fatty guys

Eat Fatty

Let go of yourself. Sit on the couch all day, and let your big gut hang out. Quit fighting your urge to consume all food in sight, and eat as many sweets as your fat ass desires. Just submit to your inner fatty. Grow huge and jiggly for me. When you’ve stuffed your fat belly full of food and you can’t move, I want you to eat more. Eat until your breathe is slow and heavy- just like you are. I want your enormous tummy to hurt, and then I’ll give you the belly rubs you deserve. Give in to being a fat piggy, I know you want to.


“Thmph Yu, Thmph Yu!” (Thank you, Thank you!)

“Thmph yuuuu…” (Thank youuuu…)


(Muffled The Poem for Everyone’s Souls plays in the distance)

((A Continuation to THIS post))

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I need your fat squishy body on top of my slim figure. Shove your jiggly belly in my face and shake it until I scream with pleasure. Let me jump on top of your enormous body and watch the ripples of fat on your tummy. You’ll know I can’t control myself when I start ripping off both of our clothes.