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if i wanna get into dc as a Gay where should i start pls

Sorry for the late reply!!! Ok here is a list of good LGBT heroes, a short desc, and links to recommended reading!

EDIT: I realized I sourced to someone who ships incest and I want this to be a safe blog without anything like that. Unfortunately for some of the sources I couldn’t find any others or any better. I’ve marked all links to their blog w a *. Stay safe.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Bisexual. Selina is a highly skilled thief who is both a hero and a villain, depending on the arc. Selina’s morality is definitely neutral on the scale. She’s not opposed to stealing and hurting bad guys but she has objections to unnecessary cruelty. She’s best known for being one of Batman’s allies & love interests. Her official “coming out” was when she kissed Eiko Hasigawa, the daughter of a Yakuza boss, who teamed up with Selina to bring him down. ( x | x )

Harley Quinn. Bisexual. Harley Quinn’s backstory unfortunately features a lot of the Joker but she’s on to better things now. Psychiatrist turned supervillain, she was brainwashed by the Joker and in a long running relationship with him, where he manipulated and abused her. She has a similar (but obviously, better in every way) clown/jester aesthetic. Currently, she’s in an open relationship with Poison Ivy. Tw for emotional & physical abuse & manipulation for any stories that include her relationship with the Joker. ( x | x | x )

Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy. Unspecified wlw. Pamela was a botanist who was poisoned but they fucked it up big time because she not only survived but can now she’s immune to all poisons, can control plants, and her lips produce poison that she can use to control people. She has had relationships with men but they have consistently been for her own benefit and as a result her sexuality is frequently debated over. ( x | x | x | she also recently got a solo one off you should check out )

*Little note abt the above 3: if you’re not already familiar, they frequently team up and in some arcs they even live together. The three of them are known as the Gotham City Sirens and I’m going to link you some sources for them separately bc if you want gay comics what’s better than the Big Gay Apartment of Crime? ( x )

Joseph Wilson/Jericho. Bisexual. The son of Deathstroke with the ability to possess people. As a child he was kidnapped by a terrorist who was after Deathstroke and after Joseph refused to give them information about his father, the terrorist slit his throat, rendering Joseph mute. Joseph apparently was originally going to be gay but they didn’t want it to be “stereotypical” since he’s sensitive & artistic. There’s also some lame stuff where a man Joseph was dating goes to call him bi and he cuts them off to say he doesn’t like labels…but he still seems pretty cool. ( x * ) 

John Constantine. Bisexual. John is an occult detective and sorcerer. I’d say he’s more hero than villain but his morality is…gray to say the least. He’s a complete asshole but it can be a very fun read and if you’re interested in something that is more based in demons, witches, & spirits than supervillains then John’s your man. Tw for drugs in a lot of his stories. ( x | x )

Harper Row/Bluebird. Bisexual. New ally to the Batfamily. She’s bisexual and her brother, Cullen, is gay and her brother’s identity is actually part of her start as a vigilante hero. Her brother was being assaulted & attacked by homophobes and Harper tried to defend him. She kept a taser with her and when they were cornered by the group of bullies, she tried to fend them off. When they were overpowered, Batman appeared and saved Harper & Cullen. Both vowed to show their thanks to Bruce – Cullen by getting a tattoo of the bat symbol and Harper by becoming a superhero herself. She has an expertise in electrical engineering. ( x * | x )

Grace Choi. Bisexual. Grace Choi is half human, half Amazon. She’s headstrong and tough and was a member of The Outsiders for a while before it disbanded. In The Outsiders she met Anissa Pierce (listed below) and the two became romantically involved. Unfortunately I’ve seen some people on here call her “heterosexual homoromantic” or some shit but as somebody with some sense…I’ll just tell you she’s bi lmao… ( x * | x )

Anissa Pierce/Thunder. Lesbian. A metahuman with the ability to shoot lightning and control her own density. She promised her superhero dad, Black Lightning, she would go to college before fighting crime so on the night she graduated college she became Thunder. Was also a member of The Outsiders and Grace Choi’s girlfriend. ( x * )

Alysia Yeoh. Bisexual & Transgender. Alysia is the only person on this list who is neither a hero nor a villain. I wish she were a hero but I wanted to include her because finding trans characters who are not made into jokes is incredibly hard and Alysia is not a joke character. She was Barbara Gordon’s roommate and is a bartender/artist/activist. She dated Babs’ brother for a while but is currently married to another woman named Jo. I know she’s in Bombshells but tbh I don’t know the extent of her involvement. ( x * ) 

Dawnstar. Bisexual. An alien from the futurewith enormous wings that’s skilled in combat. She’s a member of the Legion of Heroes and a bounty hunter. Her best known relationship is with fellow legionnaire Drake Burroughs (Wilfire) who is apparently just sentient energy trapped inside a suit? Tbh I don’t know much about her but she sounds dope…An unnamed female character confirmed that they had a relationship together during a mission in which heroes sought out her help in resurrecting another hero. ( x * )

