Welcome to Our Support Team, MISS KAREN PANG!

When you take a look at Bikini and Figure Champion, Karen Pang’s competition history, you’ll see why we’re thrilled to have her join us. Karen will be working closely with Coach Fatima Leite Kusch, behind the scenes, as our new Athlete Training Program Developer. Her expertise spans multiple competition categories, and she’ll be using this experience and knowledge to carefully CUSTOM-tailor our advanced athletes’ training programs. This is a perfect FIT. Welcome to FitnessPrint, Karen!

Did we mention that EVERY FitnessPrint client gets FULLY CUSTOMIZED program adjustments MONTHLY and sometimes BIWEEKLY and WEEKLY? This is what’s different about FitnessPrint. Everything is individualized, and this is why we’ve built such a dedicated and caring support team. We’re not your average online program.

An announcement like this wouldn’t be compete without an in-depth Q&A revealing a little more about why we love Miss Karen Pang. Let’s get to know her, shall we?

FP: What is your favourite body part to train?
KP: It changes all the time, but currently I LOVE to train lower body! Genetically, I’m not predisposed to having a strong and muscular lower body. Aesthetically building and sculpting body parts through hard training really gives a euphoric sense of accomplishment.

FP: what fitness activities do you enjoy, outside of a gym setting?
KP: Hiking is my favourite. More so for the surroundings, and the calorie burning is a bonus :)

FP: How long have you been competing? What led you to this sport?
KP: 2006 is when I first stepped on stage as a competitor! I’d been consistently working out right after high school and thought it was time to take it to another level. I didn’t know what that level was until a couple of different people asked if I was training for a show. I had no idea what they meant, but after some research I thought I’d give it a shot! Seven years later, here I am!

FP: What do you do in your spare time when you’re not training?
KP: RELAX!!! When I compete, training takes up a lot of my time. In addition, I have multiple jobs so when I can actually sit on the couch and watch a movie or do crosswords, that is what I REALLY like to do…with a glass of wine hehe!

FP: What is your favourite motivational quote?
KP: “Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else.”

FP: What is an example of a typical healthy breakfast for you?
KP: Even in my off season I can’t stop eating egg white omelets with spinach! I like salsa or Tabasco on top with a side sweet potato home fries :)))

FP: What piece of advice do you have for aspiring physique competitors? What should they know before stepping on a stage?
KP: Don’t go 100% based on what you find on the Internet. Save up your money not only to invest in a reputable coach, but all the costs associated with competing. Also, no matter how you place in your first few shows, keep your head on your shoulders and the stars out of your eyes.

FP: please share your competition history with us.

2012 CBBF Canadian National Championships - 3rd Place (Bikini Division)

2012 IFBB World Qualifier Championships -1st Place (Bikini Division)

2011 IFBB North American Championships - 6th Place (Bikini Division)

2011 CBBF Canadian National Championships – 1st Place (Bikini Division)

2011 IFBB World Qualifier Championships – 2nd Place (Bikini Division)

2010 IFBB North American Championships- 4th Place (Bikini Division)

2010 CBBF Canadian National Championships – 3rd Place (Bikini Division)

2009 CBBF Canadian National Championships – 11th Place (Figure Division)

2009 WBFF BC Championships – 2nd Place (Bikini)

2009 Miss Bikini Universe – 8th Place

2008 Miss Figure America – 5th Place

2008 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic – 1st Place Overall (Figure Division)

2008 BC Provincial Championships – 3rd Place (Fitness Division)

2008 Miss Bikini Universe – 2nd Place

2007 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic – 3rd Place (Fitness Division)

2006 Miss Bikini America – 11th Place

Thank you for sharing, Karen. You just make it TOO EASY to brag about our newest addition to the support team. You’re knowledge and care is appreciated.


1.) Coach Fatima Leite Kusch CARES! She is a pro athlete and Oxygen Magazine fitness model - she knows her stuff whether you have a lifestyle goal, athletic goal, or fitness competition goal.

2.) If you are a bikini athlete, you will not be given a 1995 Male bodybuilder’s generic, depletion-based meal plan. No copy and pasting here. Your plan is YOURS and tailored to your individual goal (not to someone of the opposite sex with 80lbs more muscle mass than you.)

3.) Meal plans and training plans are modified regularly, as you approach your goal. Everyone’s body responds differently to training and nutrition, so why purchase a cookie cutter plan? Say NO to cookie cutter health plans.

4.) FitnessPrint plans come with a side of FREE GROUPIES. Welcome to our network of likeminded, positive-thinking, REAL people… who happen to be achieving UNREAL goals. Our clients are supportive of each other, and interact daily. They share recipes, hold each other accountable, meet up for socials, team vacations, and team photo shoots to show off their hard work. Words can’t describe the warm and fuzzy bond among our clients. It’s unheard of.

5.) We’ve created a sensational concept surrounding 365 days of health. We are proud to know our program will set you up for success year-round. We refuse to set our clients up on a plan that is impossible to stick to all year. We will help you ditch the frozen dinners, yo-yo dieting and fitness fads. We will SHOW YOU THE LIGHT– the light being 365 days of looking and feeling your best. How does that sound?

Because of the individualized nature of our program, membership is limited. Apply HERE to join us and experience a total lifestyle makeover.

Follow us on Twitter @FitnessPrint and be sure to join in on the #BlessedBodies365 trend!

FitnessPrint Clients Lit Up The IDFA West Coast Classic!

Last night, two of our dear clients competed at the International Drug-Free Athletics Association’s West Coast Classic. Eliza and Karen looked beautiful and poised and they lit the stage on fire!

Mindy Ambrose, our IDFA Pro Fitness Model was also in attendance, presenting trophies and awards to competitors. Head Coach Fatima Leite Kusch and Team Support Coach Brandi Gagnon were bursting with pride and excitement for the girls.

Way to represent, Ladies! Congratulations Eliza on achieving 2nd place in Figure Open, and Karin for achieving 1st in Fitness Model short class and 2nd in Masters Fitness Model. We can’t wait to see what you two take on next! Go get it!

FP Client Tricia in Natural Muscle Magazine

Congratulations Tricia Bold Olson, Figure Competitor and super enthusiastic FitnessPrint client, on your recent appearance in Natural Muscle Magazine! Our girls are showing up all over the hottest publications out there. Follow our Team Blessed Bodies FB Page for the latest pics from photo shoots, stage appearances, team vacations, and posing sessions.

Interested in Competing?

Don’t Know Where to Start? 

Competition Prep Info Session

Hosted by Team Blessed Bodies


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gold’s Gym , Burnaby BC

 This info session will include everything to help you discover where you fit best.

Topics Include:

  • ·      In Person Assessment – by Coach Fatima Leite Kusch
  • ·      Categories
  • ·      Organizations
  • ·      Posing  (Fitness Model, Bikini, Figure)
  • ·      Competition Prep Tips 

You will leave this workshop knowing where you fit best (category) and have a clear understanding of all of your options and what is involved 

Register HERE before November 17th for the EARLY BIRD price

Cost will go up ON November 17th 

Hosts Include:

 Fatima Leite Kusch- Coach Team Blessed Bodies, WBFF Pro, Oxygen Fitness Model

Theresa Jenn Lopetrone – WBFF Pro, Oxygen Fitness Model

Mindy Ambrose – NPAA Elite Pro