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(This is likely to get me into even more trouble, but whatever - the new Buckleming episode airs this week, so I’m guessing we’ll have worse problems by Friday.) 

So, my dash seems to be split between pro-Mary and anti-Mary people, and the debate is getting pretty intense and occasionally awful. And I just wanted to say that yes, it’s probably true we hold women (and especially mothers) to different standards of behaviour, and I’m sure there are some overt or subconscious sexist components in our dislike, or even outrage, in some cases, of her actions this past week, but also - to me, the problem is that Mary started out in a good place and is now going downwards, if that makes sense. Like, Crowley - Crowley is fascinating in and of himself, but one big reason I feel so sympathetic towards him right now is because he started out as a selfish, even cruel villain and he’s experiencing an upward arc towards understanding and helping other people. And this is a popular trope and all, but it’s popular for a reason: because it gives us a sense of satisfaction to see someone become a better person.

(Also because two thirds of Western culture are basically Christianity, which is the poster boy of the Redemption Arc, so we’re probably pre-programmed to like this from birth, but whatever. It still makes for a good story)

Now, Mary - Mary started in the best possible place, that of the Innocent Murder Victim who, on top of everything else, was a Mother and Beautiful and Trying to Save Her Baby Boy - Jesus, there’s not much that will give you more points than all that. So it’s not surprising, really, that her arc must be downward, because how the hell would have she been able to go higher that actual martyrdom? So her having trouble connecting with her kids, her being secretive and skulking about and making deals with unsavoury characters - of course it’s nothing different or worse from what every single person on Supernatural has done for the past twelve seasons - the problem is not in the actions themselves, but in where they are in her character’s arc. That’s why, I think, we perceive her behaviour as less forgivable - not (only) sexism.  

Not One, But Two (Part VII)

Summary: It all started on that night when you and Jay were both too drunk to remember anything. You resigned from your job and left Seoul with a secret. Now you’re back and ready to tell Jay about them, but doing so means sharing their lives and putting his career and love life on the line.

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI |

“You’re lying,” Jukyung accused, returning Jay’s phone to him.

“I’m not!” Jay snorted.

“Oh really?”

“Yes. I’m not lying—” Jay sighed, still seeing the disbelief manifested by Jukyung’s expression and tone. “I’m their dad. You saw it. Jaeyoung looks a lot like me.”

“Jaeyoung?” Sunghwa asked.

“He’s the boy. Suri’s his sister. He’s older than her by just a minute. I wasn’t there when they were born. I only found out about them a couple of months ago,” Jay said.

“But how? Wasn’t she in the states with her family these past few years? Did you visit her when you went there?” Hyukwoo asked.

“No, I didn’t see her until she came back. It was before she left,” Jay replied.

“So if you’re telling us the truth, then that means that—” Sunghwa counted with his fingers, “she was pregnant when she left?”

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BTS reaction to you telling them you want a baby

I think all of them would be a bit scared now, cause they are still young and are quite busy so maybe this will be a set a few years from now.

ALSO, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY, I’M 21 YEEEEEY FOR GROWING OLDER not. This is not fun, I’m growing so fast -___-  I feel old -Admin RJ


Jin noticed how you spent more time in the baby section, looking at baby clothes with adoration in your eyes so he wasn’t very surprised when you confessed about wanting to have a baby. He as well thought about it before and he was quite eager to start a family, especially since babies are adorable and he has experience babysitting Bangtan.

“A mini-me with my perfect looks and yours, huh?”

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He was not very excited about the idea of a baby screaming and pooping everywhere, but then thoughts of having a little girl that looked like you playing the piano with tiny hands or a boy for him to teach how to rap and bring to the studio to play with the recording buttons invaded his mind. He found himself wishing to hold a baby in his arms so when you told him that you are ready to have a baby, he agreed immediately.

“I kinda want a baby now too. Let’s have one.”


Bringing the subject of babies to Hoseok has been something that crossed your mind a lot. One day, when he was practicing for a concert, you watched as one of the staff’s child was running across the stage and you decided to mention it to Hoseok. He immediately raised his head, looking at you with hopeful *j-hopeful* eyes and his face lighted up at the mention of babies, your own babies.

“Really? Cause I’ve been wanting to talk about it for a while.

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Namjoon was somehow ready for the talk about babies. You were both in a serious relationship, the band was having a break for a while and you gave him hints lately. So when you two decided to have the talk, Namjoon was ready with a list of pro and cons but you decided to try and see how it goes. Namjoon was smirking at the thought what needed to be done to actually have a baby and you immediately caught up, calling him a perv.

“I wasn’t thinking about the sex, I was happy for our future baby!”