Kate Kane/Batwoman. Lesbian. Batman’s Jewish lesbian cousin. Honestly if you like Batman you’ll like Kate. They operate similarly and use a lot of the same gadgetry. Kate’s best known relationship was with Renee Montoya (mentioned down below) though I believe she’s currently with Maggie Sawyer. (  x * | x | x )

Renee Montoya/The Question. Lesbian. A detective turned vigilante hero that wears a kind of spooky faceless mask. Was Kate Kane’s girlfriend for a while. Some of her stories include her struggle with alcoholism so watch out if that’s a trigger for you. ( x * | x ) 

Midnighter. Gay. Gay goth asshole tbh. Midnighter is a superhero with enhanced fighting abilities. Often referred to as basically being like Mean Gay Batman but if you ask me Midnighter is a very cool stand-alone hero. Also he’s 6′5″? That’s not super important but I think about it a lot. Married to Apollo even tho Apollo could not be more of a prep. In some arcs they’ve even adopted a daughter together. ( x * | x * | x )

Apollo. Gay. Sweet prep god? Apollo was kidnapped and subjected to experimentation as a child that resulted in him having superpowers similar to Midnighter’s but more advanced and powerful. Just like Midnighter is considered to be similar to Batman, Apollo is considered to be similar to Superman, but again, they are very, very cool without being compared to anybody else. ( x * | x * )

Jackson Hyde/Aqualad. Gay. Gay black teenager with hydrokinetic powers, best known for his role in the Teen Titans. Aqualad was just made gay recently, in Rebirth, so the reading for him is pretty simple. Just a heads up, his mother doesn’t accept him being gay or his abilities, so any issues with his mom will have homophobia present. (Check out Teen Titans Rebirth!)

Holly Ann Fields/Virtue. Lesbian. Holly has several psychic abilities as well as flight and is the leader of the vigilante group located in Coral City, The Movement. (as far as I know the reading would just be The Movement by Gail Simone, which has unfortunately been cancelled so it’s only 12 issues.)

Miguel Barragan/Bunker. Gay. Miguel is a metahuman from Mexico and was written with the intention of being “angst-free” so his family & village were very accepting of his superpowers and his sexuality. He has the power of creating things out of this weird purple energy. ( x * ) 

Holly Robinson. Lesbian. Selina Kyle’s best friend & understudy. Holly experienced a lot of abuse as a child and was forced into prostitution. Selina caught a cop assaulting Holly and stepped in and taught Holly how to defend herself. They teamed up and got out of the scene and Selina taught Holly how to fight, as well as her tips for stealth and theft. Holly occasionally stands in as Catwoman. Big tw for child abuse, sexual abuse/assault. ( x * )

Ray Terrill/The Ray. As a child Ray was told he couldn’t be exposed to the sun so he spent most of his life in the dark. However, as his father was dying he told him that he wasn’t his biological father and he lied about his son being allergic to sunlight. His real father was a superhero called Golden Age Ray and Ray in fact gained powers from the sun. His powers allow him to fly, become invisible, create illusions & constructs, turn his entire body into light energy, etc. Ray was confirmed gay before Rebirth, but in Rebirth he is confirmed in canon. ( x * | x )

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. Bisexual. Diana is an Amazon and as such has…so many powers…She’s very strong. She’s also very good & intelligent and tbh is all around a great hero. You probably know who she is tbh. She was recently confirmed to be bisexual but unfortunately it was out of canon and therefore she doesn’t have any plots that relate to it and it’s not confirmed in canon. ( x )

Also here’s another link to check out: http://lornahs.tumblr.com/post/161517287094/as-a-way-to-celebrate-pride-month-here-is-a-list *

This is by no means a comprehensive list! If anybody wants to add more or correct anything I’ve said here that’d be really great! But here are some great heroes. If you have any questions, any specific requests, or need help finding any download links, my askbox is always open and I’m always happy to help.

Imagine the Avengers trying to out-do each others family issues...

Loki: Well, my father lied to me about what I was almost my whole life..

Tony: I never knew my dad loved me until decades after he died when I found this tape…

Natasha: Try being raised by a cult of assassins…

Peter Parker: I’ve been raised by my aunt. My parents died when I was young, then my uncle too…

Peter Quill: My dad killed my mom and I had to fight him to the death…

Thor: Well my brother tried to destroy Earth with Thanos

Gamora: My father is Thanos……

Lock and Key (M)

*I am so tired*

Requests: Anon asked “Can you make like a dirty y/n imagine of Jimin please??” + @bangtanofarmys asked “ FUCK FUCK FUCK OMG FINALLY SOMEONE’S REQUEST IS OPEN. Ok I want to request a rough Jimin smut, with daddy kink and stuff BECAUSE IM SO TIRED OF BEING REQUESTED AND NOT REQUEST T-T “ you’re so cute wtf 

Word Count: 10.8k bc I don’t know when to stop

Another mundane day has come to pass, your best friend’s arm slung over your shoulders as you soak up the blinding sunrays on your skin. The sun pressed harsh kisses on your delicate skin, a definite burn accompanied by heavy sweating was just the peak of your day. You could barely remember the words of your professor, zoned out and ready to slump into your couch for two days.

