On a gathering storm comes
a tall handsome man
in a dusty black coat with
a red right hand

“Small bump...” A John Murphy imagine

Requested: “You’re pregnant and the father is Murphy. You’re not dating and you have a miscarriage”

(a/n i’m satan) 


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(Y/N) shifted in her sleep. It had been…a ‘long night, as some may put it. Needless to say she wasn’t happy when she heard birds chirping and the sun poking it’s way into her tent with its harsh rays. She could live without. 

She, however, couldn’t live without the man whose arms were currently wrapped tightly around her waist. But of course he didn’t know that I mean…why would John Murphy ever love her. They were friends with benefits and nothing more, on the contrary, she did exactly what she told herself she couldn’t do. Falling in love with the boy with the cold interior. 

She sat up with a sigh as Murphy groaned at the lack of her warmth. 

“Good morning to you too princess.” He rolled his eyes as the blanket fell off his bare chest. (Y/n) laughed bitterly. Tossing his pants and underwear at him as he furrowed his brows. 

“I want you out.” She stated ignoring his stare. 

“Come again there princess?” He asked. 

“Did I stutter there. John.” She hissed as he ripped the covers off his body. Hid naked form no longer phased her. Hell. It made her swoon now. But she can’t let it show. Not now. 

“What bit you in the ass?” He grumbled. 

“You did. Now out.” She mocked.

“Not till you explain what the hell is your problem! You were fine last night!”

“Dammit Murphy when a women says get out she means get out of her damn-” (Y/n) suddenly felt sick. Her hand flew to her mouth as her stomach turned. Murphy stopped putting on his pants and looked at her as she sprinted out of the tent. Quickly putting his shirt on he chased after her. He found her as she emptied the contents of her stomach. His eyes widened as he held back her hair. 

“Jesus…maybe you should see Clarke!?” He suggested. He noticed her get white as a ghost as he put her arm around his shoulder. Carrying her to the medical tent. 

********** 20 minutes later ***********

“I’m what now?!”

“W-well it sounds to me like you’re pregnant (Y/n)…” Clarke smiled. 

Murphy stood emotionless before walking out of the tent. (Y/n) hopped off the makeshift cot before running after Murphy. 

“Murphy I-I-”

“I can’t be a father (Y/n).” He barked. She flinched at the outburst. That hurt. She couldn’t lie. Murphy’s face softened. 

“We can’t do this (Y/n)… you know we can’t…we aren’t adults…hell…we aren’t even safe on this damned planet how are we to ensure a baby’s safety!” He asked as tears sprung to her eyes. 

“Fine.” She stated coldly. “You don’t want to be apart of this baby’s life then you can get the hell out of mine.” Murphy’s eyes widened at her words. 


“Last chance Murphy…you either go all in…or you will never be within a ten foot radius till the day my heart stops beating…” She avoided eye contact. 

“Okay….lets uh…let’s have a baby.” Murphy murmured as he wrapped his arms around her waist. 

********************************* 4 months later ***************************************

“What about Eleanor for a girl?”

“That sounds lovely…” (Y/n) whispered tiredly as her and Murphy sat inside the second floor of the drop ship. Rain pouring down outside. He played with her fingers as the other drew shapes on her stomach. (Y/n) was exhausted. 

“Yeah…what if…we name it asshole for a boy?”

“Sounds….lovely Murph.” (Y/n) murmured as her eyes shut. Murphy chuckled as he leaned over her. Turning the lamp off before kissing her head an pressing a kiss to her baby bump. 

“I love you small bump…goodnight.” He whispered as he felt tiredness settle in. His eyes closing as darkness engulfed him. 

(Y/n) felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She shot up as the pain shot through her body. Gasping for air as her heart raced. Murphy shot up too as he heard her scream in pain. 

“(Y/n)?! What’s wrong?! Talk to me!” She could only pant as she stared at him with a pained expression. He grabbed her face. 

“I’m going to get Clarke okay?!” Murphy couldn’t help the panic rising in his throat. He threw open the hatch before he could get down, Clarke and Bellamy were already on their way to the hatch. (Y/n) threw back the covers as her heart froze at the sight. 

Blood drenched the covers. 

“NO!” She screamed as Murphy ran to her side. He froze before falling to his knees. 

