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hey how about for a fic meme: 9/rose pretending to be married!!

bless u

They’re battle weary and tired, scars beginning to redden across their skin when the Doctor and Rose settle into a diner booth. An authentic American hamburger was what they needed, and the Doctor had promised to pay to make up for landing them in Vietnam the country, instead of the planet. In the middle of a warzone. 

Rose leans forward to stick her straw between her lips, taking a long sip of chocolate milkshake before placing her arms in front of her on the table.

"Honestly, Doctor. You’d think that with 900 years of experience, you’d be able to fly the TARDIS to somewhere as simple as Vietnam.” He frowns at her, snaking a hand out to grab her drink. 

"Not my fault. I gave you one job and you should have payed better attention to your lever."

Rose snorts, kicking her feet up onto the space next to him and pushing back in her seat. She’s too tired, too hungry and too comfortable to argue with him. Instead, she picks a chip up from her plate and pops it into her mouth, quirking her head at the Doctor. He smiles then, creases in his forehead becoming pronounced. 

"You’ve got a.." The Doctor pauses, gesticulating without explanation.

"A what? Ketchup?" She wipes the side of her mouth, pursing her lips. 

"No, here." He reaches forward, pushing a piece of her hair that had previously been in her face behind her ear. He lingers there, fingertips just red hot on her skin.

"It’s so sweet to see lovebirds make it past the honeymoon stage." 

Rose jumps, temporarily frightened by the sudden intrusion. It only takes a second for her to process the waitress, before she notes the silver ring on her fourth finger. It was her mother’s, of course, but it had been a habit of Rose’s to wear it. 

And instead of correcting the stout waitress, Rose reaches forward to grasp both the Doctor’s hands with her own. 

"Two years, going strong. He takes me all over, always traveling we are." the Doctor’s eyes flit towards her, light and joking. She winks, nose scrunching up. "Maybe that’s why our relationship stays so hot."

The woman smiles and places the check on the table, and reaches into the pocket of her apron to pull out two chocolates. 

"For the happy couple." She nods her head and walks away to attend to an old man in need of a coffee refill. 

Releasing the Doctor’s hands, Rose laughs. He follows suit, just as loud. 

"You’re a right devil." Despite this, he allows her to grab both chocolates and slip them into her pocket. On their way out, back to the TARDIS, she turns to him.

"You’d better not forget our anniversary, old man."

742. Request for NejiTen. Neji mishears a conversation between Tenten and Rock lee and gets jealous~~~

Requested by fatlardtina

“Tenten-chan, you know that you’re beautiful, right?”

Neji’s ears perked and he stayed behind the tree that concealed him. He was surprised that Tenten and Lee were at the meeting spot before him, as he was usually the one first there and ended up waiting for his other two teammates. He was still early but the two were even earlier and he had wondered why, taking his time approaching them.

He heard Tenten laugh and smirked, closing his eyes. He liked her laughter, he always had; it was a light, innocent laugh that made him feel better.

“You are,” Lee continued, “Any guy would be lucky to have you in love with him, Tenten-chan. You’re a wonderful girl and incredibly skilled, very devoted, also the kindest kunoichi I know. A bit vicious, but kind.”

“…What is that, a backhanded compliment?”

“You’re a wonderful girl,” Neji frowned as he heard Lee say that again persistently; why would he keep repeating that?, he wondered, “I would be lucky… if you were in love with me.”

He just heard Tenten laugh softly again and he narrowed his eyes, clenching his fists, ignoring the twisting feeling in his chest as he stepped out from behind the tree after a few moments and approached them, wearing an expression completely devoid of expression.

Lee had no idea why Neji cold shouldered him the entire mission and Tenten decided that Lee gave terrible love advice, especially when it came to hardheaded Hyuuga prodigies.

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