Anthropology was fun when you still had your first year jitters, excited to be in university and getting a degree in something you loved. Now, a few weeks into your second year, you wished the years would just pass by.

Distracted by your internal monologue, you barely caught the bus on time, the driver ready to zoom through traffic and you waved your hand out wildly to catch his attention. You stumbled into a seat, the bus moving no less than a second after you got on.

Mindlessly watching the street signs while numerous people leaving and entering the bus, you get off at the stop near your house. You kick off your shoes, dropping your bag on the shoe rack and you heard a broken sob.

“Mom? Dad?” You went into the kitchen, followed by a set of sniffling before going into the living room. Your father held your mother in a consoling way, her hands clinging onto his red sweater. She grabbed a tissue and blew into it.

“Mom? Why are you crying? What happened?”

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Fancast for the upcoming Mulan movie

1) Celina Jade, Jessica Henwick OR Chloe Bennet as Fa Mulan

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2) Lewis Tan, Remy Hii, Ludi Lin OR Harry Shum Jr. as Chen Honghui 

(codename for Li Shang???)

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3) Keegan-Michael Key as Mushu

(if Eddie Murphy doesn’t reprise his role) 

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4) Chow-Yun Fat as Shan Yu

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5) Lucille Soong OR Wai Ching Ho as Grandmother Fa

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6) Ming-Na Wen as Fa Li 

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7) BD Wong as Fa Zhou

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8) Jackie Chan as the Emperor of China 

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9) Lucy Liu as the Matchmaker

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10) Benedict Wong as Chien-Po

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11) Stephen Chow as Yao

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12) Archie Kao as Ling 

(admittedly, I don’t actually have a pick for this role. Archie was just the first one who came to mind) 

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13) Ken Leung OR Louis Ozawa Changchien as Chi-Fu

EDIT: Chin Han would also make a great Chi-Fu

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14) Donnie Yen as the General / Shang’s father

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Rising Waters

SUMMARY: Being the sherriff’s daughter has its ups and downs. Up: free rides after your car has broken down during torrential downpours. Down: this ride happens to be Deputy Jordan Parrish, leading to a new development.

WORD COUNT: 2,707 words


NOTES: none :) and you might spot some s.f.fitz lines because my friend send me a lot of quotes from his writings and it kind of influenced this piece (and there is much more after this but I don’t think I’ll be posting it…)

(Y/n) growls under her breath, kicking the back tire hard as rain comes down harder. Her Jeep just gave up on her after a very late night round of lacrosse practice at the school, and with a massive storm heading to the town, she can’t imagine how she’ll get home.

A car horn grabs her attention and she turns around, shielding her eyes from the downpour as a deputy’s car pulls up. The passenger window is rolled down to reveal Parrish, and she let’s out a relieved sigh.

“Need a ride?” he calls out as thunder shakes the ground. She nods and grabs her backpack from the keep, quickly climbing into the front seat of the SUV.

“You are my favorite person right now,” she says as she sighs again. Parrish chuckles and pulls out of the school parking lot, turning left towards (y/n)’s house.

“What happened to the Jeep?” he asks, and she looks at him.

“It’s one of the oldest prices of crap on the road,” she tells him. “I guess the engine finally quit on me.” He chuckles but stops as he sees the street in front of him.

“Shit,” he hisses, and (y/n) looks through the torrential rain. The streets are flooded, the water rising quick. “All the other roads are blocked to your house.”

“Damn,” she hisses, and he backs up to continue going straight before the water can reach his car. “What now?”

“The station is bare staffed right now,” he explains. “Your father went home hours ago, and from what I hear, your brother is home.”

(Y/n) sighs and leans back, shivering in the wet clothes. Parrish looks over and frowns.

“You’ll stay with me until the rain quits,” he says, turning right.

“Are you sure?” she asks, putting her arms around herself for warmth.

“Yeah, I’ll call your dad when we get to my place,” he says with a nod. He looks to her and she gives him a grateful smile, one he makes sure to return.

They pull into his apartment complex just a few minutes later and the water is up to the middle of the lifted tires. (Y/n) grips her bag and they give a nod to each other, sprinting out of the car and up the stairs. They laughs loudly, almost over the sound of the thunder, and Parrish opens his apartment door.

(y/n) drops her bag and they take off their soaked shoes as he shuts and locks the door. She looks at him, his clothes soaked like her and hair messy, and she can’t help but laugh.

“What?” Parrish asks, running his hands through his hair. “You should see yourself.” She laughs harder and he grins. “Come in, I’ve got some clothes you can change into.”

He leads her to his bedroom and as they walk through his apartment, she realizes how cluttered it is. Bullets and wires lie on the tables, books on the floor in pikes up to her knees. But the organized chaos feels welcoming to her, and she smiles a little.

