“I think living on my own for the first time showed me that I was actually quite sensitive, and was prone to highs and lows, and maybe needed to figure out a way of managing that a bit more, because when you’re left to your own devices and you find you can’t actually leave the house … some of it was desperate. I had been looking for other people to look after me, and that creates this really exhausting cycle for everyone involved. It’s very tiring. I think I can see that now.“


“It was weird, because singing for a while was something that I felt was like secret, my secret thing. When I was little, at school, I just felt quite mundane. But I remember singing in the school hallways when everyone else was in class, because of the echoes, and the resonance was so wonderful, and I can remember that feeling of: ‘Whoa, what is this? This is something.’” – Florence Welch