fathers day cookies

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H-Happy Father's Day! I have cookies and a collection of iconic literature. Sorry if they aren't good gifts..... -Dailyharuno

“Haruno, I love it. There is no need to apologize for being such a generous young man! You did not need to go out of your way for me, after all.” [@dailyharuno​]


New Video! Father’s Day is coming up! Here are some DIY gift ideas!

At the local bakery, we spied a World’s Best Dad cookie, which was adorbz, obvs, but deemed lacking by the boy. The boy was all, “Some kids have two dads, not just one, so the bakery should have World’s Best Dads cookies, too.” And I was all, That’s easily fixed with PhotoShop. And the boy was all, “Dad, you can’t eat a PhotoShop cookie.” And I was all, It’s a start, tho.