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Green Roses leggings (2X being worn in pic)

…and to the sad cow who thought she was a hero because she dissed what I was wearing, but wouldn’t apologise when called on it, because apparently she could have said things to me “that were way worse than she did, and the fashion industry is a harsh place” here’s a big middle finger extended your way sadcase, I won’t stop wearing whatever I like, you can go right ahead and enjoy your small-view life somewhere else xo

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I’ve never seen anyone reduce a fat person to their fat as much as the FA crowd do it.

Just think about it for a second. 

For starters, they’re the ones that will describe themselves as a “fat” anything. They could be proud of their fatness or calling themselves fat so no one else can do it before them; but even then, they’re the ones that put the fact that they’re fat ahead of everything else. 

They could be fashion designers, teachers, models, CEO of a huge company or queens of the world but no, they’re fatshion designers, fat teachers, fat models, fat CEOs and fat queens of the world. They’re the ones putting their fatness before everything else. 

They’re also the first to identify 100% with a fiction character that shares their ‘body type’ (being overweight isn’t a body type) regardless of their traits, personality, backstory, etc. The character is fat, they are fat, ergo everything that happens to the fat character is going to reflect what the creator thinks of all fat people because, apparently, to Fat Acceptance supporters fat people are all the same.

But it gets worse! 

There are people who no longer seem to be capable of reading “obesity” as a condition. Instead, they seem to read “Obesity” as “Myself”. Then you end up with someone saying “We need to find a way to eradicate obesity” and they’ll understand “we need to find a way to kill all fat people” 

They don’t understand “We need to find a way to help people lose weight” 

They don’t understand “We need to educate people so they learn how to have a more balanced diet”

They don’t understand “We need to work on food deserts and remove unhealthy food from schools” 


They’ll understand “EXTERMINATE FAT PEOPLE”

Because FA supporters are no longer people, they’re FAT people, because apparently their fat always comes first. 


I have great news! Tongue In Cheek Boutique is now live on Etsy! With more stuff being added regularly as I make them!
Please check it out!

Also, Tongue In Cheek is now on Instagram too, where updates will be posted regularly on what I’m up to with my creations and any news. Just search TongueInCheekBoutique

Don’t forget that we have Facebook too, which I will keep updated as I will the Etsy store. This will also offer yet another media outlet for me to communicate with potential buyers and fans of my work :)

Please check it out, I’d really appreciate the support 😁



A photographic history of Ready to Stare body chains from 2012 to now. Many of these styles are still available in my shop because I just can’t get myself to stop making any of these. 


A few of the apparel items currently on sale in my shop! I am moving my shop off Etsy and all funds from the sale go directly towards making new body positive apparel! These pieces are handmade in sizes S-5X. Shop the sale here


Just added this pleated skirt to my shop! All items are made to order so that I am only making items in the sizes that you need. Clothing can be made in sizes S-5X and as always, all sizes cost the same price. 

p.s. The furry bag is from my shop too! 


I was waiting for editorials but here it goes! These are three plus size looks from my capsule collection, Arctic Jello! All the pieces are made and textiles manipulated by me.

Photos by: Aleksi Tikkala
Show: KOE15,MI15, Helsinki Finland
Design: MEJ
Makeup&hair: Wella team
Models: Pin-Up Finland

Please don’t remove the caption!