Here’s to the good ones.

Here’s to the fathers who stuck around.

Here’s to the dads who stepped up when the father stepped out.

Here’s to the fathers who who didn’t abuse.

Here’s to the father’s who might not be perfect but they fucking tried.

Here’s to the fathers were actually dads.

Happy Father’s Day because good fathers are important. Bad fathers should not be a cultural norm.  We need positive role models to show what being a good father actually means.


Happy Father’s Day!

In many ways this is the best day of the year for me. My life has been made so much richer because of my dear wife an children, so today I would like to celebrate them.

My family writes the best comics dialogue. When I have time, I like to animate the comics, but sometimes there’s just too much funny stuff happening everyday so it’s quicker to capture it this way. I hope that years from now my kids will look back on this time in their lives and have a good laugh.

If you’re on the fence about getting married or having kids, I can’t recommend it highly enough. There’s nothing else in the world that compares.


Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, step-fathers, adopted fathers, grandfathers, and father figures, who teach us to be strong, to be ourselves, and to love. This is for the hugs and kisses, for the support and encouragement, and for the love our fathers give us.

shout out to all those struggling with Father’s Day today. 

whether because you lost your father and it hurts how much you miss him. 

or because your father has hurt you. 

or because your relationship is damaged for whatever reason. 

or because you look up to your father but get nothing in return. 

for whatever reason, if today is tough, my thoughts are with you and please take care of yourself today. 


Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers and mothering people out there who take care of us. Mother’s and Father’s day have already been happening elsewhere around the world, so here’s Father’s day too since I like seeing them together. I had loads of fun with this, even though the holidays have a bit of potential to be controversial. My intention was to take a very lighthearted and universal approach in hopes of just reminding everyone to celebrate the sometimes unsung heroes who care about us. You can see some of my process work [here!]

  • Me: I'm so happy to be a father. I'm so proud of my son. Happy father's day to me.
  • Person: You are a 17 year old girl. Tyler Joseph is not your son and you are not a father.
  • Me: My child. I'm so proud of him. Your dad loves you son.