fatima al zahraa

Modesty In Her

Who is that girl I see

Along with the modesty

She loves with a passion that’s spilling out of her

Modesty is no longer something I see with no feeling (pause)

It’s a part of me

It is now something I embrace with open arms that have no regret.

Someone has finally been able to show me the importance of such a crucial aspect.

She is the only one I see,

In my mind

When I think of diligence, courage, humility, and who could forget?

Her modesty.

I think of how

She contained it as though it was a child to be.

Her modesty was like no other.

It is certainly what has inspired me to become more humble, enduring, and quiet.

Her modesty is what attracts young women in need of guidance

She sees it as though it is a good quality

But…Now a days, you see women feeling empowered when wearing make up to cover all their flaws.

You see men drawing away from the god conscious elements due to the lack of modesty shown in our women.

Our women.

Her modesty is what seems to contain her beauty

Her modesty is what seems to be the root of the women she has become

She has shown the world that followed what modesty truly looked like meticulously

I don’t mean she preached with her words of wisdom.

Although she had many.

She spoke with her action

The way she carried herself through life

Through death.

She was so modest, that she made her death a modest action.

This death is like no other to die on this planet

And though there are many,

Her death was the most self-effacing.

We are shackled to those dreams that this society has argued into our brains

It is controlling how we are no longer able to find a peaceful realm of modesty even if our life depended on it.

What some choose to ignore

Is that it does.

And this brave woman was able to maintain all components of modesty.

While still being able to make a difference in her time, and in ours.

She was still able to outstand the crowd when she spoke.

She owned very little, 

She was one whose heart was not made out of stone.

Her modesty continues today.

Despite the fact that she has not lived in this day and age.

She has made all the difference.

Modesty is not just one simple element of god’s laws.

It is a law that contains all the others…






And most importantly


These are the very few essential points that she has accomplished in her life.

These are the basis of our religion,

If we cannot exemplify these actions

How could we tell her on that day

That we love her

That we listen to her

That we follow her.

Because the only way to follow such an outstanding women is to have modesty living deep in our souls and perched at the edge of our bodies.

Modesty is the only cover that should be worn.

When I see her, I don’t see

a face,

not much of a body,

not a soul,

not her mind,

I see all of the words that could describe this woman.

The first word that I see when I open my eyes is the biggest one that can be contained…