fatty shits that only will make you feel good for minutes. Skinny is longer than that. keep in mind this whenever you feel the need of eating. You will feel better with yourself, you will have finally that life you have always dreamed about! but instad you are here without doing anything just watching your life passing by 

Cafeteria food is poison, most PE curriculums are pathetic.

I used to be a history teacher before I started my career in healthcare, going into education was a big mistake and I really regret it.  I hated it. I don’t think I am going out on a limb when I say that the American education system is fucked. Education programs come and go with the political winds, nothing has any shelf life. More demands are being made of teachers, and impossible standards are being set while funding is being cut. There are more behavioral issues with students, the political situation is becoming intolerant, students are falling behind every year, and there are many reasons why they are falling behind. I have come to the conclusion that American society (and Western Society as a whole) is sick. Physically sick. We are fat, tired, and collectively riddled with preventable chronic illnesses. One of the major reasons why I think our children are underperforming in school is because they too are sick, being forced to learn more and more while they are not functioning at optimum health, and it mostly stems from cafeteria food and lack of activity.

School cafeteria food is poison. It’s all pizza, chicken nuggets, chicken patties, fries, greasy burgers, processed meats, fatty shit covered in gravy, foods with lots of salt, sugar, fat, nutritionless starches and processed carbohydrates. What little vegetables are served have been so overcooked there probably isn’t a single milligram of fiber or nutrition in them. Most fruit comes from a can, drenched in so much sugary syrup it might as well be candy. For many students who are from impoverished families and live in impoverished neighborhoods, free school meals make up 2 out of 3 meals a day. There have been initiates to change this, in particular one by Michelle Obama. Nothing has changed, portions are slightly smaller, but its the same old crap, just a little bit less of it. Then of course, there are vending machines in schools. At the cafeteria students can buy junk food, soda, sweetened teas, candy, ice cream, and all kinds of other crap. When I was in high school there were many days where I would just buy 5 bucks worth of junk food for lunch. It would not surprise me if kids are doing that today. It’s terrible! Combined with this, school physical education programs are a joke.  I passed Gym easily, I was obese, I never exercised, and never was active. I was in terrible health, and I always got an A in gym merely because I dressed every day and tricked the gym teachers into thinking I was doing my best. Truly pathetic. Gym classes are often only held twice a week, for 45 minutes each class. Take away time students spend dressing and undressing, it’s more like 30 minutes. Health classes barely gloss over nutrition, it’s an easy A. As academic demands are increased, funding and resources are drawn away from PE, making the situation worse.

No wonder students are falling behind. Standardized test scores are not what they should be, and the tests themselves have been progressively dumbed down. Our children are sick. Many don’t have the energy, vitality, and robustness children should have. They are sick from eating bad food and not getting enough exercise and activity, so they can’t focus. They are tired because school schedules don’t conform to the natural sleep patterns of children and teenagers. Young children are always growing, teenagers are undergoing puberty, they are gaining muscle mass, bone mass, and undergoing hormonal changes, so sleep is damned vital! Can you believe that we take children and teens, feed them bad food, force them to sit at desks all day, and cause them to be sleep deprived during these important formative years when they are growing, learning, forming their personality, discovering their sexuality, and becoming young adults!? No wonder they are underperforming! No wonder there are so many behavioral and emotional issues! No wonder so many screwed up kids are growing up to be screwed up adults. We are the ones screwing them up!

The solution by state and federal programs has been entirely academic focused, with wishy washy programs like No Child Left Behind and Common Core, which are all doomed to failure. We’re going to make schools teach one size fits all curriculums based on standardized tests, make them learn more and with more difficult content, force them to work harder and do more homework to the point that they don’t have personal lives, can’t express creativity, learn to think for themselves, and are going to bed late and waking up early to get it done. Why do I say all current school programs are doomed to failure? By now that answer should be obvious, the current education system is almost entirely focused on academic achievement and development of the mind, but woefully neglectful of the body.  This goes against one fundamental law of nature; you cannot have a strong mind without a strong body. You cannot separate the two, it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!!! Take Stephen Hawking for example, one of the most brilliant minds living today. He is wheelchair bound due to ALS, but I bet almost everyday of his life he has physical  and occupational therapy to slow the progress of his illness, prevent bed sores, prevent nerve pain, and stave off pneumonia. I bet he gets more daily exercise than most Americans. You cannot have a strong mind without a strong body! I cannot stress this enough! Anyone who thinks otherwise should just stick their hands up their asses, take a handful of shit and smear it all over their heads, because they are gigantic shit-for-brains. I was one of them. I wish I had started exercising and eating healthy back when I started my respiratory care degree. I was tired all the time, couldn’t focus in class, couldn’t concentrate well. I was so heavily devoted to studying and preparing my mind, but if I would have taken some time to exercise and paid attention to what I was eating, I could have done a lot better, gotten better scores, and learned things much faster and easier.