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You two were skyping late at night since Jimin was oversea for a concert and you just wanted to update each other. You looked at Jimin and decided to finally speak up your mind about having a baby, a thought that has been on your mind a lot lately. Jimin was a bit taken back, but then he rolled over to his side, thinking about a tiny Jimin or Y/N and a smile spread over his face at how cute your baby would be. He wanted a family with you and so he promised to come home sooner to have a proper talk about it.

“We should talk more when I come home but I am quite excited about it.”

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He talked about it before with you but you were not quite sure so you asked for time to think about it. Taehyung let you think about it and one day, when you two were babysitting his cousins, you decided to have a baby with him, because of the way he looked at his young cousins and how great he was with them. When he heard your decision, he immediately jumped up from the floor and ran to you, grabbing your face to place a kiss on your lips, all happy and excited about the idea of a baby.

“I promise I will be a great father and our kid will be the best!!”

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He was shocked at your wish of having a baby and he admitted immediately that he was not ready, at least not yet. Since the thought of having a baby didn’t really cross his mind, he felt the need to research a little about it and maybe even spend time with his younger cousins to see how he would do as a father. He wanted to feel prepared and to be able to help before trying for a baby.

“How about we wait for a bit longer, [Y/N]?”

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simon imagine - destruction (trigger warning)

REQUESTED: “you have a history with depression and self harm and one day you decide to explain to simon what all the marks are on your skin cuz you know he’s seen them.. and he feels very desperate cuz he doesn’t know how to help you so the promises to himself to be the best boyfriend ever”

mentions of self harm, if this is triggering pls do not read!

The room was somewhat dark, lit only by an old lamp flickering on the bedside table. Simon lay naked next to me, the duvet strategically tucked under his arms, leaving his chest uncovered. While admiring his thoughtful face I let my fingers glide over his body. His sharp collarbones, toned biceps and broad shoulder blades. I watched as his mouth formed a smile before he turned to face me.

“What are you doing?” He asked a genuine question as his eyes met mine. I flashed a small, appreciative smile.

“Just…exploring you,” my fingers continued to glide up and down his torso. I felt his body tense and relax continuously underneath my touch. “Getting to know your body a little more.”

I watched as his eyes flashed. Apprehensively, he reached out a hand, softly grabbing my wrist. 

“Can I get to know your body a little more?”

His fingers pressed against the flesh softly and I cringed, squeezing my eyes shut. I knew what Simon was asking. He wasn’t just looking to explore me, or touch me generally - he was asking about the scars. After all these months, I knew I owed it to him to tell him. He deserved to know the truth, and I had no doubt he would learn to love it anyway.

I nodded, and he pulled his arm closer to him. As he sat up to examine the marks more I felt as if I was in a clinic rather than a bedroom. It felt like being back at hospital. I shuddered at the thought.

“I’m sorry - am I hurting you?”

“No, no,” I reassured him, shaking my head eagerly. “It’s just…a painful memory.”

“What happened, Y/n?”

His soft, warm voice was laced with intrigue as he brushed over the scars so gently with his finger tip. I avoided his eye. Suddenly I felt so guilty. Like I had failed him.

“I did it to myself, Simon. Cliche I know.”

“But why, Y/n?”

The disappointment and hurt in his voice shot at my heart like a dart to a board and I looked away.

“I was going through a rough time. I was a teenager, I had so many issues. I was so so broken.”

“Did it help you? At the time?”

“No, it didn’t help. If anything it made me feel worse.”

“So why did you…do it?”

“I wanted help. That began as a scream for help. I thought if people saw the cuts and bruises, they’d magically know what was going on without me having to go through the humiliation of actually telling them.” My voice dropped to a whisper. “I wanted to be saved.”

As I looked back up at Simon his eyes watered.

“You don’t still feel that way…do you?”

“I don’t wanna hurt myself anymore, no. But the depression doesn’t go away. There are good days and bad days.”

In the poor, sepia light I watched as Simon brought my wrist to his mouth, pressing gentle kisses to each and every cut. His lips felt warm and comforting. A tear rolled down my cheek.

“Y/n, I don’t ever want you to feel this way again. It pains me. It hurts me so, so much to think…” He choked on a sob, a tear escaping his eye. “To think you ever did this to yourself. The thought of you being anything other than so over the moon happy makes me so, so sad.”

“I know nothing I can say will change the past but I wanna change your future. I love you, Y/n. I always have and I always will no matter what. I love you, and I’m gonna be the best damn boyfriend you have ever had.”

More tears fell into my lap and I wiped them away with the back of my spare hand.

“And once I’ve been the best boyfriend, I wanna be the best fiance one day. And then the best husband. And the best father to our kids, and grandfather to their kids. I just wanna be good for you, Y/n.”

