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rules: once you’re tagged, you have to fill out all 92 truths about yourself, then tag some people


surgery: never had one alhamdulillah
piercings: earsss
best friend: fatsss, knew her since i was like 6 and she’s still mine
sport you joined: what is sport? (I bunked the whole of yr 11 PE that I wasn’t even on the register..)
pair of sneakers: idk, but adidas & reeboks were the shit back in the day so probs one of those


drink: basically I mix coffee and tea together cos i’m indecisive af so yeah.. coffea
call: mum
text message: haven’t read em yet
song you listened to: work - rihanna ft drake // pillowtalk - zayn
time i cried: idkkkk

kiss: my baby sis gave me a kiss on the cheek before she went to bed

have you ever:

dated someone twice: always been single
cheated on someone: fuck am I gonna cheat on.. my shadow?

kissed someone & regretted it: no

lost someone special to you: loads

been depressed: not anymore

been drunk & thrown up: no

kissed more than one person in the same day: for a website who claims they are socially awkward they sure do talk about kissing a lot ffs (@1997bw im copying your answer)

in the past year, have you:

made a new friend: irl no
fallen out of love: no

laughed until you cried: it’s been a while lol

met someone who changed you: i like to think that everyone i have met has changed me in a certain way (@1997bw same)

found out someone was talking about you: loool ffs yess :/


how many people do you know in real life from here: 2 or 3?
do you have any pet names: my nan calls me nadu khodu loool kill me
do you want to change your name: no I like it  
what time did you wake up this morning: 7am for fajr then fell asleep on the prayer mat fml
what were you doing last night: probs watching youtube vids
name something you cannot wait for: travel the world, there’s so much i wanna do

have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope
what’s getting on your nerves right now: college, boys
nicknames: nadu, nodir, nadaar, nads, feds, ferdouche

relationship status: *non-existent*

zodiac sign: nah

pronouns: she/her

favourite tv show: friends, fresh prince of bel air, my wife & kids, that 70s show

do you have a crush on someone: no
righty or lefty: righty
eating: nothingg

right now:

drinking: coffee & hot choc
i`m about to: sleep

listening to: night - ludovico einaudi (it’s so calmmmm, helps me fall asleep)
waiting for: sleep to come
want kids: in shaa allah but the painnnn no thenks, i’ll adopt
get married: in the future
career: keeping it to myself tbh

which is better:

lips or eyes: both
hugs or kisses: both
shorter or taller: both
romantic or spontaneous: both
sensitive or loud: both
hookup or relationship: neither

troublemaker or hesitant: bye

have you ever:

kissed a stranger: no
drank hard liquor: no
lost glasses/ contacts: yeah & its missions looking for them cos u blind as shit
sex on first date: no thanks

broken someone`s heart: i don’t think so

been arrested: angels don’t get arrested

turned someone down: yeah and i felt guilty but he was creepily obsessed
cried when someone died: only with tv characters

fallen for a friend: nope

do you believe:

in yourself: lol

in miracles: lol
in love at first sight: lol

in heaven: yes

in Santa Claus: no fkin hell this tag is longgg

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