fatty franz

🎧YO🎤Your fatty🐷 Franz Ferdinand🇦🇹 didn't🚫see 👀 PRINCIP'S pistol 🔫❌Too busy 😋guzzling😋 his tenth 🍆WIENER🍆 Schnitzel 🍗🍤Popped a cap🔫 🔫 in his ass 🔫 for my Black ✋ Hand ✋ brothers 👨👦Shave ✂off that stache👺, it's bigger than your 👸mother's!🙎🙊Now🕑just like your 👴bald👴head👶 you ain't🚫got no ❌heir🚷 I spit 🎤rhyme 🎤as your empire 👑decline⬇⬇🇦🇹👎〽Have you any notion💁 of ✊united🔗Slav⚪🔴🔵 nation?💪You👏catch👏my drift?🏄 or do you want a 🔤translation?🗿🇷🇸Serbia🇷🇸got 🌜friends🌛, yo!💕Russia's🇷🇺 OUR 😎homie❤💙Think we're 😨scared? Here's two 🔤words🔤 for you:🍆👄Blow me!👄💦