“Here,” he says, tossing her a BCPD shirt, one long enough to go mid thigh on her. She nods and he points to the bathroom. “I’ll find a pair of shorts-”

“This should be fine,” she tells him, figuring the shirt could double as a dress. “Thanks.” She walks into the bathroom and changes out of the wet clothes quickly, hating the feeling of the cold fabric on her skin. She sets her clothes on the edge of the bathtub and runs her fingers through her hair. She slides the shirt on and it goes just a few inches below her waist, enough to cover her to where she’s comfortable with it.

She opens the bathroom door and sees Parrish is still changing in the bedroom. He has his shirt off but a pair of sweatpants on, his hair disheveled as he slides a shirt on. (Y/n) can’t seem to do anything but stare, until she snaps herself out of the daze and walks out to him.

“See?” she shows him. “Basically a dress.” He laughs, grabbing his phone.

“I better call your dad now,” he says and she nods as they walk to the living room. They sit on the couch and (y/n) picks up some stray bullets, rolling them around in her hand.

“Hey Stilinski,” Parrish says, grabbing her attention. “(Y/n)’s Jeep broke down and all the roads to your house were blocked, so she’s with me until it clears up.” (Y/n) can’t hear what her father says. She lies down, putting her legs on his lap and resting her head on the pillow. Parrish laughs at her, pulling her legs closer.

“Yes sir, I’m taking the couch,” he says, and (y/n) sits up.

“No, I am,” she tries to shout into the phone, but Parrish playfully pushes her back down. She scrunches her nose, a look he happens to adore on her, and crosses her arms.

Parrish hangs up the phone and looks to her. “I’m taking the couch,” he repeats slowly as he stands, and she stands with him.

“That’s not fair!” she argues. “This is your place, not mine-”

“You’re the guest, and just so happened to be sheriff’s daughter,” he says, looking down at her as he steps closer. “No way in hell I’m not taking the couch.”

She groans in frustration, falling back onto the couch and crossing her arms as she lies down. “Not if I fall asleep first,” she says with an involuntary yawn, grabbing the blanket at her feet and covering up.

“Why are you so stubborn?” he mumbles, turning the lights off. She smiles at him as he walks to his bedroom, where he climbs under the covers but makes sure to keep the door open. The sound of thunder echoes through the apartment and not before long, (y/n) ends up falling asleep on the couch.

Parrish waits about half an hour, making sure she really is asleep, and walks back out to the living room. He slides his arms under her legs and back carefully, her head naturally resting on his chest. He carries her into the bedroom and he sets her down on the bed, covering her up with a victorious grin.

“Damn you, Jordan,” she growls lowly, burying her face into the pillow. He just laughs and walks back out to the couch, taking his spot and covering up.

Not even five minutes pass before (y/n) shuffles out to him, lightning the only thing guiding her to the couch. She takes his hand and pulls him up, making him frown as she drags him to the bedroom. She climbs under the covers and continues to pull him, and he laughs as he’s forced to lie under the covers.

“There,” she says, putting her face into a pillow and keeping only a few inches of room between them on the large bed. “We both win.” He laughs covers her up more. He takes his shirt off and sets it next to him, and they both fall asleep to the sound of the storms.


She doesn’t know if it was the thunder that shook the apartment that woke her, or the flashes of lightning, but she wakes as the clock on the nightstand reads 2:17.

She frowns and sits up, looking over to Parrish. She catches a glimpse of his face as lightning strikes outside. It’s riddled with pain and he grips the sheets with white knuckles. He tosses and turns, and she realizes he’s having a nightmare.

“Jordan,” she whispers, placing a hand on his shoulder. He growls under his breath, still asleep, and she shakes his arm. “Jordan, you need to wake up,” she says a little louder. Lightning strikes and a roll of thunder hits the apartment, making him sit up with wide eyes and involuntarily grab her wrist tight.

“Jordan!” she shouts and he quickly releases her hand, panting as he looks at her.

“Oh my god,” he mutters, running a hand down his face. (Y/n) ignores the dull pain in her wrist and scoots to him, placing a light hand on his cheek.

“Hey, are you okay?” she asks quietly, and he closes his eyes, letting her hand support him. She frowns, pulling him into a hug. “Want to tell me what that was about?” she asks, running a hand up and down his bare back. He shakes his head and grips her shirt in his fists, burying his face in her neck. She frowns more, nodding.

She lies down, pulling him with her so that his head lies on her chest. He wraps his arms around her tight, like she’s the only thing keeping him grounded at the moment. He lies on top of her and it doesn’t bother her, his weight and shape almost fitting to her body. She runs a hand through his hair and she can feel his laboured breaths, his chest struggling to stay steady.

“Do these happen often?” she asks.

“Every night,” he whispers into her shirt. “Ever since the army, mission gone wrong.” She purses her lips, finally realizing it’s PTSD that haunts his mind.

“When was the last time you got real sleep?”

“Before I was deployed,” he answers, and she squeezes her eyes shut. She swears she can feel his pain, like it’s radiating to her, and she wants to cry knowing he’s in pain.

“Sleep,” she whispers, pulling the covers over him to his shoulders. She runs a hand through his hair still and he holds her like she’s his anchor during a storm at sea. “Just sleep.” He closes his eyes and focuses on her heartbeat, and soon, he’s asleep in a dreamless state for once.


