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Oh, wow, a lot of people tend to think being an English major is “easy.” (But that’s mostly from the perspective of various engineers, hah.)

lol that’s dumb 

i mean i get where they’re coming from ‘cause english doesn’t require much “studying” the way science students do, with memorizing countless tiny things with unnecessarily long names  

but on the other hand in science, when you’re right, you’re right, and that’s it. english is actually super hard because of subjectivity and goddamn how long it takes to write a test, and you just kind of have to get it. if you don’t get it, no amount of studying will help.

anyone who says that should be thrown into college-level literature courses and see how well they do. i’d rather take an abnormal psych test (i.e. intro to crying over exam papers) over 20th century novel test (actually supposed to be easy) any day because my brain just doesn’t work that way.

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thank ;w; sjdhflkjfdsdf

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omg so much hotness on my dash right now, can’t handle it

8V wat

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too cute!

thank ;w; ajhsas ,3jsldfh

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Can you tone down your immense beauty omg

i’m sorry there’s nothing i can do about it~~~

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And can we talk about what an incredibly stupid adversary Soran was?

Ugh yes totally 

And I don’t get how the Nexus was so addicting if Picard and Kirk snapped out of it like that? I mean like even Guinan never wanted to leave so wtf.

But in terms of Soran - 

every time Picard said it, I heard “Sauron” so I was giggling to myself the whole movie.