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Can you imagine in civil war Tony confronting Bucky about killing his parents? Can you imagine the heartbreak?

See, I think Tony would be so focused on catching Bucky, on making him pay, that when it finally comes down to it and he finally sees Bucky, sees how frail and pale he is, how his metal arm is starting to rust, that he’d really stop and pause?

Like how could this man, who looks like he’s one missed meal away from keeling over, have killed his parents?

And then it hits him. This man didn’t. The Winter Soldier did. He hadn’t really understood until he saw him that they really are different people. 

Cue Tony Stark bundling Bucky up into a Quinjet. Bucky assumes he’s being arrested, but instead Tony drops him off at Steve’s apartment with a new arm he made on the way back and a fake identity so he can live under the radar. 

Tony then goes home and drinks until he passes out. 

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father liam—pretend boxing with his little girl

“Just like that.” Liam said, holding out his hands out for Clarissa to punch. She had just turned six and had become so interested in Liam’s job as a boxer.

You didn’t want her to get into this stuff since you already worried so much about Liam whenever he was off fighting and you were still home with Clarissa. Just the thought of her wanting to box one day too terrified you because you didn’t want to worry about the both of them. 

“Liam, why’re you teaching her that?” You whined, hoping that he would take the hint and know why you didn’t want her learning any of that.

“We’re just messing around babe, don’t worry.” He directed his attention back to Clarissa and showing her how she could improve. “Nice! You’ll be better than me pretty soon.”

“I don’t think that’s possible, Liam.” You butt into the conversation again because you didn’t want him to think that you were mad at him. “No one’s better than Liam Payne is.”

Liam flashed you a grin but within those seconds, he ended up losing focus on Clarissa and he soon felt a punch to his cheek. She was stronger than he expected and he winced, reaching out to grab her before she could throw another punch. “Okay, that’s enough of that. Before you beat me up any more, little girl.”

OHMYGOSH I was just watching this and is this a slip up???

Pay attention at 3:15 when Colin says “(as soon as Merlin gets a love) they kill him” 

He then hastily adds a “or her” but his first thought was they kill him, does this mean he knew all along that Arthur was going to die, and that Merlin loves Arthur? 

I know he elaborates with Merlin’s father, but come one, you can’t call family or friends “a Love”! 

Merthur is officially confirmed.


Dylan o’Brien (Stuart = The internship) Imagine: Coffee Shop Girl

Stuart was a nerd at Google, you were the coffee shop girl, and sure you were only here because your father was one of the main investors in google and he had got you this job, but you were done taking his money. You were doing this because you wanted to prove to everyone that you could be self-sufficient and independent, although you were struggling you could manage. You had one of the rooms given to the interns at google but hey it was a place for free so you could save the money up from you job. You were also doing an Open University course in medicine so you had plans to go somewhere although right now you were stuck here but it wasn’t that bad; there was a cute new intern here at google.

His name was Stuart and he was one of those cute nerdy boys with glasses and Beanies, and you for one went weak at the knees when he showed his knowledge off and was a bit of an asshole about it. Although whenever he bought anything here he wouldn’t even look at you in the face, probably because he didn’t have time for idiots. I mean you were an idiot; you were a year younger than him working at a job you didn’t even get yourself. He had got this far and would probably go way further.

It was a normal day until you saw Stuart walk in accompanied by the two old interns you had heard about; they looked as if they were giving him a pep talk; either way he looked as if he needed one. Walking over to you he made eye contact with you which was probably the first time he had even acknowledged you and you couldn’t help but smile. “Hey can I help?” you asked sweetly trying your best not to smile too much. “Erm…” he began but stopping. “You’re the kid who got a job of her daddy right?” he spoke harshly his whole demeanour changing. “Erm I guess” you spoke looking down. “Thought so” he spoke hurrying off as the two older interns looked mad and ready to smack him hard.

Wow. That comment really hurt you. You were though, the girl who got a job from daddy, who could never support herself. You held in all in until your shift finished. It was about 10pm and you had just finished cleaning up when you let your emotions get the better of you. Leaning against the bar you sunk to the floor crying silently into your hands or so you thought. “Y/n?” a voice questioned; Stuart. “Oh hey” you sniffled trying to wipe away tears, “I didn’t think you knew my name” you spoke trying to hide the hurt he had previously caused you. “I am so sorry for earlier, look I came to find you, I didn’t mean to say that I panicked, I came to ask you out but I think I blew it” he spoke rubbing the back of his neck as he sat in front of you. Laughing you nodded “Kinda” he smiled at the floor before continuing.

