“oh mi god, Spider-Man Homecoming is just Iron Man 4, I’m so-“

Shut up. Tony Stark is the one character who actually fits as a supporting character for a Spider-Man movie. And not because the other big Avenger is now a fugitive. Peter’s motivations have always been about guilt. And no other character in the MCU gets that more than Tony Stark. Peter and Tony work as a great teacher/student and father/son dynamic. It’s been set up in Civil War that Tony cares about Peter and he wants to help Peter in his life of crime fighting. And Peter clearly looks up to Tony and wants to impress him however he can. Tony is literally the only character in the MCU that would work as a supporting character for a Spider-Man movie at this point. It also has the added bonus of emphasizing Peter as a small guy in a big world that he isn’t quite ready for.

Shut. Up.

GotG - Ravager Funeral

As beautiful and amazing as the Ravager Funeral the rest of the clans held for Yondu, I think it would have been even better if Stakar actually boarded the Eclector and offered his condolences to Peter and Kraglin face to face. He would have been able to meet the boy Yondu kept and raised and pay his respects to his old friend in person.

Also it would have been cool if he presented Peter and Kraglin with a tribute of some sort as Yondu’s next of kin; like when they give a flag to the spouse or children of the fallen soldier. 

“BATMAN IS NEVER JEALOUS” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#5. “Who the fuck is this guy!? “My brother….” “Sure! Sure he is!”

Here we go for jealous Bruce Wayne, because that’s what this prompt inspired me to write. Boom, hope you’ll like it I’m a bit unsure about this one, feedbacks are welcome : 

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Damian was a bit confused. Usually, on patrol, they would like…do things. Catch criminals. Stop bank robberies. Save widows and orphans.

Yes, Damian was utterly confused as to why tonight, his father and him were following…his mom. Not Talia. You. He never considered Talia his mother, he came to that realization the first time you made him hot cocoa and cookies after he had a rough day, and just…talked to him. Asked him how he was feeling. Just genuinely cared for him, something Talia Al’Ghul never did. 

She was his mother, but you were his mommy. 

And so, tonight, as he was jumping from a building to another, following you threw the dark street of Gotham, he wasn’t really sure what was going on. 

Oh my God…Were you a criminal ? Was he going to loose you because his father was going to put you behind bars ? But he loves you ! How could he ? 

If it came to that, Damian decided that he would fight his dad, giving you enough time to escape. Yes. He would save you. There was no way he was letting his mommy go in prison, no matter what she did…

His father was talking to Dick about something happening in North Gotham. He then proceeded to call Tim to ask him to go to the docks join Jason because some big drug deal was going on…And once again, Damian wondered why they were tracking you instead of taking care of the real issues. 

He looked down in the street, you were at a small cafe, ordering a huge cup of coffee, that he knew was probably the blackest beverage ever. You liked it that way. But that’s it. You were getting coffee. Sure it was 10:30 pm but like, you couldn’t always just stay at the Manor right ? You’d be bored ! 

Besides, you were a writer, you often came to get coffee at night with your notebook, you always said it brought you lots of inspiration (he loved your stories, and was your number one beta reader). 

It wasn’t an unusual thing for you to be out, getting coffee (even if Gotham was dangerous at night, you knew how to defend yourself thanks to your Husband’s training, and besides, one of your sons kinda always had an eye on you anyway…just to be sure), so again, why were they here ? Why weren’t they on the docks, with Tim and Jason, to fight some real criminals ? 

Bruce refused to let Damian patrol alone so far, which is why he was with him, but usually, he’d explain what was going on you know ? Not able to contain himself anymore, Damian asked : 

-Father…why are we spying on mom ? 

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GotG - Family Tradition

I think there’s a pattern within the Ravager family; I started thinking about this after seeing the micro moment (but still a moment nontheless) between Yondu and Martinex.

So here’s are all the similar actions I came up with:
- Stakar saves a young Yondu from slavery, becoming not only his captain but also the first real parental or maybe big brother figure in his life; Yondu saved Peter from being a possible prisoner of his biological father Ego, becoming his captain and father figure in his new life.
- Yondu and Martinex must have grown up together, maybe being as close as brothers within the Ravagers; Kraglin and Peter more than likely grew up together in the Ravagers, also becoming like brothers.
- One of the two pairs of brothers became first mate to their captains/father figures/older brother figures; Martinex to Stakar and Kraglin to Yondu.
-The other brothers become the “black sheeps” of sorts, Yondu and Peter, going off on their own and forming their own clans.
-Both brothers who were named first mate, Martinex and Kraglin, hold some form of resentment towards their adopted brothers; Martinex’s anger towards Yondu for betraying the code and Kraglin’s jealousy towards Peter for being Yondu’s “favorite son” and always getting away with things scott free.
-In the end they all still love each other: Martinex stating that Yondu didn’t let the clan down afterall, forgiving him for his past actions, and honoring his memory at the Ravager funeral and Kraglin giving Peter the Zune player as a last gift from Yondu while Peter gives Kraglin the Yaka Arrow stating that Yondu would want him to have it and in a way showing Kraglin that Yondu was just as proud of his “oldest son” or “little brother” as he was of Peter.

SO MANY SIMILAR SITUATIONS!!! I hope I remembered them all; I came up with so many!! XD


Ezra Miller for Toronto Sun (by Veronica Henri)

“Who’s going to be a hero!?”
“Hah! He already speaks our people’s tongue!”

Baby Link, Breath of the Wild.
Old Link, Origin, Skyward Sword Manga.

The story here is (based on my non-cannon, absolutely fictional mind) that Origin lives in heaven. He delivers the spirit of the Hero into earth, and receives the heroes when it’s time to return. The idea here is that he’s sending baby Link, and he’s a baby because he’s about to be born :)