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Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Kisses
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Ugh go away” you groaned quietly as your self made alarm clock continued to beep, waking you from one of the most well deserved sleeps of your life. You and Nat had stayed up into the early hours of the morning trying desperately to find a way to use your power of electricity to transport things. After many unsuccessful tries you finally got one of the boxing gloves from the gym onto the floor in front of Natasha. So you could say you deserved this sleep. 

“I’m sorry y/n, I cannot let you sleep in” the alarm clocked buzzed, it was times like these you regretted making it. Tony had taught you many tricks of the trade, your talking alarm clock being one of the finished products of such.
“Fine” you moaned flipping off the covers before making your way over to the shower. “I hate mornings” your grumbled glancing at the now quiet alarm clock that read 7am. “Why did I have the stupid idea of early starts”.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The clock was just reaching quarter to eight as you finished applying your favourite pink lipstick that Natasha recommended when you first met, you had to admit you loved this colour on you, it went with your Pink running shirt and black skin tight pants that you lived in. You never really wore any clothes that were different from these types, different shirts and pants obviously, but all like this, it meant that whenever you wanted to train or run or fight; you were always ready.
Sauntering down the stairs, you well-fit trainers giving you almost a bounce in your step as you arrived into the kitchen to see Natasha fixing herself a coffee.

“Morning” you sighed opening the cupboard looking for your breakfast granola bar which you found and grabbed, placing next yo a bottle of water in the fridge.

“Morning I- Jesus is that it again? Do you not fancy nice fatty bacon? Or a strong coffee?” she asked laughing as you began to eat your granola bar slowly.

“No not really, you said it yourself - fatty. I don’t eat fatty things really, or anything unhealthy; it’s just the way I am” you chuckled before finishing the last of your granola bar and chucking the rubbish away.

“Yeah well i’ll give you credit, I couldn’t do it” she said before sipping her coffee, the smell hitting you as she drank.

“Wow you do like it strong” you coughed on the smell lightly making her chuckle into the mug. As Natasha placed the mug back down and began rooting through the cupboards for her own granola bars you felt a light breeze of wind pass through the kitchen, it was weird though you felt it especially on your face.

“I can never work out where the breeze is coming from, not that i’m complaining, Avengers towers, as mighty as it is, needs air-con in the summer.” you complained making Natasha chuckle once again.

As she turned around, she looked at you for a moment before continuing, “What happened to the lipstick it was pretty, why did you wipe it off?” she questioned before opening her granola bar and taking a small bite.

“Oh - I didn’t. Huh that’s weird, maybe it came off when I was eating” you shrugged, pulling the lipstick out of your zipper pocket on your pants and using the toaster as a mirror to re-apply it all.

After placing your lipstick back and zipping up your pocket you turned to Natasha and spoke. “I’m gonna go for a run, wanna join me?” you offered to which Natasha shook her head.

“You know I can’t keep up literally, you run as fast as Pietro, and that’s his thing! Oh but don’t tell him I said that” she snickered making you chuckle and nod.

“Whatever you say” you smiled before making your way down the stairs and out of the building stopping outside the front doors to take a few deep breaths before you started to run. It was amazing, the feel was amazing. You loved, running was your life. The feeling of your problems being unable to catch up; you loved it. Then you felt it again, the breeze flow past you and that feeling once again on your lips. It felt as if there was something on them, something rough yet gentle pressing against them for a nanosecond before leaving you. Whatever it was, it needed to stop because each time it was making your lips tingle.
You ran until your legs could take no more, it was no doubt a record, not only for the fastest your abilities had gone, but the longest you had ran like that also. You were panting, it was good your makeup was always sweat-proof, otherwise there would be a melting panda upon your face. It was all there, except your lipstick, you never stopped to fix it as there was constant breezes only hitting you, catching against your face and you knew just by touching your lip it had somehow taken a little bit of your lipstick off.

After re-applying it once again, you walked back into Avengers towers and straight into the gym. You sometimes wondered why you ever wore lipstick because for the past few weeks this has been happening, you always felt a slight breeze and  a tingle upon your lips, but you never thought anything of it ever.