Things seriously need to change. Healthy foods need to be brought into school cafeterias. Junk food needs taken out, vending machines need taken out. More emphasis should be put on PE and health curriculums. Gym class should be an hour long and should occur every day. Recess shouldn’t be discontinued after elementary school, it should continue throughout middle and high school. School should begin later in the morning so that kids are getting the necessary amount of sleep to function and grow. Now I know all of this will cost a lot of money, and take away from that precious time used on academics.  But investing so much in academics isn’t working because you cannot have a strong mind without a strong body! So we have a population of sick kids, growing up to be sick adults, who fall prey to preventable chronic illnesses like heart disease, Type II Diabetes, respiratory illnesses, cancer, and others. Rates of childhood obesity have gone up significantly. Back in the day, Type II diabetes was so rare in children that pediatricians never learned about it.Now it’s becoming more and more common.  Heart disease and high blood pressure is occurring more and more in children.  How are kids supposed to learn when they are dealing with terrible illnesses once only experienced by the elderly?

We can bring about this change. Students can take a big part, by staying away from cafeteria food, and packing a healthy lunch. If you are dependent on school food, choose the healthier options as best as you possibly can. Students should find exercise on their own time or join extracurricular activities like sports, even marching band. But where it really matters is with parents and teachers. Parents need to teach their children about health living and exercise, and why they are important. Both parents and teachers need to demand changes in the system. I seriously believe that if schools won’t listen and change, then parents should start threatening to homeschool or transfer their kids to private school, I’m dead fucking serious. I guarantee you, that will get their attention, and changes will be made.  We need to do this, we need to do this so our children will grow up to be happy, healthy, and strong. Isn’t that and investment worth making?

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  1. Perfect hair days. They always make me happy. Like zero effort to make it happen, your hair just decided to be perfect while you stay on you sofa watching again another series.
  2. Tumblr friends, the ones I constantly talk to and the ones that help me grow and make through some rough paths (thank you all so much, you know who you are)
  3. Fresh Fries with cheese, bacon and some herbs (I know, too fatty and shit, BUT they are SO delicious, sue me)
  4. Singing Anastasia (I’m a huge fan of animations)
  5. Sunny days.

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Guess which dog had their annual jabs and is now 29 fucking kilos! The vet said she’d be happy with Kelda being up to a kilo over her old race weight (26 odd) and she’s still just as muscular, probably more so than when i got her. She steals so much though, eats fecking everything and her walks had to be reduced because of shit leg. Fatty little hound :P 






the restaurant
  • j hope: daddy can i get the chicken nuggets
  • jin: no
  • j hope: what about a hot dog
  • jin: no
  • j hope: oh! what about the grande super mocha chocolate strawberry swirl-
  • jim: absolutely not
  • v: i can eat FIVE of those hamburgers
  • rap monster: taehyung the fuckin bigger then you
  • v: no there not
  • rap monster: *raises an eye brow* yes they are
  • v: *accepts the truth*
  • jungkook: *cries in booster chair* I WANT ICE CREAM NOW
  • jimin: *flexes muscles* give me anything with protein
  • suga: im so swag i dont need your earthling food
  • jin: yoongi i ordered you meat
  • suga: yo bitch did you not hear what i sa- steak?
  • jin: what else
  • suga: *whispers* i luv u bby
  • j hope: *pokes namjoons head* it kinda looks like ice cream
  • rap monster: hoe
  • jin: do u want to fuckin- nevermind i give up have ur disgusting fatty calorie monster shit
  • j hope: FUCK YEAH BITCHES *turns to waitress across the room* FUCK FACE HERE NOW
  • rap monster: wait in havent decided... should i get kimchi with it or greens...
  • jin: *scarcely calm voice* im going to get up walk out those doors and probably wont come back for a few days maybe weeks if ANYONE OF YOU FUCKING UGLY SHIT HOLES FOLLOW ME I SWEAR ILL FILE A RESTRAINING ORDER
  • v: people i know what we should do
  • j hope: oh no
  • rap monster: oh no
  • suga: oh swag no
  • jungkook: go go gaw gaw (baby noises)
  • jimin: wait what'd he say
  • jin: bye *walks away*
  • v: oh fuck i forgot