I climbed on top of Simon, straddling his waist and pressing a long, intense kiss to his lips. 

“I love you, Simon. I love you.”

“I love you too, Y/n, always.”

PLS READ - not trying to romanticise mental illness AT ALL. i wrote this bcos it was requested, and maybe it is something the person that requested thinks will help them. Pls remember in the real world pretty boys don’t cure mental illness - doctors, treatment, and self care are your best damn friends. i love you all

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Let's do it now! Romione ❤️

thanks for the prompt! it took a while to find a context for it but here it is! x


“Hm?” he looked over at her from his side of the bed at his wife, who was standing in her nightrobe, twisting her hands nervously.

She sat down on her side of the bed, her feet still touching the floor as she twisted towards him.

“You know how we’ve always talked about having kids?”

Ron could feel his ears perk up and his whole body stiffen - this was going to be interesting. “Yeah?” 

“And we’ve always talked about it in a far off way, like, ‘eventually’ or ‘at some point’?”


Hermione sighed - she could tell this conversation was going to be pretty one-sided. “Do you want to just do it now?”

“What?” Ron said, eyes widening, heart racing, as he stammered out: “Have k-kids?”

“Well, let’s look at it logically,” Hermione said, and Ron wanted to laugh as he saw her straighten up and take on her teacher voice, commencing her lecture. “We’ve been married two and a half years, together for so many more. You’ve become more established with the Aurors and you’re getting less and less crazy shifts - something that is so nice by the way - and I’m the same, I’ve been in the Department for three years and I think this has given me good time to become well-established in the legal area and achieve some of the thing I wanted to achieve before I was ready to settle, I feel like I’m finally in a position in my career where I’m ready and able to settle down and go on maternity to leave, and apart from that, Ron, Harry and Ginny have a child–”

“You’re not taking this as a competition, are you?” Ron grinned, raising an eyebrow bemusedly.

“No, of course not, Ron! I’m just saying they’ve had James and we’ve babysat and I know it’s not the same thing but Ron, you’re so good at this and I see you with James and I want us to have the same thing, and I think we’re ready, Ron, I really think we’re ready.”

She paused to take a breath, almost panting at the end of her spiel. Her eyes were shining, a hint of excitement and terror brewing beneath them.

“Let’s do it, Ron. Let’s do it now.”

Ron was watching her, eyes wide and soft as he tried to deal with the mix of emotions inside him. “You-you really think I’m good at this?”

Hermione sighed in exasperation. “Of course, Ron! You know exactly what to do to calm James down and you hold him like a natural and you make him smile and laugh and I don’t know how you do it but it’s like instinct and all I think when I look at you with James is what an amazing father you’d be to our kids.”

Ron had to look away from her and the sheer earnestness in her eyes. She believed it, she believed in him. And this wasn’t a foreign concept to him - he’d been thinking about having kids for a very long time- since the lonely nights in a tent in a forest in who knows where, where he stared at Hermione from his bunk bed longingly, and the only thing to keep him going was the vision of being married and having kids, with her as their mother - because he could not fathom doing this with anyone but her.

And now it was here, and she was ready, and she wanted this just as much as he did - but was he ready?

Ron thought about that vision again - this time, it was shining ten times brighter because it was so much more in his reach. He swallowed and allowed the hint of a smile to form on his face.

He looked up at her and nodded his head. 

“Yeah,” he said, watching as Hermione’s face relaxed as he pulled her in for a kiss, “let’s do it.”

from the four word prompts! 


You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes as Dean and Sam cackled and as Cas looked on with an approving smile.

“W-wait, did you have the skirts and blazers?” Dean choked out.

“We had ties, too,” you sighed, and that caused him to lean forward again and shake with laughter.

Cas nodded.  “Good.  It’s nice to hear that some children grew up with faith.”  Whether he did on purpose or not, he gave a pointed look at the brothers, and Sam cleared his throat.

“So how was Catholic school?  Did you have to go to church once a week?” he asked.  Sam, after getting over the shock and apparent hilarity at the school you went to from first grade through high school, seemed genuinely interested to hear.  You weren’t sure what possessed you to tell them this, but his curiosity made it less painful.

“Yeah, once a week up until high school.  Then, it was only on special occasions.”  With a smirk, you added, “Why do you think I cream your asses when it comes to Latin?”

“You took Latin classes?” Dean asked, his eyebrows raised and a smile forming on his face.

“It was awful, and the only thing I remember from that class is how to say the ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Our Father’ in Latin.  We used to have competitions on who could say it the fastest,” you admitted.  “And that class was hard considering it was taught for middle school kids.”

