Meet Davonte Poindexter Narcisse
21 yrs old October 11 1991
Libra *Into Fashion *Believe in God *a Christian *A Singer Facebookname: Davonte Poindexter Narcisse

Love this guy’s style so much!! He style flyy! We will be seeing a lot more of him aroung here! Go check him out at some of his other social media sites!

170 followers!!! So the other day my daughter erased all of my pics! 1000s of photo with hours of editing gone to bit heaven!! All I could do was cry a little! So I’m gonna have to retake a lot of my fashion pics but I will show you this!

I made a burlap (lunch bag shaped) clutch/wallet with a camouflage button! It was givenchy inspired! I’m gonna make a leather one with no button next!