Parrish wakes first, the sunlight and absence of rain causing him to rise. He blinks his eyes open and looks down at (y/n), who lies asleep in his arms now. She has her face in his bare chest, one hand lying on his chest and another wrapped around him. One hand of his lies on her hip, another on her back under her shirt.

He lies his head down on the pillow and watches her, taking in how peaceful she looks and how right this feels. He realizes then that he wouldn’t mind waking up like this every morning, with her in his arms and him holding her this close. He realizes that she keeps him calm at night, and that that was the first dreamless sleep he had gotten since years ago before the army. He realizes he needs her, and he pulls her closer as he does.

(Y/n) shifts, nuzzling her face into his shoulder as she drapes a leg over his. He holds back a chuckle and buries his face in her hair, taking in the scent of rain and dew.

She blinks her eyes open, her lips accidentally on his collarbone. She closes her eyes again, leaving her lips where they are, and Parrish runs his hands up her back to pull her even closer.

She likes this, she admits to herself. She likes how he has her so close and how his rough hands are somehow so soft on her hip and back. She doesn’t mind her shirt is rose up, because she realizes just how much she trusts him. She loves how he’s like a heater, and he loves how she’s as cold as ice, and how they seem to balance each other out is beyond reason to anyone in the world.

Both awake now, yet dazed by each other’s touch, remain still and in embrace for the longest time, neither wanting to move away. But the sharp ring of his cellphone on the nightstand pulls them to reality, and he sighs as it rings aloud.

“Are you going to get that?” she asks, her lips tracing his collarbone as she does.

“It can wait,” he mumbles.

(Y/n) just nods and soon the ringing stops, allowing them to close their eyes and relax their bodies to fit like puzzle pieces.

Someone knocks on the front door and both shoot up, eyes wide as they look at each other. Knocking echoes the apartment again and Parrish rushes out of bed, slipping his shirt on and covering her up.

“Pretend you’re asleep!” he hisses, and she throws herself onto the pillow and tries to look at peaceful and possible.

Parrish looks at the couch and nods as he sees it looks like he slept there, and he opens the door as he brushes a hand through his hair. It’s Stiles, an annoyed look on his face as he pushes himself into the apartment. Parrish just stares at him.

“I’m here to pick my sis up,” he tells him, looking around. “Do you believe in cleaning up, or is that just against your beliefs?” Parrish rolls his eyes and Stiles walks to the bedroom, Parrish chasing after him.

Stiles walks in, crossing his arms when he sees his twin. “I know you’re awake,” he says in a bored tone, but she stays still. Stiles sighs and jumps on the bed, Parrish laughing as (y/n) curses under her breath.

“Hey, you two didn’t fool around, did you?” Stiles asks, and (y/n) kicks him off the bed. “Ouch, okay, I’ll take that as a no…” Stiles stands up, brushing his shirt off. “Dad got the Jeep into the shop, he told me to come get you.” She groans as she sits up, running her fingers through her knotted hair.

“Whatever,” she hisses. Parrish watches her with crossed arms and Stiles looks back and forth between them.

“Are you two sure you didn’t-” (Y/n) throws a pillow at him, making him stumble back as he laughs and throws it back at her. “I’ll be out in the car,” he calls out as he leaves, the front door slamming shut.

(Y/n) moans as she stretches, standing up and popping her back. She pulls Parrish back to the bed and he laughs as they lie down, Serilda laying on top of him.

“You slept the rest of the night,” she mutters into his chest, and his hands trace up her body and under her shirt. She smiles into his shirt as his hands wraps around her sides, big enough to hold her easily.

“You’re brother is waiting outside,” he whispers into her hair and she groans, sitting up and straddling him. She puts her hands on his chest and his find their way to her hips again. He looks up at her as she pulls her hair into a messy bun, and he can’t help but fall in love with every freckle she has that paints her cheeks.

“You’re staring,” she says, and he grins.

“How could I not?” She smiles wide, biting her cheek as she tries to look away. Parrish sits up, keeping her on his lap, and kisses her softly. He was chilled by the innocence of her kiss and how her lips locked with his, how her hands pulled his face closer to her and pulled him deeper into the kiss. He realizes he loves her, and that this was the beginning and ending to everything they know.

Stiles honks outside and they pause, (y/n) leaning back but keeping her eyes locked on his. She kisses him once more, and it feels like the longest kiss in the shortest seconds. She pulls back and climbs out of bed, running to the bathroom and shoving her clothes into her bag, Parrish watching her the whole time. She looks back at him as she leaves the bedroom, and she pauses for a moment.

“You know where to find me if you can’t sleep,” she says with a small smile. And with that, she leaves, and Parrish is left by himself to sort out his love sick mind.

I’m Sorry - Loki X Reader


Summary: You and Loki were a couple, but he left you in fear for that your life would be nothing but worse with him in it. When he finds himself watching over you six months later, you have to remind him that you can protect yourself from whatever “bad” he might bring into your life.

Warnings: Okay… There are some serious feels ahead. This is probably the most emotional and sad thing I’ve ever written. Also, there is a brief mention of a kiss.