“No…no-not my baby.” He murmured as tears threatened to spill. Clarke gasped. 

“My baby” (Y/N) screamed and she bunched the covers in her hand. Murphy ripped her from the covers as she thrashed wildly in anger. Bellamy grabbing her legs to stop her. 

Nothing could be the same. 

****** 2 weeks later ********

She didn’t leave her tent. She didn’t eat as often as she should. Her eyes once showed life now were dull in pain. Dark bags under her eyes as her cheek bones became more prominent. She laid in bed as she help the tiny baby hat, the one Clarke had constructed from spare materials. Murphy sighed. 

“Please come out…” 


“You know you’re not the only one whose suffering right?!” Murphy finally snapped. 

“I lost my baby. Murphy-”



“I’M NOT FUCKING FINE!” He shouted as the tent went silent. 

“I-I-I’m not fine okay?! I lost another thing that’s damn precious to me okay? And now I’m…I’m losing you too and if I lose you too then I might put a damn bullet in my mouth because I have no reason to be on this Earth!” He sniffed. 

(Y/n) stared at him numbly. 

“You have to live…we both do…for our baby (Y/n).” John whispered. 

“For our baby.” She murmured taking Murphy’s hand.

They’re gonna make it. 

For their small bump. 

John Murphy getting sick to the point that his father steals medicine because what they have isn’t doing anything. Medicine that doesn’t even help with Murphy’s flu.

John Murphy watching as the guards come into their quarters in order to arrest his father.

John Murphy, still sick, stumbling his way towards the air lock chamber, and latching his arms around his father, burying his face into his chest as he starts to sob and choke on his tears. 

John Murphy feeling his father’s hand rubbing up and down his back, and placed at the back of his head, trying his best to comfort his son. 

John Murphy hearing his father begging Jaha not to do this. 

John Murphy hearing his father telling him “I love you” and “You’re a survivor” before he’s taken away by a guard member.

John Murphy watching as his mother starts to drink herself into a stupor every night. 

John Murphy falling asleep or skipping classes cause his mother had one too many the night before and he stayed up the entire night making sure she was still breathing. 

John Murphy being told he’s worthless, so that’s how he sees himself.

John Murphy learning how to cover up marks and bruises, and make up stories about how he got them from the times his mother has hit him when she’s drunk and angry

John Murphy not fighting back or saying anything to anyone about this because he feels like he deserves it. His mother has made him believe that he deserves it.

John Murphy coming to his quarters one day after classes to find his mother in a pool of her own vomit.

John Murphy hearing his mother tell him with her last words that he killed his father.

John Murphy believing that this is true.

John Murphy blaming himself for his father being floated

John Murphy blaming himself for his mother drinking

John Murphy blaming himself for his mother’s death.

John Murphy constantly hearing the last words of both of his parents “You’re a survivor” and “You killed your father” ringing in his head. 

John Murphy learning that only one of these is the truth

The 100 3x14 - Shepherd’s Warning?

That was a nice episode!

By nice, I mean that I didn’t really have any expectations and so I was totally chill about it. THE SAME CAN NOT BE SAID FOR 3X15 HAVE YOU SEEN THAT PROMO.

I’m just doing the one recap post this week because life is wild. Honestly, no real cons this week at all! So I’ll just tackle the episode plot chunk by plot chunk.

So let’s have at it.

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I just need the next episode to cut to a scene between Clarke and Murphy, and Murphy is weaving braids in her hair while she lays out with her head in his lap. They are both quiet at first but then Clarke starts to tell him about Lexa, about how she should have just left when Octavia told her to, and about everyone she has lost. And just as she finishes telling him about her father, Murphy breaks in with a small voice to tell her about his parents. He tells her how he blames himself, and how he was locked up because no one wanted to take him in. And they are both quietly crying, but they lean into each other and start to whisper tales of their childhood when they ran the halls with their friends. About how Murphy was amazing at hide-in-seek but he wasn’t sure if anyone was looking. And how Clarke would sit by Wells in Earth Skills class so he could whisper answers to her when she was called on. And about that one time when Murphy got lost in her section of the Ark, and Clarke had let him watch a game with her while they waited for her parents to come home and take him to his section. Just Clarke and Murphy seeking comfort from each other as they wait for the door to be unlocked along with their fates.