Sam nodded, and then hesitated like he was almost embarrassed of his next question.  “I’ve gotta ask, where did the short skirt stereotype come from?”

You pulled a face, rolled your eyes, and made a disgusted ugh sound.  “Oh, please, do you know how many kids from the local public schools would ridicule me?  The only reason anyone’s skirt was short was because those things were forty bucks a piece, and by senior year, who wants to buy new ones?  And, sure, some girls rolled them up, but can you blame them?  Those pleated skirts were not attractive.”

“Ooh, getting defensive, I see.  Don’t get your thigh socks in a twist,” Dean teased, and you held up a hand with an open mouth.

“No, no, no, thigh socks were scandalous!  The socks had to be below your knees, because God-forbid you cover more of your legs.”  You couldn’t help but laugh after saying that.  “Man, those rules were weird.”

“I don’t think my Father cares whether or not you wear your socks above or below your knees,” Cas commented, a confused expression on his face.

“See?  He gets it.  Catholic school was weird.”

There was a lull in the conversation before Sam asked, “So… how fast can you say the ‘Hail Mary’?”

A grin took over your face, and you took a deep breath, ready to test yourself to see how much you remembered starting with Ave Maria.

The Ring: Part 2

AN: The second and final part to the Ring. I’m a bit nervous about posting this one. I apologize in advance. The prompt is at the bottom.

Words: 1364

Part 1

It’s an out of body experience when you die. You remember how you died you just don’t remember how you got here. It’s been a while that much you can tell. Your husband and your sons are all at home. And they’re all dressed in black.

You try talking to them, but they don’t hear you. Jason is beating the punching bag and his knuckles are bloody and raw; you beg him to stop, but he doesn’t.

Tim is typing away on his keyboard. You can tell that from his eyes that he hasn’t slept in days. You beg him to stop, but he doesn’t.

Dick is running, his feet are pounding against the treadmill, as though he’s trying to outrun your death. His legs are shaking, and from what the timer says, he’s been on that damn treadmill for hours now. You beg him to stop, but he doesn’t.

Damian is just sitting on his bed, in the middle of his destroyed room. Lamps are broken, sheets have been torn, and there are punch marks in the walls. You beg him to say something, but he doesn’t.

You go to Bruce last; he’s in your shared bedroom, lying on the bed. He has one of your shirts clutched to his face. You can just make out the black and blue bruises covering his body. He’s been in fights, multiple fights. You kind of just sink to the floor, and if you could have cried, you would have.

The cries of a baby pull you from your thoughts. You move towards the bassinet in the corner, and you smile down at the baby there. You stick out your hand and try to stroke his cheek, but this form won’t allow that. You try cooing at him, and you seem to get his attention.

A moment later you’re proven wrong, as Alfred walks through you to reach the baby. He bounces the baby until he stops crying, and finally turns to Bruce and says, “Miss Y/N would be so disappointed in you. Not caring for the one piece of her that lives on. Instead you go into bars and fight. What would she say?”

Bruce’s voice is barely above a whisper, “She’d tell me I’m being a jackass, and to man up and be a father; to pull the family together and be there for our kids. And if she were here I’d do anything she asked, but she’s not, so it doesn’t matter.”

The butler doesn’t say a word as he sweeps out of the room. You lie down next to your grief stricken husband, and you watch as he drifts asleep.

You wake up in a white room, and you hear your name being called. You face a man you don’t know and all he says is, “This is your chance to say goodbye. Not many get this chance, use it wisely.”

Then suddenly you’re in the meadow behind the manor. The sun is shining, and your entire family is there. They’re all rather quiet as you sit down; their faces all turn towards you. Damian doesn’t even hesitate as he launches himself into your arms. You catch him with ease.

You stroke his hair, and when no one speaks, you decide to. “I’m here to say goodbye.” You can see the protests on their mouths and you hold up a hand to stop them, “I don’t want to, but I have to. I need to know that you guys are going to be okay. That you’re going to stop working yourselves to death, that you’ll eat right, that you’ll make time for the family. I need to know that you guys are going to stick together.”

There’s some sort of quiet agreement and you turn to Dick, and pull him in for a hug. His arms wrap tight around you and you stroke his hair, “I need you to land on your feet, baby bird. I need you to help your dad, I need you to smile, I need you to be that light you always are. It doesn’t have to be right away, but if you start to feel happy I want you to embrace that. It’s okay to be happy.” He nods before kissing your cheek, and pulling away.

Jason is next. You take his face in your hands and kiss his forehead. “Stay strong, big bird. Help keep the family safe, don’t let anyone do anything stupid. Keep an eye on Damian in particular. Don’t let your dad go off his path. The Batman still has work to do.”

