girlsholdinghandsemoji  asked:

calla lily, tulip, hydrangea 💕

Calla Lily:If you died right now, what song would you want to play at your funeral?

omg bleak !!!! but also great question. im gonna make this super bleak and say there is a light that never goes out by the smiths omg v srry to everyone if this happens (but also not rly bc i think it can this context it can be v poignant!!!!!), 

but also rly i have no idea. other contenders are: superpower by beyonce, keep on livin by le tigre, q.u.e.e.n. and also what an experience by janelle monáe, c’mon n ride it (the train) by quad city dj’s, no rest for the wicked by lykke li, step up by hercules and love affair, midnight radio from the hedwig soundtrack…

i uh… probably thought too hard about this oops

Tulip:For your birthday, what kind of cake do you ask for?

i rly love ice cream cake bc im a big child. vanilla pls!

Hydrangea:Starbucks order?

vanilla iced coffee w soy and an espresso shot bc im a baby who can never stay awake