are thin tears salty???

1) literally no one said anything about thin bodies, positively or negatively, in the comments. no one called anyone ‘too skinny.’
2) several people made gross comments about obesity being ‘unhealthy’ and accused the models of ‘glorifying obesity’ (that old nonsensical chestnut)
3) if you are a size 00 and are upset about not being ‘included’ in a picture of a group of models, think about how people above a size 24 must feel, because.. they… god i don’t even have the mental energy to finish this sentence.

having no self-awareness must be totally bananas.


Since some of y'all can’t get over charlie doing blackface even though she apologized and stopped here are some offensive shit other alum have done / still do that they never got called out for, continue to do or even defend -

thorgy thor is white and has dreads

Manila is half Filipino and constantly appropriates other east Asian cultures. Here she’s sexualizing the kimono and wearing a fan as a headdress.

Stacy doing blackface for her Monique character. She won this challenge.

April doing blackface - she still does this and even did a photoshoot recently in black and brown face.

Alaska wearing a swaztika - before becoming super famous her and Sharon would always wear Nazi symbols.

Sharon doing blackface.

Nina pretending to be a native american, appropriating and sexualizing indeginous culture. I believe this photo is captioned chief tittytaka or something like that on ig.

Phi phi pretending to be a ‘cholita.’ Twice.

Raja also pretending to be a cholita, in her music video called cholita.

Raven dating profile were she says she doesn’t date / isn’t interested in black or Asian people.

Willam doing blackface - she also wore a fat suit in this.

Trixie appropriating east Asian culture while also wearing a fortune cookie and a take out box.

Carmen Carrera in her fat suit for the comedy challenge in which she made fun of fat people and made jokes about how fat people are dirty and she wishes she was fat so no one would question her for being dirty.

Miss Fame pretending to be some nondiscreet Hindu goddess.

Raja sexualizing and appropriating native culture.

Thorgy wearing a fatsuit. Wearing something people are harassed and bullied for is so offensive because this thorgy look was so well received while actual fat people are bullied for their weight daily.

Bianca wearing a turban. When Indians wear turbans they’re called dirty and laughed at.

Laganja wearing braids that African Americans get harassed for wearing. She also acts ghetto and ‘black’ a lot.

Magnolia wearing a hijab - you know something actual Muslim woman are killed for wearing.

Adore and Willam both wearing dreads.

Idk either accept that drag isn’t PC completely or call out and hate every queen who isn’t 100% PC. Tired of seeing people harassing Charlie after she stopped doing blackface and apologized while stanning for these queens who have 1) never stopped 2) never apologized 3) defended what they’ve done.

Stop Fatshaming Kyla Massie

Stop fat shaming Kyla Massie

Stop fat shaming Kyla Massie

Stop fat shaming Kyla Massie

Stop fat shaming Kyla Massie

If you seriously have the time to fat shame and put down a 15 year old you have time to find a hobby and do something better with your life

Why is fat shaming wrong

Being fat isn’t okay

Being overweight isn’t “beautiful”

Having 20+ pounds of extra weight in your stomach, ass, legs, wherever doesn’t make you “thick”

The only excuse to being overweight is if someone has a medical issue. Other than that, leave the drive-thru and go buy some real chicken and fruit.

Unpopular Opinions

- Minorities can be racist to white people
- White people have culture - look at Europe
- ‘Safe spaces’ are stupid. Collage kids need to learn how to deal with opposing views
- Self diagnosis is not valid. Consult a therapist first
- There are four sexualities (Bi, Hetero, Homo, Asexual)
- Destroying property is not peaceful protesting, and will get you nowhere aside from hurt and in jail
- Cops are contributing members of society and are not all racist, and should be thanked regularly for their services
- Otherkin is stupid if you actually believe you are the animal. If it’s more of a past life thing and you just want to buy cat ears for fun, be my guest. But you should not ‘identify’ as an animal/mythical creature/other or act like one. Also, keep it private
- Theriankin is stupid. It’s called 'relating to a character’
- Gay people have rights (here, in America) and you don’t need more parades and protests. Guys, you’ve won already
- Same goes for women. We should be funding for activists in those countries where they’re not respected
- Men are not cruel and hateful by nature
- Men can be abused, violated, raped, ect.
- Women should have the same court sentences as men
- No such thing as 'fatophobia’. - Body positively should be for victims of abuse, those that are disfigured or disabled, in an accident, ect. Not for morbidly obese people
- STOP TEACHING KIDS BEING FAT IS AN OKAY THING. IT IS NOT. It has many negative side affects on your heath and should not be praised or glorified
- Skinny isn’t ideal either. We should all be aiming for HEALTHY
- Doctors are not trying to 'fatshame’ you. They’re doing it for your God damn health.

