Today, I (Deneshia) had the pleasure of interviewing Recee for my blog's Fatshionista of the Week segment. Take a look at her interview. 

This week’s Fatshionista of the Week is Recee Danielle, a twenty-three year old preschool teacher as well as an online thrift store owner  (Thrifted Vanity) with Storenvy.com, and a soon to be Fashion major this up and coming fall. Recee Danielle currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.

Take a look at her interview, and check out her social media links, listed at the end of the interview, if you would like to know more about her.

1.What does fashion mean to you?
EVERYTHING. Sometimes I really think I take it too seriously. I mean it actually to the point where my mood influences my outfit for the day. Fashion is everything to me.

2. How would you classify your style?
That is simple, my style is exactly that MY style. However I am not a sneaker chick (though skippies are my best friend), but I’m not 100% girlie either I’m somewhere in-between

3. Does your style tend to match your mood?
Absolutely if I had a bad day the previous morning or if I am having a bad morning, my outfit will be absolutely fabulous honey. I truly believe a bad outfit will fix a bad day.

4. What specific type of clothing do you find yourself gravitating towards, for example, shoes, or accessories?
Denim shirts, polka dots, and cameo print, all things I use to hate that are becoming my favorites.

5. Has your background (upbringing) shaped your fashion – taste? I come from a family of well-dressed women it is only right for me to keep it up right? lol

6. What is one thing you would never wear?
Litas; I hate those things, but I love them on others.

7. When did your interest in fashion begin?
I honestly do not know. Lol I have always loved fashion and all things related.

8. If you could have any celebrities closet, whose would it be.
All of the Kardashians.

9. What is your go-to piece?
Lately my leopard skippies, and denim shirts

10. What is a fashion tip, or fashion advice, that you would like to give to others?
Do not let society tell you what you should wear, or Looks good on your body. IT IS YOUR BODY; WEAR WHATEVER YOU PLEASE. Diva’s have curves honey embrace them.

Social Media links:

1.       Tumblr: Fatties Support Fatties

2.      Instagram: Viva_la_Recee

3.      Facebook: Recee Danielle

4.      Storenvy: Thrifted Vanity

Thank you so much Re’Cee for being Chronicles of a Fatshionista’s Curvy Fatshionista of the Week, and remember, Chronicles of a Fatshionista is the plus-size fashion haven for the fatabulous fatshionista’s!