I was getting ready to start a new problem for class than I got a notification and I had my gallery open quickly I took like 4-5 shots and picked the best, and of course some poetry to go with it that I wrote last week about the love of the Shi'a towards Fatima (as), to some who accept her oppressors, and so on its self explanatory.


My heart it boils when someone tells me to forget you
I just wish that they can understand and not reject you
When your name is mentioned my eyes they tear
And When I curse my enemy them I do not fear
A rose drenched in the color red
With your son lying there dead
Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq are killed for you
O’ Zahra believe me all they did was love you
And this love today has become a crime
In this new century this new time
Like Romeo and Juliet I am crazy and in love
No fingers point at them, but they point at the one I love
The image in my head will always seize to exist
I apologize when it comes to Zahra I cannot resist
I cannot sit and stay silent
When that man was so violent

O’ Allah hasten the appearance of our 12th Imam (aj), every year he witnesses the tragedy, May Allah bless your tears my blessed Imam, 1400 years you weep take us to Fatima’s grave … take us please.


- Taken Canon 2Ti, Edited in Photoshop, 

“ Ali, I know you love my children but be very careful of Hussain. He loves me dearly and will miss me sadly, be a mother to him. Till my recent illness, he used to sleep on my chest. He is already missing it.”

#FatimaZahra (س)