Getting one step closer to a definitive diagnosis on my back problems felt like a breakthrough. Being told no amount of weight loss or starvation could fix structural damage felt like a miracle. And I realized my body had been starved for comfort. So I laid it all to bare on the kitchen countertop, and produced this four hours later.

The spread:

Vegan biscuits
Vegan cornbread
Vegan Mac & cheese

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FAT AND THRIVING. The @nowtoronto cover I was on last year with @amascriver won a People’s Choice award for best cover from the National Magazine Awards today. Which invariably means naturopaths and people who call themselves “former obese person” are coming to tell me how unhealthy I am. How bad of an example I am. How I’m a strain on the health care system. That I eat so much food it’s killing the planet.
You’re wrong. Stop moralizing my body, I make my body public because representation matters. Stop moralizing food. Stop looking at fat people and saying to their face “I know why you’re fat.” You don’t.
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Up early this morning writing a first draft of a submission for Project Intersect’s call for submissions on bodies. Im trying to write about the fat body in the vegan imaginary as a site in need of intervention/saviorist help, the relationship between vegan weight loss rhetoric and the weight loss industry, and how to shift towards a more liberated view of bodies as part of total liberation praxis

If you’re veganism isn’t intersectional, hell if you don’t know what intersectional means, get your life. Look up intersectionality, total liberation praxis, and look out for updates on the progress of this piece in the future

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