He nods and says, “I promise, Ma.”

You pull Tim into your side, “I’m begging you Timmy, eat right, don’t spend so much time in front of a computer screen, and get at least five hours of sleep at night. Promise me, Timothy.”

“Yes mam, I promise.”

You kiss his cheek, “I love you, baby bird.”

You pull Damian into your lap, “This is not your fault lil’ bird.”

He interrupts you, “It was my mother who …”

You nod, “It was Talia, not you Damian. You, lil’ bird, have a good heart. And you’re following a good path. Stick to that path, be the hero that the world needs you to be. Promise me.”

He buries his face in your neck and says, “I promise.”

You look at your sons and say, “Let yourselves be loved, and please love others. Pain is a part of life, but it is only one small part. If you’re too focused on it, you miss the happy things.”

They each give you a smile before they each vanish, leaving only you and Bruce. You wait for him to speak, “I’m always left behind.”

You smile and say, “No, I’ll wait for you.” You climb into his lap and cherish the feeling of his arms wrapping around you for the last time, “In the meantime,  time I need you to live. Live the life I can’t. Be a father to our kids. Be there to tell Benjamin about me. Smile when you tell those stories. Be happy when you remember me Bruce Wayne, because I was always happy when I was with you.”

“Don’t leave me,” He pleads.

You can actually feel the tears streaming down your face now, “I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to leave our boys. I want to leave our newest son. But we don’t get that choice Bruce. I need you to promise me that you’ll live. Take time to mourn, but please don’t let it consume you.”

You kiss him, and when you pull back you place your forehead against his, he holds you tight, “I promise.”

“Good, now make sure you still do Christmas big, and invite the League over for Thanksgiving, watch the fireworks on Fourth of July, have a picnic in the summer. Do fun things, Bruce, love life. For me.”

  He nods as you start to disappear, and says, “I promise. I love you.”

  You just smile and say, “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you forever, as long as I’m me, my husband you’ll be.” And with that you begin to fade.

Bruce wakes with a start to find his boys surrounding his bed. Sitting up he notices Dick holding Benjamin, and holds out his arms for his youngest son. Dick hands him over without a complaint as the boys all climb on the bed. There are several moments of silence before Tim asks, “Did you see her too?”

“In the meadow?” He asks.

They all nod, and he just laughs, “She found a way to say goodbye.”

  “You really think it was her?” Damian asks.

Bruce smiles, “I wouldn’t put it past her, when it comes to her family nothing is impossible.”

Jason nods before holding out a book, “Alfred gave us this. He says Mom made it a few weeks ago.”

The title stares up at Bruce and he reads it out loud, “I’ll love you forever.”

He opens the cover and your voice comes out as it reads the first line, “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like your for always, your mommy I’ll forever be.” And the last line finishes with, “I love you, my big bat and little Robins. Forever.”

AN: Not going to lie, I cried a bit as I wrote this.

Prompt: Batmom Dies

Hell On A Angel- Happy Lowman

Song- Hell On A Angel By Brantley Gilbert.

They said I was baptized in dirty water
By the hands of the devil himself
Between the banks of a Whiskey River
Beside the Highway to Hell
I got scars on my heart and knuckles
I got debts that I can’t pay
Yeah but I got a blessing sent down from heaven
Baby you’re my saving grace

Pacing the room, waiting for time to go by faster. This day was going to be the best day of your life, you were finally marrying the love of your life. She was amazing, she didnt care about your job or how you made your money. The only thing she cared about was that you came home alive and that you were loyal. You fell deeply in love with her the first time you saw her three years ago. She was like a drug that the high was so great that you kept taking it and over dosed.
Your mind and heart racing, you didnt notice Kozik coming in the room. “Hap..Happy”.
“Huh”. You chewed on your fingers.
“Its time brother, you’re getting hitched”. He gave you a bear hug.
“I cant wait, I’m so fucking nervous”. You looked at your hands shaking.
“Dont be, she loves you and you love her, thats all that matters”. He smiled, slapping your back.
“Lets get this party started and get you a wife”.
“Here we go”.
Kozik and you walked outside to the tent that was set up for the wedding and reception. Feeling the wind blow, the sun shining on your face, you new Y/N picked a great day for your wedding. She worked so hard to get everything she wanted and you wanted to be in the wedding. It was a classic biker wedding but with alittle hippy style to it.
“You look good Brother”. Said Chibs as he gave you a hug.
“You nervous, you look like your sweating”. Jax grined.
“Nah, I’m good”. “Cant wait till shes finally mine”. You played with your kute.
“She looks real pretty, we just came from her room”. Tig smiled wide.
“Guys, I think I’m gonna throw up, to be honest”.
“Dont do that, then Y/N will have to find someone else to kiss”. “I so volunteer”. Tig laughed.
Happy shook his head. Chibs smacked Tig on the back of the head.