Walking into the gym you laid eyes on a panting Pietro. “Worn yourself out their Sonic” you chuckle watching as you sped over to you stopping you in your tracks.

“I am perfectly fine” he replied trying to hide his panting breaths. Pietro never got tired like this from training, he gets tired like this from running past his supersonic speed. But you didn’t see him, he must have hid from you as you both run the same tracks. Thats when it hit you, furrowing your brows you looked at Pietro’s lips and noticed a few patches of rather pink looking spots, it looked like your lipstick. In fact you were certain. That was your lipstick, it was Pietro.

“It was you?” you questioned watching him smirk before blushing a little. “You were kissing me? That’s what the breeze was, your supersonic speed? That’s why you’re so tired, you had to run faster than fast. Wait you? Why were you kissing me?” you asked watching as he blushed a little more.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered placing a hand on your cheek before leaning against your lips again, that amazing feeling except it was longer this time, not just nanoseconds, you could actually feel his presence. It was amazing.
“Why didn’t you just kiss me normally?” you asked once again pulling away just a little, you could still feel his hot breath hitting your mouth.

“I’m crazy for you and I know the feeling isn’t mutual”

“It is” you spoke interrupting him completely but you couldn’t listen to him like that. “It is mutual, of course I’m crazy about you also you idiot, I never stop staring” you laugh kissing him once again, but this time it was much more passionate, his large hands placed themselves on your waist carefully as if you were glass.

“Freaking finally” Natasha laughed making you both pull apart.

“You knew about this?” you exclaimed watching as she smiled.

“Oh yeah, and you can thank me later for getting you laid” she laughed making you blush.

“She’s not wrong though” Pietro smirked making you turn even redder.

As embarrassing as it was, even you knew she wasn’t wrong.

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i'M HAVING A PANIC ATTACK! I just had a whole small pizza with vegan cheese from a place and I have no idea if that exceeded my daily fat intake and I'm like crying and wishiing I could just rewind the time and have not had it :'(! Am I gonna gain fat from it I'm so scared!? P.S im recovering from an ed but I'm scared this pizza is just gonna make me fat because no one else in hclf community has fatty things and I want to follow the raw till 4 guidelines :'( I'm sorry if im negative

“No one else in the hclf community eats fatty things”
Are you kidding me ?


Guys. SERIOUSLY. This NEEDS to stop.

You can eat a high carb, low fat diet - and it is PERFECTLY OKAY to “indulge” in heavier, fattier, more processed foods every now and again ! IT IS NOT GOING TO SUDDENLY MAKE YOU “FAT” NOR IS THE WORLD GOING TO COME TO AN END.

CONSITENCY is KEY in EVERYTHING. It’s not like you are going around eating vegan junk food all day, every day. And even if you did for a period of time - IT STILL WOULDN’T KILL YOU NOR MAKE YOU FAT IN THE LONG TERM.

Sure. You want to be BASING your diet around whole fresh fruits, veggies, grains and starches - but you CAN eat higher fat, “junk” foods, or even just a few days higher in healthy “fatty” foods like avocados, nuts, seeds and coconuts - WITHOUT it making you “fat” or “unhealthy” or it “ruining your progress”.

HONESTLY. A lot of the time this is even coming from people who supposedly “don’t have an eating disorder”. But do you even realize how disordered this thought process around food sounds and is ? You being so hyper focused on macro nutrients and only “eating cleanly 100% of the time” is a disordered way of thinking in and of itself. It is NOT a healthy relationship with food.

There is NOTHING wrong with eating high fat sometimes. There is most certainly nothing “unhealthy” about whole, plant fats like avocados, they are actually incredibly healthy to include in your diet - especially as women - you just don’t want to BASE your diet around them.

EAT your fats. INDULGE in “unhealthier” foods sometimes - WITHOUT the guilt.

Learn to have a loving and healthy relationship with the food on your plate. It is there to NOURISH you. HEAL you. Allow for GROWTH. ENERGY. LIFE. HAPPINESS. VIBRANCE. LOVE.

Nourish not only your body, but your mind - mental health is equally as important as physical health. And one doesn’t go without the other ❤