From Gastroposter Rhonda Hogan:

My father cannot cook, but he can make a mean boiled egg which he always served with jam and toast. For father’s day I’ve made the only breakfast he knows how to make. I hope you had a great Father’s day. Miss you and love you.

From Gastroposter Lisa Turner:

One of the fondest memories I have of my Dad in the kitchen is weekend pancake breakfasts slathered in homemade maple syrup. As an adult, I enjoy carrying on the tradition. Now, my Dad’s pancakes were more traditional than the ones I make now, but this earliest introduction to skillet fried quick breads certainly inspired me from an early age.

I like to experiment with a variety of different flavours and textures. Light, fluffy, fruit-filled, sturdy, fluffy, crisp, savory or sweet, I am always on the lookout for new ideas to dress them up. My latest experiment was these creamy, protein filled Chickpea Flour Breakfast Pancakes. I wish I could treat my Dad to a plate this coming father’s day and I surely would if only we lived closer to each other.

From Gastroposter Cheryl Kozoriz:

My father didn't cook often but with his small repertoire of diner-inspired dishes, he pretty much could have opened his own greasy spoon. His go-to meals included hearty chili (to which, in a surprising gourmand move, he incorporated chocolate), mac and cheese casserole, crispy bacon and a classic western sandwich. And his chicken fingers were the bomb. My dad perfected them with a secret ingredient (cornflakes!) coating that was perfectly light and crunchy and it was my absolutely favourite dinner.

I haven’t eaten chicken for a very long time but the Southern Combo at Hogtown Vegan, featuring their tasty “unchicken” fingers is my current comfort food obsession and I would like to think that my dad would have been down with that. 

From Gastroposter Shyla Tibando:

One of the only things my Dad made was pancakes. He was so proud of his perfectly golden and fluffy round breakfast discs. He even had a special way to serve them.  It was always a treat when he made them.  

 The only he was adamant about me having in the kitchen was this griddle he gave me.

From Gastroposter Linda Matarasso:

I made this breakfast this morning as a homage to my dad.  My dad didn’t cook a lot but he loved bacon and eggs. My mother didn’t do breakfasts so my dad would make breakfast on the weekends sometimes. One of my Dad’s signature eggs are these Scrambled Eggs with cheddar and creamed cottage cheese. They stay creamy because of the cottage cheese. Once in a while he would also fry salami, I guess when there wasn’t any bacon around.

From Gastroposter Kat Tancock: 

 One of my dad’s specialties while I was growing up was his oatmeal cookies, based on a Betty Crocker recipe but always jacked up with extra everything. Not long after I moved out, he typed up his version of the recipe for me, which I still have in a binder. Dad is on the other side of the country, so I decided to bake him a batch and send them in the mail as a Father’s Day gift. I followed his directions exactly: add ginger, use twice the cinnamon and cloves, use whatever you have in the pantry (I subbed dried apricots and pecans for raisins and walnuts, neither of which I had), and if you add coconut flakes, cut down on the oats. The result? Perfect. I had to package them up quickly before I ate them all myself. Thanks, Dad!