Girl you got an outlaw
Ready to lay down all my guns
A dirty old hound dog
Learning new tricks like cuddlin’ up
You’ve got a hellcat purrin’ like a kitten
You’ve got a sinner down on his knees
It had to be hell on an angel
Lovin’ the devil outta me

Smiling at Gemma, you couldnt stand still. It was taking to long to get ready.
“Y/N hold still or I’m going to be sick”. She laughed.
“Can I just run out there and just get this over with”. “I hate waiting”.
“I think your having trouble waiting for is the honeymoon”. Lyla giggled.
You smirked. “Is it that obvious”.
“Yeah it is, its like your in heat or something”. “Your not right”. Gemma laughed.
“No Gem I’m not”. “I just cant wait for husband and wife sex”. “Is it different”?
“Not really”. Lyla said. “Its alittle more exciting tho”.
You blow out the breathe you were holding in. “Can we start”?
“Yes, I’ll tell them your ready”. Gemma got up, walking to the door. “SHE’S READY, LETS START THIS WEDDING”. She yelled .
“I could have done that”. You laughed.
Hearing the music, you picked up your flowers and grabbed Juices arm.
“Lets get you married”.

You’d tell me how did I get under
This leather skin I wear
Beneath the callouses and tattoos
Around the walls I’ve built down there
To this heart I’ve broke and guarded
All alone out on the street flyin’
Yea it takes an angel to fly with a free bird
Baby we’ve got the sky
You heard the cabin door slam, it was finally happening.
She was stunningly beautiful. Her dress fit her to a tee and showed of her amazing curves. Looking from head to toe she was so..you lost words.
Walking down she was passed to Tig, then to Chibs and last to Kozik to give you away. It was her way to get everyone in the wedding.
“Hey Handsome”.
“Hey Gorgeous ”. Happy smiled from ear to ear.
“We are gathered here to day to bring Happy Lowman and Y/N Y/L/N together for eternity and beyond.
"They have prepared their own vows, Happy would you like to go first”?
Happy nodded. “Y/N, your are the most amazing person I’ve met”. “You make me smile, when things are going bad”. “You make me a better person, the way I live and the things I do, you still love me. "I love that your a spit fire and you can hold a drink”. He laughed. “You’re not like other girls I’ve been with”. “You take such good care of me and I love you for that”. “Mom loved you, I feel her with us today”. “She always told me that you and I would get married but I didnt believe  her”. “And I wish she was her to see this and our kids grow up”. “You were there when she was in the hospital, nursing home and when she died”. When I was broken you were strong". I cant tell you how much that meant to me". I love you and nothing with change that". “You are my one and only”.
“I love you Mrs. Lowman”.
You, the club and Happy wiped away tears. “Wow Hap”. Tig said.
“Its your turn”.
“Happy, when I first met you, you tried to be this big bad biker but I guess I wore you down”. “You turn out to be a soft, warm, caring, loving person”. “I couldnt ask for a better husband and father for our kids”. You sniffled. “You make this spontaneous person come out of me, you get these amazing ideas and your so creative”. “Our children are very lucky to have a dad like you”. “You will teach them to defend their selfs, love their selfs and mostly be loyal to one another”. “Family comes first and I love that about you”. I wish when our child is born, your mom could have been there, but I know she will be in spirit". She raised such a wonderful human being". “I hope that I could be just like her”. “I love you Mr. Lowman”.
“If anyone objects then do so at this time”.
“Umm, Hap you for got something”. Kozik piped in.
Happy rolled his eyes. “I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my harley” Happy and the guys chanted.
You laughed.
“You may now kiss your bride”.
Happy pulled you close, gentle grabbing your face and kissed you deeply.
All you heard was clapping and whoos. Your mind was blank at the passion that came from his kiss.
“I would like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Happy Lowman”.

