fatpear replied to your post: inglorious-badass replied to your post: omg this…

HAHAHA omg are you serious, send me a link

 i cant its in our private group

omg ellis this man is calling me reatrded and stuff and omg idek hes khloes boyfriend or something but her whole family is ganging up on us ):

but this is what chloe’s mum said earlier

Khloe Shortyy Kashan
This is Chloes mum….I hope you are all having fun getting your kicks out of participating in Cyber Bullying. I suggest you remove all pictures and comments about my daughter…Not that it will help any of you as this has been reported to Facebook and printed off and handed in to Hampshire Police. It has all your names…Enjoy while it lasts you bunch of sick twisted morons !!!!!!!! Armed & Charmed UK (Tracey Kashan)