Words: 4 402 (longest thing I’ve written!)

A/N: Okay wtf… I’m “dead” for like 2 months and then I come back and post two things in the span of 3 days, both of which are my first Loki X Reader’s, and one which is the longest and most emotional thing I’ve ever written???? Shit’s crazy, man…

Anyway, please tell me what you think! I would actually like to write a side-story to this about that camping trip to Washington, so tell me if you’d like that!

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Paul uses military terminology to describe this warfare against sin and Satan. God must be the commander in chief—even our thoughts must be submitted to his control as we live for him. Spirit-empowered believers must capture every thought and yield it to Christ. When exposed to ideas or opportunities that might lead to wrong desires, you have a choice. You can recognize the danger and turn away, or you can allow unhealthy thoughts to take you captive. You capture your fantasies and desires when you honestly admit them to the Lord and ask him to redirect your thinking. Ask God to give you the spirit of discernment to keep your thoughts focused on his truth. Aʍɛռ

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 KJV ❥❥❥❥❥

Life Application Bible Commentary

Rpg games!

So Leorio has been bothering me to let the world know of my RPG addiction. So I threw together this list of sorts because I just finished a bunch of awesome RPG horror games. I recommend these if you want something entertaining, and slightly scary. These are in order from my favorite, to least favorite! P.S. I absolutely forbid Gon from playing these games.

1. Ib (Amazing, need I say more?). Scary (7/10) Fun (9/10)

2. Forest of Drizzling Rain (not so scary, but pretty cute). Scary (5/10) Fun (9/10)

3. Alice Mare (short, and fun) Scary (6/10) Fun (8/10)

4. Mad Father (Spooky!). Scary (8/10) Fun (7/10)

5.  The Mirror Lied (this ones pretty weird, but very short.) Scary (4/10) Fun (5/10)

6. Misao (Story wasn’t my favorite, but it was fun game play) Scary (7/10) Fun (6/10)

7. Mermaid Swamp (the story is a little odd, and it’s definitely scary.) Scary (9/10) Fun (5/10)

8. The Crooked Man (It did it’s job well, and was unpleasantly scary. So unpleasant that its at the bottom..) Scary (10/10) Fun (4/10)

Soooo yeah! These were pretty fun, I know I’m forgetting some, but I’ll keep updating as I play more games.

Extra: Homework Salesman was really fun, but not at all a horror game. Scary (0/10) Fun (9/10)


Babysitter (Part 5)

Summary: You spend the day with Taehyung, but unfortunately your parents catch you together.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V) / Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 2.7k

A/N: I definitely want to write a part 6 but for the moment this story will be on a hiatus so I can write some different stories :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Masterlist | Part 6

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The Cult of The Many Mothers

What if the cult of Immortan Joe is slowly, year by year, replaced by another one? The Citadel inhabitants seem to be totally wrapped into a religious mindset (to the point of brainwashing) and Immortan Joe’s fall is also the fall of an entire system of customs and traditions. He was a cruel god but their god nonetheless. The void caused by his disappearance has to be filled.

Hence, the cult of the Many Mothers.

The Many Mothers, who went into the desert and back. The Many Mothers, who brought us water. The Many Mothers, whose names young girls and boys from the Citadel are taught to repeat in their prayers. The Many Mothers, whose deeds are told by the History Women and Men.


Mother Angharad of Freedom

The One who first rose against The Father of Lies*.
The One who went under the wheels, sacrificing herself for our sake.
The One who freed us all.

Mother Capable of Compassion

The One who loved the unlovable.
The One whose hand wipes away all pains, all sorrows.
The One who redeemed us all.

Mother Dag of Greenery

The One who planted the seeds.
The One who gave birth to the First Free Child.
The One who fed us all.

Mother Toast of Knowledge

The One who brought us wisdom.
The One who found her strenght in loneliness but chose companionship.
The One who fought for us all.

Mother Cheedo of Bravery

The One who deceived The Deceiver*.
The One to whom small girls and boys look up to when in fear.
The One who saved us all.

Mother Furiosa of War

The One who chose peace.


*Immortan Joe has been subjected to damnatio memorie, remaining unnamed in lore as an Antichrist-like figure.

Lokean Masterpost

You keep hearing something that sounds like his name in crowds. You can’t get his That Voice That Is Not Yours out of your head. You’ve done a Google search for gods and decided on him.

Whatever it is, Loki has found his way into your life, and you’d like to work with him.

What does it mean to ‘work’ with or ‘worship’ a god?

It means to make offerings to a particular god, ask them for assistance, meditate about/with them, pray to them, and generally involve them in your spiritual life. It may also include calling to them when you do spells, rituals, or holiday celebrations.

I use the terms ‘work with’ and ‘worshipping’ interchangeably, but your mileage may vary. Other people will differentiate it usually in that worshipping is mainly a spiritual relationship, whilst working with is a practical one.

How do I start worshipping Loki?

Loki is a god that mostly wants to know he has your attention. You can leave him an offering (more on that below) or pray to him, and that’s pretty much the best way to begin.

