I found this photo from high school (left) before I cared enough about myself to exercise and eat well. Fast forward to post graduate school and here I am, probably the healthiest I’ve been in my life. I’m still working hard, but it’s important to honor the journey and remember how far we’ve come.
I believe I weigh about the same in both photos (max 5 lb difference)



My name is Natalie, I am 21 and I am a compulsive overeater. I have struggled with my weight and self-harming for over 12 years, but as of today (21/11/16) I have realised that I am enough.

Due to my size, I struggle with every day tasks, and smoking hasn’t helped that either! So today I took the first step of my new life - I bought a Vape machine and I will no longer look at food as an enemy.’

Welcome health eating and the gym! My mind is focussed - these will be my new distraction and coping methods. Taking my frustration out at the gym and nurturing my body with healthy foods.

I know I will have ups and downs - we all do, but I will not let this beat me.

I am enough.


There’s a new 5 Minute Fat Burn workout at ZuzkaLight.com - check it out for proper form and reps for each exercise. Have fun!
P.S. If you’re ZGYM member don’t forget to do the 15 Minute Fit Slide workout first.

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Day 02 after getting back into a bodybuilding style kind of training. I personally train shoulders twice a week, one workout focused on strength and the other focused on volume.

In this workout we will go heavy on shoulders and lighter on arms.

I will document my progress on my YouTube channel:



It’s not always easy to get yourself into the mood to do your workout but I can promise you that if you start moving, your energy increases naturally in just a couple minutes and you’ll feel motivated again. You can use this simple routine that activates your glutes to get in the mood for your more intense workout. All you have to do is lay on your back start with the first exercise. Do ten reps for each exercise and each leg. Play your favourite music and have fun!
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It’s a new year and we’re going full speed forward in the ZGYM with our daily training! This is a little sneak peak of what’s to come. Most of these exercises are not for beginners but you can start with one of my beginner workout programs (at ZuzkaLight.com) there’s also a brand new 6 week No Equipment Needed Total Body Workout Program - it will help you build strength for the more challenging workouts with equipment.

See you in the ZGYM!!
New Outfit from @popflex_active

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This could be you - sweating your butt off and working out with me daily ;) doesn’t it sound like fun?? Don’t worry it’s won’t take more than 20 minutes a day, sometimes even less. I’ll see you in the ZGYM (at ZuzkaLight.com) btw I have workout programs for beginner as well and the easiest one is there for free so go check it out! XO Z.
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This is how you build strength - by pushing yourself and not giving up as soon as you start feeling the burn. You have to build mental resilience when it comes to training. If your mind gives up too early, your body doesn’t have a chance. You’d be surprised how fast your body reacts to consistent (not long) daily training. Shed the artificial constraints such as age or gender - you can free your body only by freeing your mind first.
See you in the ZGYM 💪

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