It’s Father’s Day! And I know a lot of people won’t be too happy about this due to absent or terrible fathers. In classic form, Tony has the exact wrong thing to say about this subject thinking that bad fathers do more good than harm. There’s a myth that all parents demand respect regardless of circumstances.

But I’m here to tell you that parents cannot demand respect if they themselves are disrespectful towards their children. Making a child is only the beginning of the responsibility a parent incurs followed by being emotionally supportive and caring for life not just the first few years. You’re not obliged to like your parents if they do not earn and maintain your admiration throughout the years. Too many parents simply feel that just being a parent is significant in itself but they are failures as parents if they do not adequately support their children emotionally. Simply being someone’s parent doesn’t entitle a person to treat that person poorly. Children are people, not property. They are not owned to do as you wish with, but humans in need of love and respect. Mistreatment and abuse is never justified regardless of whether or not that person is family.

Remember: you are always far more than your parents’s opinions of you. If they treat you poorly it is a reflection of their character, not yours. We all deserve compassion and support and not all of us are lucky enough to get that when growing up but out there will be someone will be there for you. The great thing about life is we have more than just our families to turn to. If you’re unable to move out yet one day you will be able to and heal from the damage done. Until then hang in there. Nothing is forever. Your worth is not determined by shitty parents.

And if you ever have kids you’ll know what not to do. Let’s all aspire to be better than instruction manuals to the next generation on what not to do. We can do it.

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I gotcha!

Here are some of my favourites:

DIY Gift Jar “Nuts About Dad”

A jar of salted cashews is always a good fallback gift, unless your pa is allergic or doesn’t like nuts in general.

DIY Father’s Day Shirt + Tie Gift Boxes

Fill it with treats your dad may enjoy or whatever small items may fit; nice pens, phone case, maybe hair pomade.

DIY Father’s Day Pop-Up Card

Fun and simple! Decorate to your heart’s content.

DIY Father’s Day Photo Puzzle Gift

Cute, rustic gift. Makes a great display.

DIY LEGO Photo Pen Holder

If your dad’s desk and office is lacking some colour and fun…

DIY Father’s Day Typography Glasses

Get some photos in with this on! A goofy photo is a good photo.

DIY Mini Pool Table in a Tin

Something fun and novel that fits in a pocket! Bonus points if your dad is into pool, too.

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Today, I fucked up by cleaning my son’s room

I was cleaning my 6y.o. son’s room, and doing my annual purge of crap he’s managed to hoard. I have this big pile of stuff to throw out in the living room, when he comes in, pulls some stupid paper butterfly out of the trash pile and tells me I can’t throw this away because it was a present.

He goes to a lot of birthday parties and gets a lot of goodie bags with this sort of thing, so I tell him it’s junk and it’s going in the trash. Besides, it’s all bent up and I tell him (like a douche-dad) that if he values things he should take care of them.

He leaves, and some 5 minutes later he returns, visibly distraught (he’s clearly been thinking hard about this). He says “It was a present…for you.”

“For father’s day.”

I swear at that moment I heard every angel in heaven slow clapping.