There is no one ‘best way’ or ‘tru way’ of becoming a Lokean. If you worship Loki and want to identify as a Lokean, you are one.

Do I need to build an altar to Loki?

There is no requirement to build an altar to Loki or any other god (this is especially true if you’re in a living situation that is not Pagan-friendly). It is more important for you to be safe than to build an altar.

If I want to and can build an altar to Loki, how do I do it?

There’s no one single formula, but you can include things which are associated with Loki in your altar. These can include images of him, but they don’t have to. You can equally include something which is devoted to anyone in his family, which includes:
  • Odin, his blood brother
  • Sigyn, his wife
  • Angrboda, his lover
  • Hel, his child
  • Jorgumandr, his child
  • Fenrir, his child
  • Narvi, his child
  • Vali, his child
  • Laufey, his mother
  • Farbauti, his father

What kinds of offerings can I make to Loki on my altar?

Here are a few objects that I have had success with when offered on my altar:

  • Food:
    • Candy
    • Chocolates
    • Cinnamon
    • Foods with complex flavours
    • Spicy foods
  • Drinks:
    • Whiskey (be sure to be of age if you’re offering alcohol)
    • Mead (same as above)
    • Water
  • Pretty baubles:
    • Jewellery you’ve bought/made for him
    • He likes the bowl that I’ve purchased for him where all of my offerings go. It’s small and Turkish in origin, but he loves the colour.
  • Colours:
    • Red (as he is sometimes called ‘flame-haired’)
    • In-between colours:
      • Grey
      • Burgandy
      • Turquoise
  • Animals:
    • Horses (and yes, it’s okay to giggle about this one)
    • Fish (specifically salmon)
    • Foxes
    • Snakes (because of his child, Jorgumandr)
    • Wolves (because of his child, Fenrir)
    • Fleas - along with this, flies or other ‘disgusting’ or neglected creatures
  • Things you make for him:
    • Drawings
      • I do calligraphy for devotionals, but find what medium you feel most comfortable with
    • Songs
      • You can sing it for him at the altar
    • Stories or poems
    • Pictures you’ve found on the Internet that speak to you
    • Journal entries

What can I offer to Loki that doesn’t go on the altar?

Loki is a god that cares deeply about you, and sees you for who you are. He sees all the things you love about yourself, and he loves them with you. At the same time, he sees the things you’re ashamed of, and he loves those parts of you just as much.

He is also a god who has seen much pain and suffering in his time. With these things in mind, here is a short list of some things you can do in his honour to worship him:

  • Sing karaoke if you’re afraid of singing in public
  • Ask someone out if you’re afraid of rejection
  • Dedicate time to exploring the things about yourself you’re ashamed of. Do you think you’re a selfish person? Explore your selfishness. Do you sometimes feel like you’re too loud or are a pushover? Think long, think deeply, about those things you don’t like about yourself.
    • And then, do something so that it is no longer a thing you dislike about yourself. You can either work to improve that part of yourself to your satisfaction, or you can learn to accept yourself for everything you are.
  • Invest in yourself. Find out what you are good at, and make yourself better at these things.
  • Speak the truth. Even though he is called the Father of Lies, Loki expects you to at least be honest with him, and with yourself. Deception to others is acceptable, but not between you two.
  • Speak the truth for those who do not have a voice. Loki’s lips were sewn shut, and for a time, he did not have a way to communicate. Many people live like that daily, whether they be LGBTQ+, differently abled, of a lower class, a different race/ethnic background, or female-identified. Give them the space to speak their truth, or speak it for them if they are unable.
  • Spend a day fasting. Beneath the snake in the cave, Loki received no food or water. Allow yourself to feel that lack of nourishment to understand his pain.
    • Obviously, only do this if your health allows for it. Not everyone is capable of it, and there’s no shame in dedicating your time and energies in other ways.
  • Explore your pain. This does not mean go out and harm yourself. It means when you feel pain, let yourself feel it fully. Instead of trying to ignore it, let it overwhelm you.
    • Again, if your health allows for it. Those with chronic pain who require medication to handle the pain already know this burden too well.
  • Understand the other side. What’s a subject you’re very passionate about? Educate yourself about and really listen to the other side. Understanding the other side of a subject, even those you feel very strongly about, is important. No one is the Ultimate Good or the Ultimate Evil. Loki’s story of Baldur’s death tells us this.
  • Learn to sit quietly in the chaos. When things are bad, when you’re panicking and the world is overwhelming, give yourself some time to sit in that dark and chaotic place. Find some peace there, even if there is very little to be had. Your center is important, no matter where you find it.

I’ve been working with Loki for a while, and I’m starting to think of things that are told of in the Eddas differently. Am I wrong if he tells me things that aren’t there or contradict it?

No. This is called UPG, or unverified personal gnosis. What it means is that you have found a story about Loki that is true for your relationship with him. It may not be true for other worshippers, but it is true for you. Write these down, and treasure them. UPG can be very useful to your practice, especially if it is corroborated later by someone else’s.

Won’t Loki hurt me or my family?

