• (by request!!)
  • Hancock:dont do drugs kiddos *does drugs
  • Maccready:kills people (with dad jokes probably)
  • Nick:classy noire cop
  • Deacon:official spy kid
  • Paladin Danse:outstanding tin can man
  • Strong:Shakespeare fights
  • Cait:ill bunch a bee i dont give a fuck
  • Piper:i have news trust me its good this time
  • X6 88:let me die yall so dumb
  • Curie:science baguette
  • Preston:i have word of another settlement that needs our help
  • Dogmeat:bork bork
  • Codsworth:!!!! shALL I ACCOMPANY U SIR/MUM??
  • Maxson:destroy my ass ahem i mean synths
  • Desdemona:careful our synthy cover could be blown
  • Father:so, hear me out....the commonwealth is shit
  • Sturges:mY daD TAUGht Me hOw to bUiLd
  • Mama Murphy:ok so the drugs told me that-
  • Glory:listen here u shitdick u fucking take another one of my jobs i will end u
  • Travis Miles:i wish death would fall upon me

On a gathering storm comes
a tall handsome man
in a dusty black coat with
a red right hand


Animation for the song A Purpose by Father Murphy, from their album Croce (The Flenser, 2015). Music by Father Murphy. Art and animation by me.

This is a segment taken from my first animated feature, The Cadence, a project I have been working on for a while, and that I am planning to finish sometime in 2016. I am excited to have my friends and collaborators and musical heroes Father Murphy working on the soundtrack with me.