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My cloth pad pattern is now available! I’ve drafted this pattern especially for plus size undies, with a wider gusset and longer wings. There’s a regular length and a long length, and you can make a hidden or exposed core design.

It’s got in-depth instructions, fabric and absorbency guide, tips on washing your pads, and a bonus tutorial on making a single pad pouch.

Go forth and make your periods less horrible!

heartich0ke  asked:

Hi! :) Can I ask what you're working on these days? Do you ever write original stuff?

Hey there, friend! I do write original stuff, sadly it’s all non-fiction at this point. On the fiction front, I’m casually (read: v. slowly) plodding away at a mwtw!Lexa origin story — I feel like there’s only a very select group of readers who’d be interested in it (seeing as Clexa is more than a decade away) but it got caught in my brain. Probably because I’m a glutton for angst :-)

If you are interested, here’s a rough excerpt : the storyline starts right after 5-year-old mwtw!Lexa’s mother dies and she starts boarding, but this scene is a few months later. It’s from 10yo Anya’s POV, because as always, I need someone else to describe the awe and wonder that is Lexa haha. 

More Women than Warriors Prequel—sneak peak below.

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The Taking

[ @touchofsomething ]

Akea parted ways with his beloved only a handful of moons ago. He’d set off on his own since, and things were as they used to before Francis had put his child inside him. This, he was used to, the solitude and wonder of the realm. Only now he had a purpose, to find the sacred grove and the temple ruins within. 

Atop his stallion, the travel was leisurely. Akea’s frame had thickened nicely, breasts bountiful and nipples swollen and enlarged, a fatty layer padding his hips, tummy, ass and thighs. The pregnancy was fresh, but his body was adapting. He wore the same toga he had when Francis had first put his seed in him, white and short, too short to conceal his masculine and voluptuous body.

He heard the snapping of twigs, a sound he knew was caused by a footstep. Quickly, Akea slid from his horse, drawing a shortblade from the saddle.

“Who goes there?!”

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I wanted to put together a carry that would be useful at home and work so have combined various items to achieve this. It’s an evolving carry and I’m happy with what I currently have. Other EDC’S I have seen on the site have helped me purchase various items but I am always open to feedback to help save space and develop an even better EDC.