Internet: thick thighs are great!💕💖love urself in every shape n form!🧡💚 being a lil chubby is OKAY we L❤️VE ALL body types


My body: omg does that include me? ty🌸

Me: lol whomst

I can’t believe I have to say this in 2017 but

It’s not okay to make fun of people for gaining weight, whether it’s a fictional character doing it, or a real life person. It doesn’t matter how shitty the person is/was. Making fun of people for gaining weight, being chubby, being fat, or any combination thereof, is super not okay.


be careful if you get invited or come across a discord server called “Flower Pot” that advertises itself as a friendly community for queer folk. the members are fatshaming and ableist and don’t like to be called out on it.

please share this around to prevent people with histories of ED like myself from coming across these people.


  • do not make content (i.e. art) which disregards characters’ body types!!!! that means, don’t draw charas like glimmer or scorpia or spinnerella or ANY other fat/chubby character as super skinny, or thinner than they are!!!

this post does not apply to charas with thinner body types i.e. adora, catra, etc. go ahead and draw them with different body types for all i care but don’t erase the fact that chubby/fat characters have been created that way. to disregard that means u have a fatshaming mindset. don’t do that

a big part of this show is empowerment- of poc, lgbt+ folks, women, and people with different body types. don’t try and erase that.

show that you accept everyone. make them feel loved.

are thin tears salty???

1) literally no one said anything about thin bodies, positively or negatively, in the comments. no one called anyone ‘too skinny.’
2) several people made gross comments about obesity being ‘unhealthy’ and accused the models of ‘glorifying obesity’ (that old nonsensical chestnut)
3) if you are a size 00 and are upset about not being ‘included’ in a picture of a group of models, think about how people above a size 24 must feel, because.. they… god i don’t even have the mental energy to finish this sentence.

having no self-awareness must be totally bananas.


“Fatshaming Isn’t Real”

Everyday we are surrounded by images, articles, and ads in the media that shove the idea that thin is the only good way to have a body down our throats; this has a real, incredibly vast impact on how society views people who are not the ideal.

This is reflected starting from an incredibly early age. I have an abundance of hurtful memories starting from when I was 8 - just a mere 3rd grader - of being ostracized, rejected, insulted, and mocked with cruel, venom-dripping tongues for being a higher weight than my peers. NO-ONE should be deemed and treated as if they are inherently less valuable for the way they look. It’s important to strive for good health, but that doesn’t make it okay to treat us like we’re less deserving of love and respect. Seeings social media posts like these break my heart. It’s unacceptable.

Some ‘fans’:

  • continuesly disrespect her privacy,
  • fat shame,
  • call her ugly and stupid,
  • ask about her relationship,
  • hack her on Twitter, etc.


  • encourages women to find their strength and beauty,
  • never gives up,
  • spreads positive messages,
  • is honest on social media,
  • supports her fans,
  • talks about acne and mental health,
  • is successful and happy

‘Fans’: triggered

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Why is fat shaming wrong

Being fat isn’t okay

Being overweight isn’t “beautiful”

Having 20+ pounds of extra weight in your stomach, ass, legs, wherever doesn’t make you “thick”

The only excuse to being overweight is if someone has a medical issue. Other than that, leave the drive-thru and go buy some real chicken and fruit.

Dear Crazy People

1. Fetishes are not lgbt

2. Pedophilia is not lgbt

3. Personality traits are not lgbt

4. Fashion is not lgbt

5. Mental illnesses (depression, eating disorders, anxiety) are NOT LGBT

6. There are TWO genders (Male and Female)

7. Thin privilege is not a thing

8. Obesity/being overweight is an issue,unhealthy and an epidemic in multiple countries. Fat acceptance is unacceptable (Love yourself but work to improve yourself)