That is all for now. Please feel free to add on.

Edit: I now realize what I said about reproducing with a whale is hurtful and rude, and I deeply apologize to anyone I offended by saying that. However, I should also make it clear. I do not mean people who are slightly overweight. I do not mean people who physically cannot lose weight because of health problems. I do not mean people who are making an effort to change. I mean people who are four hundred something pounds because they won’t stop eating AND expect everyone to be okay with the fact they’re killing themselves and expect society to glorify it. That is not okay.

Dear shady ladies who pointed at me in the line at Bibibop and said “I mean, it’s shit like that…arms out and everything”:

I take “shit like that” to mean AWESOME, POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL. Yes! I am all of those three! And a also a fat person in public wearing a sleeveless dress!

Seriously, if your threshold for offense is so high that a fat woman just minding her own business waiting to get a delicious bowl of rice and tofu offends your very important and realistic style aesthetics, please read up on the many global issues that happened just in the last three days alone.

In sincere peace and hope that you will one day become a less shitty person,

Brianna, a fat person who does not let other people’s idiotic feelings about fat bodies dictate how she goes about her life.

No es curioso como la gente esconde su fat-shaming con la excusa de la salud? Quieren pretender que en realidad les importa la salud de una persona gorda y lo usan para su evidente discriminación y bullying cuando en realidad es siempre sobre su cuerpo?

Jamas veras a una persona en las redes sociales diciéndole a una mujer delgada que esta comiendo hamburguesa y papas fritas “ewww deberías cuidarte”, es casi siempre cosas como “goals ojala pudiera comer eso y lucir así” pero en el momento en que una mujer gorda que no encaja en los estándares de belleza de acuerdo a la sociedad lo hace, es “deberías cuidarte y no comer tanto pues no es sano”. “¿Cual es la diferencia entre ambas? El cuerpo. 

Lo que la gente no entiende es que delgado no significa saludable, y gordo no significa que no tienes salud. Tu cuerpo no demuestra como estas por dentro y existen muchos factores de salud que influencia tu peso y tu estado de delgadez o gordura. 

Comentarios así nunca es respecto a la salud, es sobre como queremos hacerle pensar a una mujer u hombre gordo que hay algo malo con su estado físico o cuerpo. Comer helados y comidas altas en grasa solo es “sexy” con mujeres que encajan con el cuerpo que esperamos y es increíble ver como la sociedad actúa en diferentes circunstancias. 

Y antes de que me critiquen por decir la palabra gorda, como dijo la bailarina, Lillian Bustle en su Ted Talk: “Soy gorda, y uso esa palabra como descriptivo y no para ponerme abajo, y tampoco lo digo en esperanza de que alguien me diga algo como: ‘Oh no es cierto! No eres gorda!’, por que nadie le dice a una persona que se describe como demasiado alta,  'Oh no, no eres alta!’, por que la palabra alta no fue denominado por la sociedad como algo malo.

Y es cierto, la sociedad cree que gorda es algo ofensivo por que la sociedad nos hizo pensar así, que ser gorda no es atractivo o no es sano, cuando en realidad delgadez tampoco significa salud. Gorda, Delgada, Baja, Alta, son descripciones y fue la sociedad la que pensó incluir a gorda como un factor negativo. 

Si vez algún comentario de alguien llamando a otra que no es sana por ser gorda, seria genial que hablen al respecto por que es bastante ignorante escuchar estimaciones que dicen lo contrario. Al final del día la salud solo se refleja en el interior.

I’m still very bothered by the Kuro fandoms’ reaction as a whole towards Diedrich’s weight gain. It’s incredibly frustrating to see the majority of people now view him as “that German guy who USED to be hot”. To me, these people are essentially saying that 1) fat people can’t be attractive and 2) apparently body diversity is a bad thing. 

 Do these people not see the noble, courageous things Diedrich has done since he’s made his appearance? Does it mean nothing that he continues to show unwavering loyalty to a man who is no longer alive? Does it not matter how he kept his promise to Vincent and agreed to subject himself to becoming Vincent’s inferior in spite of the fact it was likely a huge blow to his pride? Is the fact he saved Ciel’s life not once, but twice-guarding Ciel with his own body to protect him from danger being one of these incidents-something to be completely disregarded? 

So yeah, Diedrich’s fat now. But he’s also a character that’s demonstrated acts of incredible loyalty and selflessness, and I don’t see why the fandom instead chooses to see him as someone who’s past his prime.