fatleopard photography


“The post- World War II generation grew up in a time when women were infantilized and treated as property. They were kept as fallow gardens… but thankfully there was always wild seed which arrived on the wind. Though what they wrote was unauthorized, women blazed away anyway. Though what they painted went unrecognized, it fed the soul anyway. Women had to beg for the instruments and the spaces needed for their arts, and if none were forthcoming, they made space in trees, caves, woods, and closets.

Dancing was barely tolerated, if at all, so they danced in the forest where no one could see them, or in the basement, or on the way out to empty the trash. Self-decoration caused suspicion. Joyful body or dress increased the danger of being harmed or sexually assaulted. The very clothes on one’s shoulders could not be called one’s own.

It was a time when parents who abused their children were simply called “strict”, when the spiritual lacerations of profoundly exploited women were referred to as “nervous breakdowns,” when girls and women who were tightly girdled, tightly reined, and tightly muzzled were called “nice,” and those other females who managed to slip the collar for a moment or two of life were branded “bad.”

So like many women before and after me, I lived my life as a disguised creature. Like my kin before me, I swagger-stepped in high heels, and I wore a dress and hat to church. But my fabulous tail often fell below my hemline, and my ears twitched until my hat pitched, at the very least, down both my eyes, and sometimes clear across the room.”

-Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Filmed & Edited by: sarahisthe.name

Models: trapezoidmouth & Shakiya

Photographer: fatleopard

Set Help: Zee, Nik Adams, Tyquan

Music: Little Dragon - Cat Rider