fatty pokemon


“Thmph Yu, Thmph Yu!” (Thank you, Thank you!)

“Thmph yuuuu…” (Thank youuuu…)


(Muffled The Poem for Everyone’s Souls plays in the distance)

((A Continuation to THIS post))

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extra-bits-strip-club-deactivat  asked:

It had been around a month or so since Sakura joined the fatty Pokemon ranch. It was a bit of a struggle getting settled in but she slowly but surly managed to get a hand of things. She could still make it up and down the stairs rather fine but she knew for a fact she was reaching he limit from the heavy creaking with each step she took. She yawned gently as she slowly got up; her hand sliding to an equally fat figure sleeping next to her.

Jade groaned a little, not wanting to get up “five more minutes….the festival isn’t starting till noon” Surprisingly, jade had managed to pack on a few pounds. Though now she was back to the bottom, the skinniest one again. She really didn’t mind though, her main job now was to make sure Sakura was in good standing to win the festival.