fatter in person


this is more of a demonstration than a real tutorial because i’m bad at explaining things exactly as i do it? these are all really quick and cartoony sketches but hopefully they get the point across!

but basically, the expression of body types depends a lot on the skeleton’s proportions how muscle and fat etc are distributed, 

as well as height; a taller person and a shorter person of the same weight will have different proportions and expressed body types (the shorter person will look fatter and the taller person will look thinner, because of how the weight is distributed on the body)

@dredsinadid a really good tutorial on bodies as well which you should check out

and when in doubt, looking up references can never hurt! comparing sketches of anatomy diagrams really helps too, and it takes a lot of practice and playing around to really get the hang of it.

hope this helped!

speaking of bellies, i once went out with a guy from growler who disappointingly remarked “tbh i expected you’d be fatter and taller in person” and i was like 😦