My one year transformation! (A little late, Jan 23, 2015- Jan 23, 2016.) It’s hard to remember sometimes how far I’ve come because progress is almost never linear. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come physically and mentally!


Legs legs legs day….started with quadriceps and finished with hamstrings…my legs now are on fire 😭😭😭thank you my hubby “Jeff andora from @flashfitnessbkk to keep pushing me through all of this workout💪🏽💪🏽#women #workout #fatloss #weightloss #weightlifting #weighttraining #exercise #eatclean #traindirty #trainhard #trainsmart #fitness #model #competition #girlwithmuscles #gym#bangkok #thailand

Sometimes the progress is behind you ;) thank you running & @platewithkait ♡ #fitness #health #weightloss #fatloss #fit #fitfam #myprogress #progresspictures #progress #mine #me #body #beforeandduring

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So, I got my butt to the gym last night.

And I swear to God, I have never seen it that busy. It was insane. I managed to do 10 mins on the stepper, some hamstring curls and diverging seated rows for my back, but then suddenly EVERY SINGLE MACHINE WAS BEING USED. There was 0 mat space because there was a class on, and this lady spent like half an hour on the leg press machine. Gutted. 

Whats worse was I was actually getting into it too :( BUT, at least I did something right? I’ve been checking my legs out recently and they’re not looking great, especially my hammys, so I’m keen to get them back into shape (I’ve always had big thighs, I’ve come to terms with that now aha).

Post gym dinner was a chicken stir fry with a shit load of veg & noodles. :)


FINALLY under 200. Took me a little under a year to lose 37lbs and I am completely fine with that. Over the past year I learned that quick weight loss and fixes just don’t stick. It took me longer than I originally planned, but I still enjoyed my life while doing it. I wasn’t perfect every day, nor did I let myself get too off track. I jus stopped rushing it, and let it happen in its own time. This is the longest I’ve ever kept weight off and now officially the most weight I’ve ever lost. I guess my lesson here is that #slowandsteadywinstherace . #fitness #dowhatworksforyou #keto #lowcarb #lowsugar #hflc #lchf #weightloss #weightlifting #wilddiet #eatfatlosefat #saturatedthin #fatsmakeyouphat #fatloss #gains #takeyourtime #enjoylife #healthy #primal

Week 4!

Last week I had no loss to report, but this week I was down 1.2lbs, to 204.0! Overall, the month of January was a lot of new stuff going on for me, between going back to school, becoming a volunteer and trying to get my weight loss/fitness/nutrition back in line. I lost about 3 pounds last month, but I would have preferred closer to 10. That’s okay, it’s still a loss, and I know I am building habits to get there eventually! :)

I am going to be changing up my nutrition, and will be adding in strength training soon (probably next week). I had some minor surgery and I have to take it easy this week, so no big changes, but hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things in no time.

Original start weight: 218.6
SW (Jan 4): 207
CW (Feb 1): 204.0
Loss: -3lbs!