Girl you got an outlaw
Ready to lay down all my guns
A dirty old hound dog
Learning new tricks like cuddlin’ up
You’ve got a hellcat purrin’ like a kitten
You’ve got a sinner down on his knees
It had to be hell on an angel
Lovin’ the devil outta me

The reception went off with a bang. Drinks, food and music was flowing.
You sat at the table and looked around at your family. You couldnt be happier.
“Hey Wifey”. “Did I tell you how stunning you look today”.
“Hey, Hubby”. You laughed. “I think maybe four or five times but whos counting”.
“I really hate those names”. Happy said as he took a sip from his beer.
“I do too, let just go back to our old names”.
“Alright Little Girl”.  Happy smirked.
“Yes, Daddy”. You giggled.
Can we get the bride and groom on the dance floor.
Happy grabbed your hand and lead you to the dance floor.
Swaying back and forth, with Happys hands on your lower back. You were in heaven. Never wanting to leave this moment.
“Yes, my Love”.
“I was wondering, in your vows you kept saying our kids”.
“Yeah so”.
“Are you trying to tell me something or what”.
A smile cam across your face". “That I am”.
“You are going to be a dad in eight months”.
Happy danced speechless. You new he was excited, his grip on your lower back pulled you closer.
“I cant wait”.
“Your going to be a great dad”.  You laid your head on his chest.
“Your going to be a great mom”. “Mom would be proud of us”.
Tears rolled down your cheeks. “Yes she would, we came so far and our lifes are just getting better”.
“I love you”. You both said at the same time.

Hell on an angel, on an angel
Girl you got an outlaw
Ready to lay down all my guns
A dirty old hound dog
Learning new tricks like cuddlin’ up
You’ve got a hellcat purrin’ like a kitten
You’ve got a sinner down on his knees
It had to be hell on an angel
Lovin’ the devil outta me

FanFic: Rucas- Not Your Father

Father’s Day was one of the worst days of the year as far as Lucas was concerned. No matter how old he got, it always brought forth memories of his dad.  Even though Lucas was a father himself (4x over!) he still felt like the scared young boy that he had been.

Riley desperately wished she and the kids could change his feelings about the day but after a failed attempt or two to replace his old memories with new ones, they stopped trying.

This year, Uncle Zay and Aunt Vanessa were picking the kids up to spend the day with them and their 3 offspring. Usually, Farkle and Smackle would take the kids for the day. Their 4 kids were best friends with the Friar 4 but Smackle surprised Farkle and the kids with a trip to NY. Their kids wanted to see where their parents grew up.

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Twisted Desires Chapter Eleven

Quick Info - Y/N comes clean about the conversation with Dee’s mom. Jensen and Y/N discuss something important.
Word Count - 2431
Warnings - language, angst, fluff,

Part eleven of twenty five. Hope you enjoy this series as much as i enjoyed writing it.

This is my first Jensen series. I mean no disrespect toward Jensen or Danneel. This is purely a fictitious story that I tried with Dean but it didn’t work as well. Thank you to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @tankcupcakes and @atc74 for their beta and encouragement with this series.

Twisted Desires Masterlist

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Twisted Desires Chapter Eleven

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Here is a small fic in which Bucky and the Reader make a very big decision. I know I’ve been writing a lot of really angsty stuff lately, so I thought that maybe some fluff was in order!!!

If you have any feedback let me know!




You sat peacefully with Bucky, listening to music on the radio. You were reading a book, and he was clutching on to the newspaper for dear life.

Obviously he needed to talk to you about something, but wasn’t sure how to broach the topic.

“James, sweetheart, what’s bothering you?” you asked, placing your book face up on your lap, to keep your place.

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Happy Father’s Day! 👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👦‍👦

Happy father’s day to all of the dads out there! Especially to my hubby who is one amazing father to our kids. ❤️  This man puts his heart and soul into his family and it shows every single day. He works so hard to make sure we’re straight and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Even through the arguments and sleep deprivation, he always goes above and beyond to make me happy and for that I am thankful.

We spent our morning at church today! We took the whole family to church for the first time since Lincoln was born. It was certainly hard getting everyone dressed and ready, but with a little team work, we were only 45 minutes late which is a huge undertaking. Service was great and everyone was so happy to see us. I dressed the boys in the same little outfit today and it just about melted everyone’s heart…I’m so sad I didn’t get a photo of Kayson holding Lincoln! Of course after only about 30 minutes I get a text from the nursery saying Arianna didn’t want to be there anymore. So we left Ava and Lincoln there and brought Ari up. Eventually she fell asleep though so that was nice.

After church was over we took a few pictures outside with the fam. (Unfortunately, Khi’s dad wasn’t feeling well so he missed service today and we didn’t get any pictures with him.) Then we went past the cemetery so I could wish my dad a happy father’s day. I miss him so much every day. 💙 😇  I hope everyone’s hubbys, dads, brothers, etc, are enjoying their father’s day so far!


In all the time you’d known him, all the battles you’d faced and cases you’d taken together, you’d never seen Cas look so tired as he did when you arrived back home. 

“Did you guys have a good time with dad…” you trailed off, taken back both by Cas crashing into you, holding you in a vice-like hug, and by the mess that greeted your eyes.

