Monika FatonWurst Beilschmidt

Link to this profile; http://www.facebook.com/WurstPimp

I have been looking forward to this review since the second she was suggested. 

To start this review off, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the admin. The admin of this account is truly unforgettable. When you pop onto her profile, you come across very amusing statuses such as; 

(Wow is it weird that I ship and have headcanons about letters
Like q is dating u, and is really clingy because she has abandonment issues after p left her
and f and h both love g, g loves f, and h often has arguments with her about why she should choose him over f
and c is actually o’s identical twin, but he was involved in an accident and had to have an amputation)

Trust me, she has wonderful grammar. This is one of those statuses that is supposed to lack it and be like this. 

Her admin, as you can tell by her cover photo, posts about cheesecake… quite often. It’s like her trademark. And quite an amusing trademark it is.

Though, her bio is just as significant as her personality.

She begins out with a description of her character’s physical attributes, including differences between her and her male counterpart. 

After that, she includes an exert of a sentence that she had taken from another website, though I really liked the fact she linked to the page, instead of just reposting. That was a very smart thing to do. 

In the personality section, she includes her reasoning behind naming her character ‘Monika,’ and very smoothly gives paragraphs on the characteristics of Monika, including her languages. 

And finishes off with her roleplaying genres, and styles. 

Really, I adore her bio. It’s very elegant sounding, and I very much enjoy reading it. 

Fatonwurst is definitely someone I’d love to RP with.