fatherlike figure

thoughts on graves and credence

i wholeheartedly believe that the real graves was a nurturing, fatherlike figure to credence. i don’t think that there was anything romantic about it, just a lonely, scared boy who needed someone who cared. 

i also believe that grindelwald noticed this and chose graves to impersonate for the single purpose of exploiting the relationship that they had developed. 

in my opinion, even the real graves having a romantic relationship with credence would be a violation of trust and a form of abuse. i also think that shipping grindelwald!graves and credence is even more toxic than the real graves and credence. 

with the director stating that grindelwald likely used polyjuice potion to imitate graves, it means that there wsas a gaves before grindelwad and that there was an existing, trusting relationship between them. this also means that graves is likely still alive and i hope to see a reconcilliation between him and credence.

((no hate to anyone –  i support people shipping whoever they want – all the love xx))