“You’re home,” Cas breathed, relief evident in his voice. “They wanted to help make a welcome back dinner for you and I left the room for two minutes and…”

“Wow. Uh–maybe–maybe next time Sam and Dean need help, you can pop over there,” you said. “We’ll take turns.” Cas didn’t say anything, but you felt him nod, still holding you as if afraid he would be left alone with your tiny terrors if he let you go for a second.

x x x


“Don’t get me wrong,” her father said, “She’s our kid and we love her, but she’s wasting her life and for what? Hunting?” He shook his head, his arms crossed over his chest. “We can’t condone that.”

Condone?” Sam repeated, “You know what? I’ve heard enough. I get it - hunting isn’t exactly a career,” he admitted, “But that’s not what this is about! She’s your daughter - and she’s an adult. It’s not up to you to condone her actions or not. It’s not up to you to condition your acceptance of her based on what she chooses to do with her life,” he said, his voice raising with every syllable, “She wakes up every day not knowing whether or not she’ll have the next one. 

“She puts her life at risk with every step she takes because she believes she’s doing the right thing - saving people, making the world a better place,” he continued, “And you know what she says, when she’s hurt? Or when she really believes we might be hitting a dead-end? She asks about you. She asks us to take care of you if things go sideways.

“After you’ve abandoned her - after you’ve decided you no longer want her. She still thinks about you. What has she ever done to you, huh? Aside from making a decision about her life?”

They both stayed silent, exchanging disturbed glances.

“She doesn’t deserve this,” he muttered, standing up, “And, honestly? You don’t deserve her.”

[Switch to male reader under the cut]

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“Your real half brother is innocent.”

Unexpected - Jason x Reader

Prompt: Hello dear 💜 could I request a oneshot or drabble (whatever you want it’s fine by me 😊) for Jason x Reader with the prompt “I’m just as fucked up as you are” (reader says that to Jason) thank you 😊 (requested by anon)

Shit.” You whispered under your breath as you stared at the positive pregnancy test like it was ushering in the apocalypse on a flaming steed.

Come to think of it that just might be an accurate description.

Your mind started to race a mile a minute. You weren’t ready to become a parent. Hell, you were pretty sure that you would never be ready. You didn’t exactly have what you would call a nurturing childhood and you were terrified of the possibility that couldn’t provide anything much better to any child of yours. And Jason.

Holy fuck! What is Jason going to think about all of this? The two of you had only been together for a little over a year and you’ve yet to talk about if you even want to have children. You had no earthly idea how he might respond to this.

“[Y/N]? What’s the matter? Are you alright?” Jason worriedly asked seeing you standing in the bathroom with a petrified look on your face. You silently shook your head, the words you wanted to say refusing to surface. Tears started to to spring to your eyes and you began to sob uncontrollably. You weren’t an emotional person as a general rule so you breaking down like this set off red flags for Jason

Jason took you in his arms and just held you softly stroking your hair as your tears stained his shirt.

“You need to tell me what’s wrong [Y/N].” Jason whispered softly not breaking the embrace.

“I’m pregnant Jay. I’m pregnant and I’m freaking the fuck out.” You cried feeling another bout of anxiety crawl up your chest. Jason stiffened and his face froze in terror. “Please say something Jay.” You pleaded after many painful moments of silence.

“Fuck [Y/N].” Jason breathed out, stress lacing his tone.

“What are we going to do Jay?” You whispered against his chest, holding him closer to you.

“I don’t know [Y/N].” He responded resting his cheek against the top of your head. “Fuck, we’re young and stupid and reckless. I love you so fucking much [Y/N] but I’m terrified that I won’t be a good father to our kid. Not with the fucked up life that I’ve had. I don’t want to ruin some poor kid’s life.” He confessed with tears starting to brim in his eyes.

“Fuck.” He repeated in frustration, wiping the moisture from his eyes. He dropped down to his knees and rested his forehead against your stomach, trying to regain control of his emotions.

“Jay, I’m just as fucked up as you are. I have no idea how to fucking raise a kid but I don’t think I can do this without you. Please don’t leave.” You pleaded. He slowly shook his head against your stomach.

“Never.” He promised. He looked back up at you and you placed your hand against his cheek and gave him a watery smile, still sobbing slightly. “Whatever you want [Y/N], it yours. I’ll support you no matter what.” He swore, his gaze reaching your soul. You dropped down on your knees to his level and gave him a hug.

“Even if I want to keep it?” You ask in a small voice.

Especially if you want to keep our kid.” He promised passionately. “I love you so much [Y/N] and if this is what you want I’m going to try my god damn hardest to be the best fucking father that kid could ever have. I promise you that.” He took your face in his hands. You threw your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss.

“So together then?” You ask.

“Together.” He promised.