9. Police are not all corrupt and evil. Some of the kindest souls I have met happen to be those of police officers.

10. Men can be raped/sexually assaulted by other men and women. WOMEN CAN COMMIT SEXUAL ASSULT

11. You have to have dysphoria to be trans

12. Cisgender people, Straight people, White people, Men are not evil and deserve as much respect as anyone else

13. Someone eating the dish of another culture, wearing the clothing of another culture, or speaking the language of another region is not cultural appropriation

14. Just because you are a Person of color does not give you power over anyone else

15. Women are not oppressed in the United States

16. Assaulting and degrading people who support trump is not okay

17. Threatening anyone because of their skin color is not okay

Feel free to add more if you like. It just needed to be said.

i think whats kinda sad is that for some of us chubby people, the idea of being asked out for stuff like valentines day and dances and shit is so foreign than if we were asked, or given a card, or told we’re beautiful, we’d assume it’s a prank right off the bat. i think that kinda says something about our society. that we’ve been taught for so long that we’re something to be shunned that the very thought of someone wanting us is something we can’t process. 


2017 New Year’s Resolutions for Millennials

  1. Stop reading Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and VICE for your news.
  2. Stop race-baiting.
  3. Stop championing stupid causes in general.
  4. Stop whining every time a baby boomer celebrity dies.
  5. Learn how to take a joke.
  6. Stop being nihilists.
  7. Stop being fat and stop encouraging fatness.
  8. Stop being triggered snowflakes.

The freedom of owning my fatness

They tell us all the time, words can’t hurt you. They tell us that people who make fun of you or call you names are given power when we let their words effect us. Ignore it and it will stop, don’t let it get to you, the advice goes on and on, with different ways fat people are supposed to deal with malicious body shaming. (Of course the song changes when it’s “concern” and “loved ones worried about your health) But it all boils down to "ignore”

You know what? Fuck that. I’ve been a fat chick since I hit puberty. I gained a “freshman fifteen” twice over in college, and never lost it. I was poverty stricken for years and lived off gas station taquitos that I had to walk a mile for, and still didn’t lose weight. All my adolescent and adult life, I’ve been fat. And there is not a single thing that can be said to me that I haven’t heard before.

I am here to tell you, let those words in. Let them in and make them your armor. Yes. I am fat. I own this body. I love this body. It is mine, and the only one I get. I will decorate it with ink and metal and clothes that flow or cling, and I will love it no matter what you say, because I’ve heard it all before.

I will knock into someone and say “fat chick, coming through, sorry about that.” I am afraid of ladders, so I will say “fat chick with vertigo on a ladder is a bad idea.” I will enjoy my food, and talk about ice cream and when people try to say something I will ask then if they think I got this fat by eating rabbit food. When they try to say I’m not fat, as though it is supposed to make me feel better about my size, I point out that I said I was fat, not ugly. The two are not mutually exclusive.

When you are fat, nobody lets you forget it. People, when they are being nice, will talk to you about what you eat, in condescending tones, and the elephant in the room is that everyone knows they are calling you fat in the nicest way possible. It’s as though everyone assumes you have no idea you are fat. So I say fuck that. Turn that shit on its head. Make them the uncomfortable ones. Make them KNOW, that you are aware of EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. You KNOW they are calling you fat. You know what size you are, and you are not going to let them make you feel small for being big.

Take up space. Be loud. Don’t just ignore the comments. Own them. Yes, I am fat, lookit this belly, know how good of a pillow it is? Look at this butt, it looks fabulous in leggings. See these thighs? More lap for kittens. My boobs look amazing in a corset. See how fast they stop. See how quickly the “benign” fat shaming stops, and how the bullies have to flounder for something else to pick on. And they will, mind you, because that’s how bullies work. They choose the easiest target, the one they think you should be ashamed of, and then when you take that weapon away, they have to struggle for something else. Let it be known that you are not changing your body just because someone else doesn’t approve. Make THEM uncomfortable for trying to make you uncomfortable. Because nothing shuts up fatshamers like showing that you are not ashamed. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are beautiful.