Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers and mothering people out there who take care of us. Mother’s and Father’s day have already been happening elsewhere around the world, so here’s Father’s day too since I like seeing them together. I had loads of fun with this, even though the holidays have a bit of potential to be controversial. My intention was to take a very lighthearted and universal approach in hopes of just reminding everyone to celebrate the sometimes unsung heroes who care about us. You can see some of my process work [here!]


This was supposed to be posted on father’s day (sorry I’m late ;A;) but I was too busy and tired OTL so here it is anyway *n* Is based on a short comic I saw on facebook and the Shadis’ grip xD.

Biological father or not, kaney raised that little bastard (:

*“A Father’s way” plays in the distance xD*

more comics o vo

Dear daddy,

Thanks for never taking it personally when I decided to do things my way/fail/and learn from it instead if doing them the way you told me the first time and succeeding.

Thanks for understanding that I have to do things my way.

Thank you for not rubbing my nose in any of my failures.

I hope to be like you for my son. I love you, and I miss you.

Father's Day is coming up...please be considerate to bloggers and followers who live/lived with abusive father figures and to those who have lost fathers. Please tag Father's Day posts and posts about father figures.

For many of us this holiday is painful enough and every opportunity to avoid the reminder helps. This has been a PSA from someone whose father is deceased. Thank you


I love this man a lot.

yo fuck fathers day you are under no obligation to interact with that sleaze bag okay? he’s an ass and you don’t gotta be part of that I don’t care that it’s a fucking holiday you don’t deserve to feel the way you do whenever you talk to him

Why I Don't Wish Single Mothers Happy Fathers Day

They aren’t fathers. They just aren’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They are wonderful mothers raising children alone and that’s amazing in itself. Being alone doesn’t turn them to into men half the time. It’s a discredit to how amazing their motherhood is.

It guilts people on a day that should be about celebrating parenthood. Messages like “who needs a dad cuz my mom is both” creates guilt in kids who want to openly celebrate their fathers.

It takes away responsibility from absent fathers. If you’re easily replacing your father with your mom, why would he ever feel bad or think twice about abandoning responsibility for you and any future children he may have?

It reinforces the belief that a “normal” family has a father and a mother. It reinforces the thought that to be a normal family, you need two parents of the opposite sex and anything else is abnormal, including single parents.

It discredits gay, lesbian, and queer parents who are raising wonderful children without being a “mom and dad” couple. It discredits parents who aren’t one male and one female parent.

I understand it has good intentions, but it’s reinforcing negative beliefs.