Loki is often called a trickster. When people hear that, they think he is untrustworthy and will always want to get the better of you.

What it means is that he is a god of change, of chaos. When things have to change–and sometimes, they’re foundational to our daily lives–then he will make them change. If you resist that, he will force it. Friendships will end, relationships will collapse, you might have to change your mind or your house. But all of these things are for your benefit. Nothing he does is without purpose. Nothing he does is out of malice.

I still have questions! What do I do?

You can drop me a line here at AskALokean, on anon if you like. If you request it, I can answer in private (oftentimes though, your question is on the tip of someone else’s tongue!).

Read about Loki in whatever stories you can find.

Pray to him and ask him.


Many blessings!

- Dagny

@bifrostedflake this was going to be an ask but I have Too Many Words for that so

What I’d like to see in Thor: Ragnarok is Loki’s death. 

His actual death. No cheats. No fake-outs. Loki dies and goes to Hel. Thor lives, perhaps in defiance of any prophetic elements the film might borrow from the comics. But Loki gets himself killed. If Loki follows what everyone’s guessing at–a true redemption attempt after Thor’s cold shoulder and the scale of Hela’s proposed devastation stuns and disgusts him–he will do something that ultimately requires him dying. To save the Realms as a whole, to save Thor, to be done with it all, whichever, whatever.

Thor doesn’t believe it at first. There should be a scene where he sees Loki in front of him, seemingly solid. But when Thor goes to him to touch, to embrace, to make any kind of contact…Loki is only a shade. Not an illusion, but a true undead wraith like Hela’s soldiers and subjects. Thor tells Loki off for a moment, the joke has gotten old, stop it, stop this.

But Loki steps aside to show his corpse. Thor gets more desperate, frantic, not wanting to fall for another trick, it has to be a trick, may every god damn it, let this be a trick, please, please, not after they have gone through all of this, not after the open wound of their relationship has barely begun to scab over, Loki, this isn’t funny, this isn’t fair, this has to be a trick

“No, brother. No tricks.” 

Hela’s chains or Hela herself comes to collect. And to have some very, very long vengeance on at least one of those who defeated her. 

Thor sees Loki disappear into her dark. Then we see what we never were allowed in Thor and saw only a glimpse of in Dark World. All the adventure and brightness of the story crumbles away as Thor mourns and the sky fills with rain. 

In an after credits scene we see Loki bound and waiting before Hela, a parallel of Loki before Odin, waiting for the sentence. Only now the freedom of the axe is not even an option. Not here, where he is already dead. There’s far worse waiting now. An eternity of being Hela’s personal chew toy. So she promises. 

Perhaps she’s allowed the chance to grab him by the throat and heft him up like a rag doll. All at once her tirade cuts short. Her eyes narrow.

There’s a pulse in that neck.

“What trick is this?”

Loki honestly doesn’t know. He can’t elaborate on this any further before his soul evaporates out of Hela’s grasp. Hela gets a nice long howl of rage and loss of revenge.

We see Loki reappear somewhere else. Someplace dark. Stony. He gasps and spasms in his new–perfectly new, without scars, without whatever wound left a carcass on the battlefield–flesh. 

“You were always such a durable creature, Loki Laufeyson. It helped you quite a deal when we first met, didn’t it?”

Loki hears the voice in the dark and freezes. He knows that voice. He knew it for only a few years as mortals reckon time, a blink for a god, yet he knows it as well as Odin’s drawl, as well as the sound of a knife slotting between ribs.

“You lived through treatments most in my service dissolved under. Of course it took a living avatar of Death herself to put you down. Though not the true Lady, of course. My Lady. She has far better things to do.” These words come on a sigh, deep and adoring. The tone switches back to business, “As do I. I’ve been more than patient enough in my work and my patience, as well as my faith in others, has paid off so little.

“I have been abandoned. By my daughters. By the Accuser. By the Other–though at least he had the decency to die before he could betray me. Isn’t it so funny, Loki? That you, God of Lies, Father of Betrayal, were the only one in my company to do as he was told? And despite your clear and total failure on your visit to that Terran ball of mud and insects, I must grant that it took a concerted effort by a fellow god and an entire league of warriors to undo you. 

“Not a perfect record, but sturdy enough. We will make do with it. For the mission remains just as it was when I first sent you on your errand. So many of the Stones remain out of my grasp. But not for long.”

A light, small and terrible in its power, glows in the murk. It belongs to a Stone set in a gold gauntlet, a pebble with power over life and death, one of a set to break the laws of reality and sanity.

The Stone reflects on Loki’s eyes as it outlines the grinning horror mask of Thanos’ face.

“We have work to do.”

Imagine Joining the Fellowship with Legolas and Telling Gimli About the Company's Travel Through Mirkwood

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Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

“If I remember correctly, your father had a picture of you in a locket. What was it you said, Legolas?” You ask, knowing it would get on his nerves.

He glares at you.

“I told him that he must be a very proud father,” he lies and you shake your head, smiling at the fact that he didn’t want to tell Gimli he actually called him a horrid creature.