“Y/n, you are in no way reliant on your dad y’know, just because he got you this job, he doesn’t work here for you, you put the effort in, all he did was make one phone call, you did the rest!” Dave exclaimed going to hug you, clearly feeling terrible for his actions. “Y’know, you’re not as bad as you first come across” you laugh as he raised an eyebrow. “So about that date?” he questioned chuckling, “Coffee?” you offered unlocking the counter as he nodded. “Oh yeah” he laughed.

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I'm pregnant but I know it would break me to abort even though I am in no mental or physical state to carry on with the pregnancy or a financial position to raise a child. I really need some advice, I can't see any way forward. The only possible father was a one night stand and we've had no contact since. I'm only 18 and I'm terrified.

Hi nonnie. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time.

I wish I could be more help, but I’m not sure what to tell you. Is there a reason you think the abortion would break you? And do you have anyone that can support you such as family, friends, etc.

I can’t tell you what decision to make other than one that would be in your best interests.


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Beckett and Castle have a son together, I don't remember the reason why he wasn't there for them maybe she didn't tell him they meet again. Will comes back to help with a case he knows her son (he chose his job over them) but he didn't know that castle is the father and then one of them (castle or will) punch or hit the other, please help me to find the fic. I think will punched Castle.

Ohh I think I might know this but agh can’t remember. Anyone know?

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How strict are you with priest-penitent confidentiality, Father?


// This is one of the things he actually does really believe in and stick to. Him choosing to have sex, etc. only affects him and whoever his partner is and that’s their choice, but someone coming to him for Confession is putting their trust in him and it’s his job not to betray that.

Novena to the Holy Ghost

Come, O Divine Spirit, fill my heart with Thy heavenly fruits, Thy charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, faith, mildness, and temperance, that I may never weary in the service of God, but by continued faithful submission to Thy inspiration, may merit to be united eternally with Thee in the love of the Father and the Son. Amen.

Recite one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and seven Glory Be’s

Out of the two Sunglass twins, Neo'la is the dominant one. Their father, Syan, wanted to kill Seaandra at birth because she was the weaker one, but their mother, Driana, fought him against it.

the missions in episode 1 are incredibly varied, to the point of being hilarious

one of the earlier missions is just like “help me bring back my dumb ass father” and then another one later on is like “I’m fucking dying but I refuse to pass on until I’ve defeated 1000 monsters help me die”

It’s wild how many people are still defending George Zimmerman. He’s been arrested for assaulting a police officer, domestic violence against three separate women, assaulting a senior citizen, threatening multiple romantic partners (and one’s father) with guns, and the ongoing situation that led to him being shot–him getting road rage and threatening the guy who eventually shot him with a gun, showing up at dude’s job the next day and lurking in the parking lot with a gun, and then pulling a gun on him again months later.

If he was black, he never would have ended up killing Trayvon Martin, because the cop he assaulted in 2005 would have shot him instead of being pressured by Zimmerman’s judge father to drop the charges.

A Ginny Weasley Headcanon

Ginny wasn’t forced to repeat a year after the diary incident, thanks to end-of-term exams being cancelled, but she began to realise how much she hadn’t taken in pretty early in her second year.

Professor McGonagall noticed her struggling in Transfiguration, and they had a chat.

McGonagall then arranged for Ginny to take some remedial classes throughout the year to help her cope.

She didn’t tell her parents (Mum would fuss), Harry and Ron were oblivious (as usual), and Hermione… had a lot going on herself that year.

The only ones who really noticed were Fred and George, and she found them to be surprisingly understanding when it came to keeping things like this quiet.

It was a hard year, what with the occasional panic attacks and crippling self-doubt that were just some of the gifts Riddle had left her with. But she got through it, and became close to Professor Lupin, who turned out to know a lot about being afraid of what you were. That you might lose control of yourself, that you might hurt people without meaning to, that you somehow didn’t deserve to have close friends. She cried when he left.