I really don’t know where to start. You appear to everyone as the funny random, sometimes scary chick who is either wild or quite calm, but can change in an instant. But wait folks there is more. Your thoughts only seem erratic to most because of the combination of things you like to watch/listen to and that you are almost trying to stay ahead of the game by one step. You, like I said before, are fun and easy to get along with but there is something deeper a strong yearning for acceptance but also to be different (whether that is to stand out or not I don’t think so). Anyway this deeper feeling can cause you to have moments of ‘weakness’ where you just can’t seem to handle it. So you just sort of go to the 'happy place’ or seek comfort (Rick) for help.

~Written by Jackson~

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Nickname: I don’t really get nicknames but my family call me Fatnut which I detest. Soooo. Ja.

Star sign: Gemini

Height - five foot seven or eight or something like that.

Time right now : 4:38 pm (uk)

Favourite music artist : hm, I don’t really know tbh

What song is stuck in my head: at the moment it’s twenty one pilots, heathens.

Last movie I watched: Harry Potter I think.

Last TV show I watched: Voltron Legendary Defender

What am I wearing: an ‘elf’ T-shirt that I use to chill in, and home alone lounge pants. Christmas af.

What do I post: on this blog, star wars

Do I have any other blogs: my primary, which I rarely use. And my Voltron blog, @spacegayswahey where I post Voltron stuff, and ship Klance and Sheith

Do I get asks regularly: sometimes, not too often.

Why did I choose my URL: because it’s true hehehe

Gender: Alex

Hogwarts house: I have no idea XD

Pokemon team: Valor

Favourite colour: black mostly. A bit of red.

Average hours of sleep: anything between 11 and 5 :/

Lucky number: IDK. 5? 2?

Favourite character: can’t be picking a favourite, that’s impossible.

How many blankets do I sleep with: one.

Tagging: @crisisveryadorable @emisnotavampire IDK who else I is no good with tagging humans. Or not humans, no judging lol XD feel free to do it if you want :3