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Hey Jax I remember a while ago you said you'd combat anyone to death for saying Goku was a bad father besides the ending. I agree with you but Im curious your points ^_^

Oh yeah and it remains true. Besides the last 3 episodes of DBZ that I hate and refuse to watch to me DBZ ends at the filler episode he’s always late.

but yeah besides those Last 3 episodes and kinda during the Cell Saga (especially in the manga and Kai)

For the Most Part I don’t think Goku’s a Bad Dad at all

Now some people will always say, “Jordan you’re such a fanboy of Goku so of course you’d say that” and people always make that Assumption BUT NOOO when something is BS I call it. I look at it logically. Now lets start at the beginning shall we. and theres this whole thing thats spread like wildfire from TFS that Goku is a bad dad. Their goku is, no doubt but lets talk about the classic one.

First lets talk about this ABANDONMENT thing that everyone loves to bring up. At the beginning of DBZ Goku spent 4 years with Gohan seeing him every day. Loving him like a father should

But then Raditz shows up and fucks everything up by kidnapping Goku and in the process Goku gets killed trying to rescue his boy. He didn’t abandon him, he GAVE HIS LIFE FOR HIS SON!!

Then he trained for a year to combat the new saiyans coming and Gohan had to do the same due to his Hidden potential

They HAD to get stronger to have any chance of fighting Vegeta and Nappa.

So they do that, Most of their friends die and Goku comes back as fast as he can to save Gohan and Krillin. So he barely as any time to reconnect with him and fights Vegeta. Then he nearly gets killed But Krillin, Gohan and Yajirobe come back to save him. Okay Vegeta is still Miles above everyone and kicking the crap out of Krillin and Yajirobe and Goku is immobilized. People say Goku’s a bad dad for making Gohan fight vegeta but when ya think about it LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE Could! Around this time Gohan was about as strong as Raditz who could’ve literally killed every person on the planet when he first came there

If Gohan runs, Vegeta would’ve killed Goku, Krillin and Yajirobe and the whole world would be doomed so He had no other choice and yes it sucks to send your 5 year old kid into battle but WHO else can fight with the type of power he has.

Its not Goku’s fault Vegeta was that powerful. Anyways Goku is left Broken after that fight and Korin has no senzus to heal him so He can’t go with his Son and best friends to Namek. NOT HIS FAULT

Anyways on Namek Goku flew there as soon as he got healed and took care of the Ginyu Force and YET Agains SAVED his son from Death

And he was the only who could fight the Ginyu Force until Vegeta got his Zenkai Boost. Anyways yadda yadda Frieza shows up and Goku fights him and tells everyone to leave so he can take Frieza on himself and it appears he dies again

and then we find out he didnt die and he’s alive on Yardrat now people always say. “He shouldve come back here, see abandoning his family”

Ya know what Goku was doing on Yardrat. LEARNING INSTANT TRANSMISSION a Very Useful technique, which he used to save Piccolo and Tien from Semi-perfect Cell, and also THE FUCKIN EARTH when Cell Self Destructed 

That helped them stay safe and then the second he gets back he gets told the Androids are coming and he has to prep for them. Now you can argue that Goku shouldve killed Gero three years prior but still its not like Goku to just randomly murder a person who hasnt done something yet. So he trains 3 years with Gohan and piccolo and people must think they trained nonstop. No Goku likes to rest and let his body recover so they obviously had some fun days hanging out. Not a bad dad there.

Now heres where things get wonky letting Gohan fight Cell when he knows he’s not a fighter was kinda meh but he did know that Gohan could do it if he had the right focus and BAM everyone doubted him but Goku genuinely believed in him 

But then He sacrificed himself cause Gohan got Cocky and he didnt come back cause he thought that the majority of the villains were going to keep attacking if he was around so he opted to stay dead to keep the earth safe. While its sad and bad for his family he again did it for what he believed was the greater good so I can accept that. 

When he came back he showed great love to Gohan and Goten and he genuinely missed them and thought they had to defeat BUU cause he wouldnt always be around now you can say thats dumb but its true. If you keep enabling someone they cant overcome a situation can they and both Goten and Gohan inevitably became stronger than Buu they just missed their oppurtunity to kill him cause of BS.

NOW Minus those times Goku was at home and enjoying life with his family and son(s). He showed to be caring and loving to them.

But at the end I fucking hate it cause He decides “I’m just going to abandon them all together even though I can easily ask Bulma for a Gravity Chamber capsule or something while Hercule takes care of his village with his monetary wealth.” And thats what irritates me. He didnt have to leave home that time and that just pisses me off. So I still dont watch those last 3 eps. DBZ ends at that party filler ep for me

{AU} Father's Day ● Post Azkaban Blackinnon

Background: A few months have passed since the trial. After being acquitted of all charges, Sirius bought a large, secluded home in the countryside for himself. He has a room for his godson and son, and many other guest rooms. Marlene spends most of her time there but Sirius has yet to actually let her spend the night in his bedroom instead of a guest room.


School was over for all Hogwarts students, which for Sirius meant seeing his two sons more. Dumbledore, to his annoyance, was making Harry stay a few weeks at the Dursleys. Sirius pestered Harry to use his mirror more often in order to make sure he was safe. Sirius saw James nearly every day and he often spent the night with his mother, just as they had the night before.

It was Sunday morning and he decided to cook breakfast for James and Marlene before they woke. With twelve years stolen from him, he’d decided to learn many things, one of them being cooking. He was already finishing the pancakes and eggs when he heard someone enter the kitchen. “Morning,” Sirius greeted.

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This was supposed to be posted on father’s day (sorry I’m late ;A;) but I was too busy and tired OTL so here it is anyway *n* Is based on a short comic I saw on facebook and the Shadis’ grip xD.

Biological father or not, kaney raised that little bastard (:

*“A Father’s way” plays in the distance xD*

more comics o vo

Existem muitos tipos de pais. Tem o que mora bem pertinho e faz churrasco todos os domingos. Tem o que mora longe e liga toda semana para saber as novidades. Tem o amoroso, que distribui abraços, beijinhos, carinho e muitas palavras de afeto. Tem o calado, que faz o tipo mais serião, mas possui um amor sem igual dentro do peito. Tem o ocupado, que vive em função do trabalho. Tem o disponível, que você pode contar a qualquer momento do dia ou da noite. Tem o sarado, que é esportista e adepto de uma vida saudável. Tem o preguiçoso, que não gosta de atividade física e adora ficar deitado no sofá. Tem o pai velhinho, pai novo, pai magrinho, pai barrigudinho, pai doente, pai saudável, pai que faz tudo que o filho quer, pai que é mais rígido, pai que conserta tudo, pai desastrado, pai que já foi para o céu.
Não importa qual o seu tipo de pai, o fundamental é que a gente não esqueça que o pai é, antes de tudo, um ser humano. E como ser humano também tem defeitos, assim como eu e você. Por isso, neste Dia dos Pais, lembre de todas as qualidades do seu, lembre de tudo que ele fez e faz por você e, também, perdoe aquelas bobagens e mágoas. A vida é muito curta para ficar preso ao passado. Dê a mão para o seu pai e caminhe ao encontro do futuro.
—  Feliz dia dos Pais, Clarissa Corrêa.